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How to use Face Recognition Green Pass Device?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-11-10

Why use the Face Health Code?
After the European Union took the lead in using the Face Health Code device, one after another countries have started to implement the Face Recognition + Health Code pass to strictly prevent and control the further spread of COVID-19.
What is face recognition health code?
Huifan Technology self-research and development of face recognition health code based on the Android system development of a device, has the following advantages:
Android system, easy to develop
ID, IC, QR Code recognition
8 inch HD screen display
OEM function
Provide API, compatible with various devices
The value and role of the temperature measurement face recognition health code pass gate
Health Code Scan Device
In order to better prevent, reduce the workload of staff identity verification, temperature measurement and health code checking, and further reduce the risk of cross-infection while improving the efficiency of epidemic prevention, most public places now choose temperature measurement face recognition health code pass gates instead of manual to quickly complete the epidemic screening work, and apply face recognition temperature measurement gates (health code pass models) in key entrance/exit places that require access control. Use face recognition temperature gates and national health code precision epidemic prevention technology program to ensure access security, to achieve accurate prevention and control of the epidemic! At the same time, ID cards can be used for real-name registration, automatic reading of ID card information, and automatic health code identification verification (green code, red code), especially suitable for the need to measure temperature and check the "health code" epidemic prevention public service places.
 After docking with the global health code/application interface opened by the health department, the passers simply stand at the designated position for face temperature measurement, while the health code near the "sweeping port", you can quickly face, one-stop verification of health status, a machine for multiple uses, flexible response to sporadic cases and local outbreaks of risk areas, in response to the risk of emergencies can be quickly traced back to the source, to facilitate the management of epidemic analysis of big data.
green pass device
The temperature measurement face recognition health code pass gate integrates face recognition system on the basis of thermal imaging temperature measurement, and the price is higher compared with a single temperature measurement gate. Face recognition thermometer integrated offline face recognition, body temperature detection, mask recognition, identity verification, site face collection, black list warning, people over the stay, live detection and other functions as one, using wide dynamic HD face recognition camera, fully adapt to the strong light backlight low light and other harsh environments, with fast recognition, high accuracy, list library capacity and other characteristics. It can be docked to face site real name management system, face access control attendance management system, visitor management system and other application management systems for use, perfectly suitable for complex application scenarios such as construction sites, communities, corporate office buildings, campuses, hospitals, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, public service places where monitoring body temperature, identification and access control are required. In terms of epidemic prevention and control, it avoids the potential risks brought by manual contact temperature measurement, and also shortens the time of human body temperature measurement and improves the efficiency of temperature measurement. At the same time centralized and systematic management, for the screening and tracing of suspected patients, mobile personnel to provide real-time data support, to provide a strong security guarantee for the follow-up management.
How do I use the Face Recognition Health Code?
The coding format of each country's health code is different. First we need to get the SDK information about your country's health code, so that we can compile the health code and make the compiled data compatible with our face recognition access control, so as to achieve the function of face recognition health code.
Step 1: Place your health code at a distance of 10-15cm in front of the sweeping dock, the system will automatically read your health code information, to authenticate your health code.
Step 2: There are three ways to authenticate your health code information.
Set the vaccine expiration date, like the NHS health code, you will set the expiration date of the vaccine certificate, if it exceeds this time, the device will show you do not pass. This type of validation ensures that your health status and personal information are synchronized.
One vaccination. The government or the company will have access control equipment according to their needs, whether or not 1 vaccine is allowed.
Two doses of vaccine. The same concept of the same vaccine, only users who have had two doses are allowed access
Print vaccine information. Suppose we go to the mall, there will be different staff to check your health code information, so is it very troublesome, and the function of vaccine printing, we can print out our vaccine and stick it on our arm, so the staff will not come up to disturb us when they see our sticker, and affect our desire to shop (of course we have done the processing of vaccine information, and will not make leak)
Green Pass Health Code Device
In which countries has the face recognition health code been used?
At present, Huifan Technology has successfully docked health codes in more than 25 countries: EU, Italy, UK, Canada, USA, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Morocco, Costa Rica, Uganda, Cameroon, UAE, Romania, Italy, Chile, Greece, etc. If you need you can send your contact information and we will customize it for you
green pass device
Case study: What are the advantages of installing face recognition health code inspection terminals in hospitals?
The performance of the face recognition health code inspection terminal is highly stable, and the system has a very high level of security. After the completion of the temperature measurement face recognition system, can quickly identify the identity of personnel and body temperature detection, so that during the epidemic prevention and control, can achieve strict management of entrances and exits to reduce the chances of imported infections, and to standardize the daily management of the hospital, strengthen security, enhance security and other conditions have a positive effect.
The general hospital to personnel in and out of the temperature measurement solution is mostly the use of temperature measurement gun, which in the actual use of the phenomenon of low-temperature failure and stuck, and temperature measurement speed is not fast, queuing temperature measurement is easy to cause the entrance and exit pass crowded, and the use of temperature measurement face recognition system solutions, you can use equipment instead of artificial to temperature measurement, only need to install temperature measurement face recognition one machine in the import and export, you can quickly carry out to the If the temperature exceeds 37.5, the system will automatically alarm, and if you do not wear a mask to enter the hospital, the system will also prompt you to wear a mask.
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