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How to choose a proper access control

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Access control systems, known as access control management system. The main function is to achieve the entrance of monitoring and control and management of personnel access to information, while achieving attendance management, elevator control, online patrol management.
As an important guarantee for the security entrance of modern management and internal access control system, should have a high degree of stability, openness, support a variety of communication, It should also have good scalability and system compatibility, the brand of choice in access control systems, Chongqing Huifan Tech from the viewpoint of electronic think we can focus on the following aspects:
1, System stability and advanced technology "stability" is the first principle of the access control system of choice, advanced technology and industry of long-term stable operation of the system is to design systems and brand selection process factors must be considered.
2, High security and resistance to damage the ability of good industrial design, making the system equipment for temperature and humidity requirements will be lower, electromagnetic waves, lightning is relatively strong anti-interference ability. Whether in harsh installation environment or mutation weather changes, we are able to ensure the stable operation of the system. Equipment should have tamper alarm designed to prevent vandalism.
3, Scalability and economics major equipment should be modular in design and the use of advanced routing, to achieve future system expansion through software and hardware upgrades can be, without having to make big changes to the system, the maximum embody the principle of economy, at the same time The product should cost advantage.
4, Easy to operate and easy to maintain mature systems, easier to operate, user training, general staff can be skilled operators.
5, Product support and quality service provider access control systems engineering, must rely on rational design, reliable system products, excellent construction, installation and commissioning can be achieved. There is not necessarily a good brand to reach a good system, but more importantly is the product vendor's support attitude and ability, works with system integrators, and use of effective management.
So choose a proper access control, not a easy thing, think about more point.