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How to solve the problem of fingerprint scanner not working?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-06-21

The use of fingerprint devices has been everywhere in our lives, but then there are some small problems, such as

how to do if the fingerprint scanner does not work?

How to carry out the first round of testing? The following is a brief introduction to some of you
1. The fingerprint Scanner battery is not charged
The fingerprint recognition does not respond because the battery is not charged, is the most common situation. After all, the fingerprint instrument is not like a cell phone, low battery will also prompt you to charge, which causes the fingerprint instrument inside the lithium battery with no use are not aware of, resulting in the situation can not be used.
Solution: Use your phone to set the time, the fingerprint instrument will probably use how long to charge. Note that you must buy a good quality fingerprint device.
HF7000 is a portable fingerprint device with 4000mAh battery capacity, standby time up to 7 days, once charged, 7 days worry-free!
HFSecurity Portablet Fingerprint Scanner
2、The temperature is too low when it is cold
The biometric fingerprint scanner low temperature will affect the smart device, compared to the winter, we all know it very well. Out of the full cell phone, only half an hour outside in the wind is not enough power. The impact of cold weather on the fingerprint device is not only fast power consumption, but also makes the fingerprint module does not wake up, and then the temperature of your finger is low, the fingerprint collection window can not sense, which makes how to press the fingerprint device is not responsive.
The solution: more breath, use your own body temperature to wake up the fingerprint module, get the finger temperature up (breath or rub your fingers can be, as long as the frozen fingers get warm), so that the fingerprint instrument collection window know you are a living person.
3、Place the wrong finger
USB Fingerprint Scanner fingerprint sensor does not respond, is because the wrong finger is generally with the editor such a big horse. Identify the fingerprint is naturally to record the fingerprint of the finger to open, the current technology can not record a fingerprint, your other fingers can also open.
Solution: try a few more fingers, forget about the fingerprint of the finger that was recorded, 10 fingers one by one, try, the correct finger will always press.
4、Children or the elderly
Children and the elderly, one is too young fingerprints are not well developed, fingerprints have not yet formed; one is due to deformation, flattening, ordinary low-end fingerprint lock may not be able to properly obtain a clear fingerprint image.
Solution: In addition to fingerprint recognition, the fingerprint instrument can also be used with a password, with a card, so you can give children and the elderly with a card or password.
5、Finger has water
Real Fingerprint scanner are collected by fingerprint window, if there is water on the hand, the machine can not identify. It is similar, you scan the QR code is blurred, can not see clearly is blurred a reason.
Solution: dry your fingers, fingerprint module collection window on the water wipe off, and then try a few times on the line.
HF4000 waterproof identification
HFSecurity Waterproof Fingerprint Scanner Device
6、Android fingerprint  scanner instrument indicator does not light:
A. Check whether the terminal is powered on
B. Check whether the fingerprint connector is plugged in properly
C. Change other normal fingerprint instrument to this terminal for testing. If normal, the fingerprint device is faulty, please replace the fingerprint device
7、No reflection of the fingerprint device, that is, when you need to press the fingerprint, the fingerprint device indicator does not reflect or has been lit red light
A. re-power, see if the fingerprint instrument is normal (after power, the blue light will flash)
B. Please check whether there are residual fingerprints on the surface of the fingerprint meter, such as residual fingerprints should be cleaned in time
C. Please replace other normal fingerprint instrument to test whether it is the problem of the fingerprint instrument itself.
8、Fingerprint quality problems
1、Live Fingerprint scanner verification does not pass or is difficult to pass:
A, replace the fingerprints with better quality fingerprints, such as thumb, index finger
B, fingerprints re-collection, and pay attention to the operation method
9、Fingerprint collection can be done, but verification is difficult:
A、capacitive Fingerprints scanner should be flat and square when taking fingerprints.
In order to get more fingerprint information, the user needs to press the fingerprint center downward on the fingerprint device, which can increase the contact surface between the finger and the fingerprint module.
B. Finger should be clean
Because fingerprint collection is achieved by direct contact between the finger and the fingerprint module, if there is foreign matter on the finger, it will affect the reliability of the collected fingerprint information, so please make sure your finger is clean before collecting fingerprints. If your finger is wet or sweaty, please wipe it with a paper or dry towel before collecting fingerprints. If your finger is dry and you feel that it is difficult to collect fingerprints, you can use your mouth to breathe into your finger to increase the humidity, or you can dip it in a small amount of water and dry it before collecting it.
c. Keep the surface of fingerprint module clean
Similarly, if the surface of the fingerprint module accumulates foreign matter, it will also affect the collection of fingerprints. If it is still difficult to collect fingerprints when the user's fingers are clean, you can see if there is any foreign matter on the surface of the module, wipe the surface with a soft tissue or towel, and then collect fingerprints.
D. Choose the fingerprint with better fingerprints
Because the time and attendance machine uses the user's fingerprint to determine the user's identity, so please choose a finger with better fingerprint to improve the reliability. Faded skin, scars, broken fingerprints, wear and tear. Please do not use the finger that is damaged.
E. Press the finger with appropriate strength
If the pressure is too light when pressing the finger, the contact surface between the finger and the fingerprint collection head will be too small and the fingerprint information collected will not be enough. Therefore, the user should press the finger with appropriate Otherwise, the fingerprint will be deformed and the ridges will stick together, causing distortion of the collected fingerprint information.
When collecting fingerprints, you should also pay attention to your finger not to take it away as soon as it touches the fingerprint collection head, and it is better to keep it pressed for 1 second to get the best fingerprint information.
HFSecurity Battery Fingerprint Scanner
Here are a few fingerprint scanner not working cases for you
I. Difficult to collect fingerprints scanner capture
Phenomenon description: A teller's fingerprint or some fingerprints are difficult to collect template successfully
Reason analysis: Difficult to collect mainly because the collected image texture is too poor, the image area is too small, the image is too deep or too shallow, these reasons will lead to the fingerprint instrument can not generate enough images to pass the collection of feature points
There are several specific reasons why fingerprints are difficult to capture:
1. If the fingerprint image is too deep, the fingerprint texture may overlap with each other, and the fingerprint instrument will generate a lot less feature points based on such image; if the fingerprint image is too shallow, it may be mistaken for a texture that is not a texture, and the feature points generated by such image will be greatly reduced; according to these feature points, the fingerprint is too small and has a great randomness, If the fingerprint image is too shallow, it may be mistaken for a non-texture, and the number of feature points generated by the image will be greatly reduced.
2. The teller did not operate properly when collecting the template. For example, when the teller collects the template, he presses his finger upright, which will lead to the collection of too small an image area and cannot generate enough feature points, resulting in the collection not passing.
3. the acquisition of the template is not reasonable, so that the finger pressed too heavy or too light. If the finger is pressed too heavily, the captured image will be deepened accordingly; if the finger is pressed too lightly, the captured image will become shallow accordingly, and it is likely that only a small part of the fingerprint will be captured, i.e. the captured image area is too small, resulting in failure.
4. The teller's fingerprint or some fingerprints have unclear texture, or more cracks, or serious peeling, resulting in not generating enough feature points according to the collected image, leading to the collection cannot be passed.
  • For the first case: For the teller with too rushed fingers, it is recommended to press the fingers reasonably in the key area when collecting, or make the collection before washing hands and then apply hand cream to make the finger position become wet, then in the collection, pay attention not to be too wet. For the teller whose fingers are too wet, it is recommended to dry the fingers before collection, and to press reasonably lightly when collecting.


  • For the second case: it is recommended that tellers adjust their habits and follow the norms to operate.


  • For the third case: press the finger lightness and generate the depth of the image has a great relationship, it is recommended that the teller in the use of a little attention to the focus of their own press, easier to pass, or that the lighter press easier to pass, through these two methods to determine whether they should press a little heavier or lighter


  • For the fourth case: for such a teller, try to find fingerprints relatively good fingerprints to collect, if still not through, should go more love their fingers.
Note: teller in the collection of fingerprints, the finger to square in the fingerprint instrument, should make a larger area of the finger contact sensor, finger press light important reasonable, depending on the condition of the individual finger, general finger dry, it is recommended to press the appropriate focus, finger real, it is recommended to press the appropriate lighter. The quality of the template should be as high as possible when collecting the template, because the poor quality of the template is the main reason for fingerprint serial number.
HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanner application
Second, the protable fingerprint scanner is difficult to log in (i.e. low through rate)
Phenomenon description: a teller login or authorization, the collection of several fingers are difficult to login or authorization success, that is, several fingers need to press many times to enter.
Cause Analysis:The root cause of the problem is the low similarity between the features collected at the time of login and authorization and the feature points recorded in the template.
There are several possibilities to cause the low pass rate of  linux  fingerprint scanner login:
A. Improper operation of the teller. Maybe the location of the press is different from the location of the template, the weight of the press is unreasonable, and the contact area with the sensor is too low when pressing the fingerprint.
B. due to the change of seasons, the degree of dryness of the human finger will change accordingly, such as winter when the finger is generally dry, summer when the finger is generally wet. The teller should adjust the operation when logging or authorizing appropriately according to the change of their fingers.
C. the collection of fingerprint template quality is poor, that is, the collection of template features less points, this situation is likely to lead to low pass rate of login or authorization
D. the teller finger occurred peeling dry crack and other conditions, resulting in the collection of fewer feature points, may lead to difficult to log in.
E. Electromagnetic interference
  • Generally speaking, if the teller's pass rate is high after collecting the template, but suddenly which day the pass rate starts to become low, it is likely that the situation 2, 4 lead to. If the teller's pass rate is low after successful template collection, this situation is likely to be caused by 1, 3, more likely to be 3. If it is difficult to collect the template and login after successful collection is also difficult, more likely to be the cause 3, 5.


  • For case 1:Reasonable and correct operation is crucial. When logging in or authorizing, you should try to match the position of your finger when collecting the template. The weight of the press should also be reasonable.


  • For case 2: The solution is the same as when collecting fingerprint templates, if your finger is too dry or too wet.


  • For case 3: The best solution is to re-collect the template and try to make it of high quality so that it will have a better pass rate when logging in.


  • For case 4: The best way is to take care of your fingers, and if it is really difficult to log in, you can consider re-capturing the template to make it as close as possible to the state it was in when you logged in.
  • For case 5:Because case five is more difficult to identify, so generally do not consider this cause, if it is found that there is indeed a strong interference, you can roll up the fingerprint meter's wire or wrap a layer of tinfoil, if it still does not work it is recommended to adjust the terminal position.
Suggestions:It is recommended that when using the fingerprint instrument, try to use their most convenient, through the highest rate of the finger; collection of five fingers is for backup, can be used normally three, generally can also meet the requirements, there is no need to require each finger through the rate is very high. There are one or two times illegal teller is normal, may be the location of the finger is not very right, adjust the next can.
HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanner not working
Third, fingerprint serial number
Phenomenon description: A teller login system, press the fingerprint after the system is given by the B teller teller number.
Reason analysis: the fundamental reason is that the teller collect fingerprint template to collect the template features poor quality, the number of features less, resulting in the login comparison is not easy to pass, in the case of many times login, it is possible to encounter login by fingerprint when the image collected is very poor, at this time the deviation of the characteristics of the point is very large, just another teller of the branch of a template quality is also relatively poor, and will be identified by the system as this. It will be identified by the system as this teller's fingerprint, so it will get other people's teller number. The root cause of this problem lies in the fingerprint template
Solution: Re-collect fingerprints. Should try to be better template picking, so that you can avoid the serial number.
Fourth, the fingerprint instrument does not drive up to cause the terminal driver
Phenomenon description: When logging in or authorizing, the fingerprint instrument driver does not get up, causing the system to be stuck there and not moving, that is, dead.
Cause Analysis: First, the driver may be installed by the damage, the lack of files; second: the terminal interface is occupied; third: computer compatibility problems
Solution: Reinstall the driver; check whether the interface of the fingerprint driver is occupied; determine whether the compatibility of the computer meets the needs of the fingerprint driver.
V. Fingerprint Scanner Static electricity
Phenomenon description: When pressing finger to collect, there will be a feeling of electric shock. Solution:
1, when you touch electrical appliances (TV, computer) after, you should wash your hands immediately, so that the electrostatic charge on the surface of the skin is released in the water. In winter, try to use highly moisturizing cosmetics. Commonly used humidifier.
2, some people like to keep ornamental fish and daffodils indoors is also a good way to regulate indoor humidity. In addition
3, try to wear less chemical fiber clothing, for people who often have static electricity, it is best to wear all cotton clothing.
4, in order to avoid electrostatic strikes, available small metal devices (such as keys), cotton rags, etc. first touch the door, door handles, faucets, chair backs, bed rails, etc. to eliminate static electricity, and then touch by hand.
5, diligent bathing, diligent change of clothes, can effectively eliminate the accumulation of static electricity on the surface of the human body.
If all the above can not solve your problem, please contact us in time, our professional technical team will solve the problem for you.

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