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How to choose enterprise time and attendance software

Author: huifan   Time: 2023-01-30

In the background of digitalization era, enterprises have digital upgrade, personnel management and attendance management is basically the first step of enterprise development digitalization, having a good time and attendance software can not only improve work efficiency to reduce operating costs, but also improve employee experience
So, how to choose a set of time and attendance software for your business?We will introduce you from the following 10 points
enterprise time and attendance software
一、 whether it can meet the business needs
Technology can drive business. It is the strong demand of business that drives the development and landing of technology. How to identify whether an enterprise time and attendance systems attendance software is good or not, the only standard is to see whether it is business-driven. Enterprises in different industries have different business needs for employee attendance system, such as retail chain stores, with large scale and mobility of employees, wide distribution of stores and complicated work and rest schedule, which have higher requirements for attendance and scheduling system. Large manufacturing factories with two shifts, three shifts, hourly workers, outsourced workers, pieceworkers, etc. have many employees and complex types. The attendance management system of Laokan employees has built-in 1000+ sets of industry system templates and supports personalized attendance rules customization. Let the attendance system of enterprises land quickly.
二、whether it is flexible and convenient, and the data is transparent in real time
For retail and manufacturing industries, they all face problems such as many kinds of employees, high mobility, slow staff onboarding procedures, low data transparency, lack of unified self-help platform, etc. Employees cannot quickly check their scheduling plans, attendance information, and approval of leave and overtime applications. Leaders have to deal with new staff onboarding procedures, but also staff scheduling and approval of leave and overtime applications, which greatly increases the workload.
Good attendance management software should keep track of all time-related needs such as employee timesheets and paid time calculations as well as simply clocking in and out.
Using the labor attendance system, employees can check the scheduling plan, leave balance, attendance abnormalities obviously, automatic reminders of abnormal data, online applications for leave and overtime on their own cell phones, and leaders can also approve subordinate leave and overtime applications on their own cell phones, automatic warning message reminders of events of concern, automatic reminders of pending tasks, check subordinate attendance data, and fast onboarding management, effectively enhancing employee participation, Improve information transparency and reduce workload.
It should enable employees to record their working time through different devices such as attendance machines, computers and smartphones.
三、whether the attendance data is accurate in real time
An effective time and attendance management system can help organizations pay for the exact time they work instead of the scheduled work hours.
The number of employees in retail and manufacturing industries is large, and employees often need to go to support other positions, making it difficult to count the working hours with frequent return to work; it is impossible to accurately record and track the information of employees' working hours in the second position. At the same time, a large amount of punch card data, overtime orders and leave orders are generated every day. It is difficult to collect working hours data and time-consuming to process. The attendance system supports real-time uploading of attendance data, automatic calculation to avoid data lag and ensure the timeliness of employee working hours data, powerful attendance rules configuration function automatically corresponds to the rules of personnel attendance, scheduling, overtime and leave, and automatic real-time calculation to provide accurate and real-time working hours data, which greatly reduces the time and error of manual checking, implements mobile attendance, convenient and quick employee self-help, and effectively Improve the efficiency of management staff.
Convenient, fast and efficient attendance software not only can meet the attendance needs of different employees of the enterprise, but also will greatly reduce the cost that the enterprise needs to spend to achieve the balance of business and cost, and achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency.
四、 Is it easy to use.
Your employees are not always tech-savvy. Choose a system that is user-friendly, has a clean interface, and allows employees to self-service, and can be used anywhere, as long as they have access to the Internet, unlimited locations, and supports online use of cell phones.
五、 Ability for secondary integration.
When investing in a new system, it is important to know if it will integrate with your current system - hardware and software.
An enterprise's business may run on several different applications, so the new time and attendance system software should be flexible enough to integrate with other applications to keep work and business running smoothly. It should also be highly customizable to meet business needs, and any employee can easily use it. Customization is also important for businesses with different management levels, and custom applications can be scaled internally to meet the needs of individual teams. 
六、 Alerts.
The system should be able to notify employees and proactively alert them when they are close to working overtime or forgetting to clock in or out: Some systems provide notifications when employees are close to working overtime or forgetting to come in or out of work. This helps control operational expenses.
七、 Audit.
Whether to realize paperless attendance and approval, not to change the existing paper request plus application process, to move the offline process to online to realize paperless office, to do real-time reminder and log tracking.
八、 reduce the burden of HR
Attendance system should include automation function to free HR team from daily tasks. Introducing an attendance system can simplify HR's daily processes and other administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on the employees of the company. This will increase employee happiness and engagement. Attendance system can make hr department can work more easily and save more time, which can greatly reduce the employee turnover rate of the company.
九、 reasonable budget
The price of time and attendance system software varies greatly. You need to find the time and attendance system that can meet most of your needs without emptying your company's wallet. Therefore, before choosing one, be sure to verify that the product you purchase will give your business the expected return on investment, and then make your decision accordingly.
十、 Review, support and demo
The last step of choosing a time and attendance system should focus on the system provider, including reputation, vendor support and product demo. You can learn the reputation of the target time and attendance system software through internet and friends around you. At the same time, the technical support ability of the supplier should be assessed. Finally, you can visually understand whether the time and attendance system functions meet the requirements through product demonstration.
Function module
1、Attendance rules setting
Including attendance location, attendance time and attendance mode. Each enterprise has different needs, so the attendance rules will definitely be different, it is better to set the rules according to your needs!
enterprise time and attendance software
2、Docking with other system modules
For example, leave (sick leave, leave of absence, annual leave, wedding leave, etc.), leave slip approval, and staff out application, out sign-in and so on daily and attendance-linked functions, also need to support, and not only to clock in and out, so that it is also convenient for personnel statistics at the end of the month.
3、Mobile clocking
Punching through cell phone, this is the hottest way of punching nowadays! You can set the punching range, add attendance notes, data can be stored by the background management, easy to export, easy to access, reduce the cost of the company about attendance equipment and maintenance costs.
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