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How to choose Face Recognition Terminal Device

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-10-18

In recent years more and more face recognition terminal equipment can be serviced, but how to choode face recognition terminal device
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Face Recognition Terminal Equipment Overview

Face recognition access control terminal customization purchase skills

  • --Face Recognition Access Terminal Live Detection Function
  • --Combine with the actual scene application of their own customers
  • --Face recognition terminal system upgrade iteration
  • --Algorithm deployment of face recognition terminal

What to start from on choosing epidemic face recognition access control

  • --System
  • --Autonomous open platform + open source algorithm
  • --Binocular infrared temperature measurement
  • --Anti-interference capability
  • --Customization ability


RA08T face recognition temperature detection health code recognition terminal equipment

Face recognition access control terminal FAQ

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Customized purchase tips for face recognition access control terminals

Ordinary face recognition terminal products are already very common for this large market with a wide variety of face devices, and the ability to dynamically identify face information is also the most basic function of each face terminal. With the development of science and technology and people's pursuit of security and convenience, various face recognition technologies relying on 3D live detection function also began to appear, so face facial recognition terminal equipment that can be applied to various kinds of high security level, high accuracy and fast response speed also came into being in response.
Face Recognition Access Control Terminal
In recent years because of the industry relationship more and more contact to many do face recognition terminal equipment service providers or dealers, purchasers and so on, to face recognition access terminal purchase know more know less have, some purchasers to the basic configuration understanding, but to face recognition terminal interface technology interface and stuck, then the relevant personnel in the butt face recognition access terminal manufacturer how to choose on the equipment What are the skills of customizing and purchasing face recognition access control terminal?
Enterprise face recognition access control attendance system as an emerging security access solutions, in recent years more and more recognized and favored by the market of corporate customers, and gradually began to replace the traditional access cards, fingerprint punch cards and other access control attendance, to become the mainstream products of urban security construction, school security control, community security control or enterprise security access control attendance.

Face recognition access control terminal customization and purchase skills can probably start from the following points.

  • 1、First look at the face recognition access control terminal live detection function

The so-called live detection function is to determine whether the current user is a live feature by collecting the user's dynamic biometric characteristics. The traditional face recognition time and attendance machine, due to the use of 2D image recognition, may be used by people with ulterior motives to cheat face recognition using photos, causing security risks.
And with the continuous development of face recognition technology, the face algorithm possessed by the new generation of enterprise face recognition access control attendance system has been able to carry out live detection, with this Boshiot face recognition terminal F501, supporting 3D dynamic face recognition, which can effectively resist common cheating means such as photo, face change, mask, masking and screen flip. At the same time, live inspection is divided into cooperative and non-cooperative kind of ways, non-cooperative products are more time-saving and can complete face recognition in the user's unconscious condition, all of us in the purchase is best to choose non-cooperative face recognition products with live monitoring function.
  • 2、combined with their own customer's actual scene application

For example, we need to purchase enterprise face recognition access control attendance system, then the time environment (indoor or outdoor, southern or northern) of the customer's docking enterprise situation is one of the issues that must be considered, the purchase of products to have to adapt to the actual scene changes, personnel changes and other different situations.
In order to cope with the complex environment, the face recognition technology used must support a variety of application scenarios such as different light intensity, even in fog, rain, snow and other bad weather environment still maintain normal recognition, and can detect the front face, side face and other multiple angles of the face dynamic information. Especially when the product is used outdoors, in addition to whether the face device can maintain normal recognition, whether the material it uses is durable also requires us to examine more. Face recognition terminal strength manufacturers to develop a series of face access control terminal can easily solve the above problems.

HFSecurity RA08T Face Recognition Kiosk Terminal

  • 3、Face recognition terminal system upgrade iteration

Nowadays, the application of enterprise face recognition access control attendance system is more and more extensive, face recognition technology is also in continuous maturity and development, can directly carry out system upgrade iteration on the original system, not only can save the expensive cost of replacing the whole machine, but also can save material, play a role in protecting the environment, so when choosing enterprise face recognition access control attendance system, must choose durable, and System upgrade iteration more convenient products.

4、Face recognition terminal's algorithm deployment>

We have to confirm the face recognition terminal supplied by the vendor with which the face recognition terminal carries the face recognition algorithm whether it can be deployed on the cloud server or the local application. For example, to determine whether the face recognition access terminal vendor can provide relevant docking interface agreement, relevant software development information, etc.
Face recognition access control terminal customization selection skills, if deployed in the cloud, the hardware configuration requirements of the terminal is not high, in order to reduce the cost of hardware, some face terminal will put the algorithm on the server, the consequences of doing so is that once encountered power failure, network disconnection and other unexpected circumstances can not be face recognition, but also may lose data.
The best is to choose to deploy the face recognition algorithm in the machine local and remote management platform at the same time, even if offline will not affect the use, the cloud platform is also able to backup the local data to prevent it from being lost or destroyed.
Through the above sharing face recognition access control terminal custom purchase skills, I believe that after reading the above some rough introduction will have a certain understanding of how to buy face recognition access control terminal system. Selection of face recognition access terminal also need to pay attention to face recognition supply terminal manufacturers, whether the source development and manufacturers, program integrators, manufacturers of industry experience, product quality after-sales are key points, business, products, technical personnel service docking whether professional and thoughtful, etc..
Face recognition access control application more and more, face recognition access control to the community security has brought a new situation, effective management of people entering and leaving the community, and timely tracking of identity information, the addition of temperature measurement function in the new crown epidemic under the community prevention and control play a key role,

then in the selection of face recognition access control from which aspects to start?


1、The system system determines at least 80% of the failure rate, now the current face recognition access control mainly using Android and Linux system development.

Android system due to low labor costs, low technical threshold, product development quickly and other advantages by 98% of the domestic face recognition access control manufacturers, but Android system with time will be used more and more card, which is also caused by the current stage of many face recognition access control equipment with a period of time can not be used in the normal use of one of the reasons. And Linux system development, high labor costs, high technical threshold, product development cycle is long and other shortcomings, but the advantages are obvious: speed, stability and security can be guaranteed, the two benchmark is also very clear.
80C Health Code Device HFSecurity

2、Independent platform + core algorithm face recognition access control terminal depends on the cloud platform operation.

Many manufacturers to promote their own intelligent face recognition access control machine, most of them are the introduction of hardware features, involving the platform is very little. Software + hardware function integration which can play the maximum role of face recognition access control, the core algorithm is for the recognition success rate and accuracy, which is an important indicator of security protection.

3、Binocular live recognition compared to monocular camera language binocular camera using binocular algorithm to calculate high-precision face data.

The eyes, ears, nose and some other key feature points for accurate identification positioning and calculate a variety of feature information, so that it can effectively prevent flat photos, photos of different degrees of curvature, PS, video and other counterfeit fraud, accurate detection of whether the "live person ", "real person", to ensure the accuracy of live detection. To solve the impostor, the person does not match the evidence, so that those who hold a fake card attempt to muddle through have nowhere to hide.

4、Anti-light interference ability a good face recognition access control in addition to the "system" stability,

but also to ensure that in: strong backlight, low light, dark, rain and fog days can be used normally, if the outdoor application, then the product should have in the backlight, the lack of light is still able to accurately identify the ability, which requires the product to have the ability to fill light.

5、Customized service if the intention is to dock the face recognition product to their own platform or software.

it depends on the company has no open interface and the ability to customize. Each project to "face recognition access control" equipment needs and uses are not the same, so in the choice of equipment, also need to have a full understanding of the equipment software on the interface document, if the equipment interface document is defective, equipment even if very good, can not meet the needs of the project in actual use, its value does not exist.
After years of development, dynamic face recognition terminal of various models also began to flood the face recognition equipment market, from simple access control attendance, visitor management and identity verification and other application scenarios continue to expand, in the context of the epidemic some face recognition terminal is embedded infrared temperature measurement module and two-dimensional code recognition module, can be combined with identity verification, health code status recognition and automatic temperature measurement function in one, improve Epidemic prevention efficiency. So many companies or project integrators will consider with what model or what brand of face recognition terminal hardware products is the best? For this reason, Huifan Technology has conducted a survey on the mainstream dynamic face recognition terminal on the market at present, and recommends the following RA08T face recognition temperature detection health code recognition terminal equipment for everyone
RA08T face recognition temperature detection health code recognition terminal equipment for everyone
Dimension Resolution CPU Memory
8 inch Touch Screen, full view angle, IPS LCD scree 1280×800 4 cores, 1.8GHz, Android 9 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM
Filling Light: Card Reader (Optional): Network Module: OEM/ODM:
LED illing light Ic card reader Support wired, wireless (2.4G Wi-Fi) Support
Dual Camera Type Aperture Focal Length
2.0M (RGB Camera); 1.3M (Infrared Camera) Wide dynamic camera 4m 0-2M
Wiegand Interface Serial Communication Interface Relay Output Optional
Support Wiegand 26/34 input /output RS232 NC,NO and COM QR Code, HDMI, HID, Health Code, 4G, Printer
Health Code Scan Interface Face Detection Stranger Detection
NHS COVID Pass; Safe Entry, EU Digital Certiicate; Lithuania Galimybių pasas; UAE Alhosn QR Code; USA NYS Excelsior Pass; Canadian Health Code; Support Italy VeriicaC 19 USB2.0 RJ45 20,000 Capacity Support detecting and tracking 5 people at the same time Support

Face recognition access control terminal FAQ

  • 1、Q: Does the face recognition access control terminal support online and offline recognition?
A: Support, according to the customer to use the scene to choose online recognition mode or offline recognition mode.
  • 2、Q: Does the face recognition access terminal support screensaver setting?
A: Support, you can set the constant light, 30s, 1min, 3min, 5min, 10min automatic rest screen. Setting method: Open Settings - "Screen saver settings.
A: The interface is open and supports secondary development.
  • 4、Q: How to enter the face of the face recognition access control terminal?
A: Face entry methods include online registration, background batch import, and local addition. Setting method: Open Settings - "Personnel Management.
  • 5、Q: How far is the face recognition access control terminal recognition distance?
A: Maximum 3 meters, can manually adjust the recognition distance, affected by the environment, such as night, daytime recognition distance are not the same.
  • 6、Q: Face recognition access control terminal support live?
A: Support for live detection function can prevent the deception of photos, video wax.
  • 7、Q: Does the face recognition access control terminal support the health code function?
A: Support.
  • 8、Q: Does the face recognition access control terminal support 4G?
A: RA08T, FR05, RA08,A5 can be optional 4G module.
  • 9、Q: What interfaces does the face recognition access control terminal include?
A: Support Wegan, relay, RS485, USB, network port, TPS467 also supports HDMI.
  • 10、Q: Does the face recognition access control terminal support strong light?
A: Support, can be used normally in the harsh outdoor environment of strong light, backlight, backlight.
  • 11、Q: Can the face recognition terminal device support customized functions.

A: Yes, We can. We support PDF, Questionnaire, QR Code. HDMI

  • 12、Q: How about the recognition speed of face recognition access control terminal?
A: Normal test recognition speed of about 0.5S, the actual application of recognition speed by the environment and face library, recognition speed is generally within 1S.
  • 13、Q: How many faces can be stored in the face recognition access control terminal?
A: 20,000.

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