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HFsecurity:How to use NFC Fingerprint idntification handheld tablet FP07

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-05-23

 I. Introduction
Note: This article is HF-FP07 mobile authentication system operating instructions. Including program instructions and HF-FP07 server (PC side) software for use. The system integrates fingerprint identification, 13.56Mhz NFC card, GPS global positioning, 3G, Bluetooth, WIFI; the final function of the system by the customer for the corresponding secondary development of the application requirements. We provide secondary development kits and reference source code fingerprint, in order to facilitate the user's rapid development and deployment. Application development based on the most widely used development tools Microsoft Visual Studio. Customers can select C # / C ++, .NET PHP developers can also choose.
Handset using 4000mAh battery or a DC 5V power supply (machine body side end of the USB jack). Handheld and PC can communicate via USB port (machine body side end of the USB jack), recording and data upload and download.
2, About device
biometric fingerorint tablet
                 fingerprint tablet
                            fingerprint tablet
Pull out the back cover, insert the sim cards or micro memory card
3, Fingerprint Terminal Specification


Dual-core Cortex-A9 chip, clocked at 1GHz;

RAM space


Internal Memory


External memory

SD Card, Maximum support 32GB;

RF Chipset

MTK MT6166 uses radio frequency chip; 2G support GSM850 / GSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900;

3G support China Unicom CDMA, WCDMA BAND I / BAND VIII;

Fingerprint Identification

Using FPC1011F chips. Our fingerprint identification parameters reference instrument parameters;

radio frequency identification (RFID)

Support 13.56M contactless NFC card, 2.4G custom module.





wireless data transmission

2G / 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPRS;

network types


Display Screen

7 inches LCD, 16-bit color screen with a resolution of 1024 * 600, visible under the sun;

 touch screen



Front 200W /Rear 500W pixels

 Battery capacity

4000mAh, can update. Standby about 1 week.

Communication Interface

Support USB, 3G, Bluetooth and WIFI other means of communication, through the PC management terminal, which can meet the needs of a variety of occasions.

OEM logo


OEM screen picture


length × width × height

224.6 × 114.8× 11 (mm)

Software Specification:
1, operating system: Android 5.1;
2, development tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Embedded Visual C ++, etc;
3, development languages: C ++ ,. Net, Java, etc;
4, Supporting software: mobile authentication;
5, source code is provided: Yes;
6, source code provides: HF-FP07 server (PC side)
Secondary development: changes in the public version of the program, do not charge extra development costs.
4, the public version of the hand-held operating procedures illustration:
This chapter focuses on fingerprint POS machines HF-FP07 basic operating procedures and menu functions. Fingerprint POS machines in various states by the display screen indicating the current corresponding action. Power fingerprint POS interface is as follows:
fingerprint mobile attendance
Remote Authentication: The remote server comparison;
Local authentication: via hand-held internal data comparison;
System Settings: enter the system log-in screen; Password: 1010
Setting screen details as below:
fingerprint mobile attendance
default password:1010
Management interface is as follows:
fingerprint mobile attendance
Identification Records: Check authentication record details;
User information: User Management on the device, such as adding, deleting and so on;
Data upload/download: User authentication recording and transmission;
System setting: Setting management;
About: About this program;
Identification list:
fingerprint mobile attendance
This page displays all all records; Also via PC can have the excel report.
User information:
fingerprint mobile attendance
ID: Enter the user ID; 
Name: Enter the user name;
Type: General, Administrator of identification: fingerprint, smart card, bar code, fingerprint card
Photos: Photo (back side camera) 
Fingerprint one: a user fingerprint
Fingerprint 2: user fingerprint two 
1D barcode: user-related one-dimensional bar code scanning
2D barcode: two-dimensional code scanning user-related 
Smart card (13.56 Mhz NFC card): Read user smart card
Pls noted the area which read the smart card, pls put the card on the back side first, then press read card on screen.
Data upload/download:
fingerprint mobile attendance
This page displays the data transfer interface.
Upload the staff information: data on the spread of native device PC;
Download the staff information: Download the PC staff to the unit equipment;
Double wear authentication record: the authentication record information is uploaded to the host computer;
System setting page:
fingerprint mobile attendance
This page real device management interface;
Edit Administrator: edit administrator information;
System Settings: enter the system setup interface;
Network Settings: enter the network settings interface;
Device Type: See the device type;
fingerprint mobile attendance
Click data transfer interface, data transmission interface to set the upper right button to enter this interface;
Equipment Serial Number: Enter the desired device serial number (custom);
HTTP Server Address: Enter the server IP address;
Update Address: Enter the address of the update;
NET Server Address: Enter the address of NET server;
Login Account: Set server login account;
Password: Set server password;
NOTE: handheld software free small change; handheld software, PC software company provides free SDK development kit and free technical support; need to develop PC software require additional charges, costs more different needs of different content.