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HFsecurity:How to use Biometric fingerprint identification scanner smart tablet FP05

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-05-21

1. SDK will come with the device.


2. Put your fingerprint correctly as in below picture, and avoid wet finger.

biometric fingerprint identification device

3. For more support and service, pls contact Huifan Team, or contact


Product Picture:


biometric fingerprint identification


Operation system

Android 4.4.2 (6.0 Optional)


Quad-core, 1.2GHz;



Internal Memory


Expansion card support

SD Card, maximum support 32G;


5inch 1280*720, IPS


5 MP (rear) with barcode scanning


USB2.0 (OTG) and Micro USB


3.7V/4000 mAh removable battery




175*78*27 (mm).


Fingerprint capture

Capacitance sensor

Capture sensor

Standard: FPC1011


Image Size

152*200 DPI, 208*288DPI, 256*360DPI

Image solution

363/508 DPI

Gray Scale

256 level

Matching Mode

1:1/ 1:N

Wireless Communications


802.11 b/g/n

RF Chipset

MTKMT6166 uses radio frequency chip;

2G: GSM850/GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900;

3G: WCDMA 2100/1900/900/850MHz

4G(option for customization) : TD,FDD







Card reader

Radio frequency identification (RFID)

Support 13.56 MHZ, contactless IC card, 2.4G custom module. Support ISO14443A/B,Mifare1K/4K/Desfire etc..



Connect with Bluetooth printer


TCP/IP, Keypad etc..



Welcome to any customization

1D/2D/PDF417/UHF reader/4G etc..


Product Details:

mobile biometric fingerprint scanner


mobile biometric fingerprint identification scanner 

Demo(Onepass) Test


Step 1

Find Onepass from APPs


Step 2 Login

User: admin

Psw: 1010


Step 3

Test functions in demo as below


mobile biometric fingerprint scanner

Note: You can download APPs from Google Store. Google Map is available.

Application introduction

1. SIM Card Registration

When purchase SIM card, we used to doing identity authentication by ID card.                         Now we can use biometric terminal for registration and verify the fingerprint template with the national database to make the verification to avoid fake identity and more secure.


2. Cloud Attendance and Payroll System

For traditional time attendance machine, the attendance date are stored in the machine or transferred to computer passively and data need to be cleared up after some time cause the limited storage space . Now the attendance data can automatically transfer to server and much more storage space is available.

biometric fingerprint identification scanner

3. Portable Mobile Attendance

Office time attendance machine is fixed on the wall or put on desk. Now this hand-held model can be used for mobile attendance, and GPS function will help manager know where the stuff is at what time.

4. Logistics Package Management

When couriers out for delivery, they need to make the identity verification by fingerprint for every package they dispatch to make sure they send to the exact address on the package.

biometric fingerprint identification scanner

biometric fingerprint identification sensor


5. Remote Control Working Progress


biometric fingerprint identification reader

Working PrinciplesThe data transmission is based on GPRS, which is the same on network programming with Wi-Fi. By now, the standard constructions are three constructions, database, web server-side and client-side. The transformat is XML or JSON and there are many transmission technologies, which include http, web sevice and web api, etc.. At the beginning, server-side and client-side use standard technology to transfer self-defined data or instructions in standard format. Then the client-side manage the database according to the instructions from server-side.  


Test video link; for more videos pls share Huifan Tech on YouTube.


For support and service, pls contact Huifan Team, or contact



Identity authentication in Bank, Telecom, Mobile Time Attendance, Hospital, Social Insurance, Security, Police, Immigration, Logistic, etc



1) Pls use the device correctly with the user manual.

2) SDK will come with the device. Any technical support need, contact us pls.



2 years warranty for the machine

1 year warranty for the main easy to wear accessories

Any man-made damage is not included in the warranty

The final confirmation for above is based on the HuiFan team.