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How to choose the best attendance management software

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-01-20

How to choose the best attendance management software

Manual time and attendance tracking is frustrating; it requires a lot of time and patience. The automation of the time tracking process can simplify employee schedules, achieve more accurate salaries and reduce labor costs-a complete time and attendance tracking system can help you.
However, choosing a reliable and efficient attendance management system is not always easy. There are many options in the market, and the pressure to make the right decision can be immense.
Here, we provide some tips to help you make the best choice based on your business needs.

1. Easy to use

The software you choose should be intuitive enough and can also ease the hassle of manual processes and compliance issues. The simpler the solution and the higher the adoption rate, the faster you can realize the return on investment.

2. Flexible time tracking options

The system should allow your employees to record working hours through different platforms (such as computers, smartphones, punch cards, tablets, etc.).

3. Mobile app

Today, many employees work outside the office. The mobile application helps employees to go to work/off work and apply for leave when they leave the workstation. Managers can view and approve time anytime and anywhere.

4. Overtime calculation

The system should calculate your company’s normal and overtime hours, regardless of wage rates and related job categories.

5. audit

In order to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the system, the audit function will enable you to track whether any changes have been made to the original data.
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6. Timeout tracking

Make sure that the system you choose can track employees' leave time, such as sick leave, parental leave, annual leave, etc. The app must provide self-service features so that employees can easily apply for breaks, check their breaks, etc.

7. Reporting

This system is the best solution for HR managers who want to effectively handle a large number of employees. Therefore, you should choose a system that tracks who is working, who is late and who is working overtime in real time. It should enable your HR professionals to generate detailed reports on the timing and performance of each employee.

8. Notice

When an employee is about to work overtime or forget to go to work and leave work, the system should notify the manager. This helps control business expenses.

9. Easy to configure

You must carefully choose an attendance system that can be easily navigated at any time, is flexible and can be customized according to your specific business needs.
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