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How much do you know about the popular knowledge of fingerprint attendance system?

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-12-20

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, scientific research discovered the uniqueness of each fingerprint. The results of this research made fingerprints formally applied in criminal identification, and the results also proved its uniqueness; now more and more people and Companies use a variety of industries that can use fingerprint recognition. A formal and scientific modern enterprise management system is a necessary condition for creating an excellent enterprise with high efficiency and rapid development. The personnel attendance system is an important part of the enterprise management system. Therefore, the fingerprint attendance system was born accordingly. The normal and punctual attendance and fair and reasonable work attendance system of the employees of the enterprise unit affect the image of the enterprise and the morale of the employees, and then affect the efficiency of the employees, the economic benefits of the enterprise, and the profits of the investors. The fingerprint time attendance machine realizes the integration of people, land and time, eliminating false attendance and saving unnecessary overtime expenses for the company. The fair, reasonable, effective, and scientific management of personnel attendance of enterprise employees has become a realistic issue facing all units.


Fingerprint Time Attendance System is the most advanced time and attendance device that integrates time attendance software and personnel management software by using fingerprint recognition technology. As long as you press a finger, you can complete work attendance, which effectively solves the problem of enterprise attendance management. The working principle of fingerprint attendance is mainly the following steps:


 Fingerprint collection and fingerprint comparison: The fingerprint time attendance machine collects the fingerprint of the attendance staff through the fingerprint collector in the machine. The process of fingerprint collection is essentially the process of fingerprint imaging. The principle is to obtain different feedback signals according to the differences in the geometric, physical, and biological characteristics, and draw fingerprint images according to the magnitude of the feedback signals. (For details, refer to: Principles and Process of Fingerprint Collection). Fingerprint comparison is also known as “fingerprint recognition technology”. After the fingerprint attendance machine senses the fingerprint and compares it with the collected and stored fingerprint, it can be foolproof precisely because scientific research found every fingerprint in the early 19th century. Uniqueness;

 facial fingerprint attendance system

HFSecurity A5 facial fingerprint attendance system


Record data and print data: This is the last step of the fingerprint attendance system. After confirming the identity of the staff, record the time and date, and process the attendance data through software to form a report; this last step is optional (because The recorded results can be checked in the time attendance machine), if necessary, you can print the report of the data that has been processed previously by the printer.


The fingerprint attendance system realizes the integration of people, land and time, eliminating false attendance and saving unnecessary overtime expenses for the company. The fair, reasonable, effective, and scientific management of personnel attendance of enterprise employees has become a realistic issue facing all units.


The main function


1. Normal attendance management: Automatic statistics of late arrivals and early departures, providing statistics on the number of late arrivals and early departures, and the length of time.

2. Abnormal attendance management: Provides abnormal attendance management functions such as business trips, field trips, work injuries, absenteeism, and out-of-way trips.

3. Overtime management: Provides functions such as registering overtime, continuous overtime, etc., and automatically counting the length of overtime on weekdays, weekly offtime and holidays.


4. Provide perfect attendance report:




A. Attendance summary details table: statistics of individual items, such as late arrival, early departure, absenteeism, leave, business trip, going out, working overtime, weekly overtime, holiday overtime, actual attendance, attendance rate, etc. This report is mainly used to calculate Salary.

B. Attendance plan sketch: Use symbolic image to show the attendance of each person in each day of the month. Use this table to see the daily attendance of each employee at a glance.

C. Attendance day report, monthly report abnormal report. This report allows you to view the specific attendance of each employee each day.

D. Overtime details table: This table counts the length of overtime for each person each day.

Beginning with a few points. You can do statistics for any period of time, and do not have to do statistics. It must start from the 1st of each month. At the same time, the results of monthly statistics can be aggregated to achieve annual statistics.


Software system:




A fingerprint attendance system is mainly composed of fingerprint attendance and attendance software. Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine recognizes user fingerprints, accurately records employee arrival and departure times. With time and attendance software, administrators can manage data such as fingerprint records and time attendance records, and set related parameters.



biometric fingerprint attendance system


HFSecurity biometric fingerprint attendance system


Compared with the traditional time and attendance methods, the fingerprint time and attendance system has advantages in terms of efficiency and security. The fingerprint time and attendance system recognizes the accurate biological characteristics of each employee, and it can better suppress the phenomenon of replacing time cards, which is conducive to standardization. The company's attendance order and create a good attendance environment to ensure community safety.




Fingerprint sign in




Real-time identification of the employee number of attendees and write it into the background database with the current time;

Automatically determine whether you have already checked on time in a short period of time, and prompt if you have already checked on time;

For employees without fingerprint data entry, attendance can be performed by using employee ID and password.



Fingerprint registration




Register up to three fingerprints for attendance for each employee;

Compare after registration to see whether the registration is successful and whether it can be correctly identified. If the comparison is wrong, you can log in again.



Delete obsolete fingerprints:

Register the attendance password of the employee without fingerprint.

Basic Information Management

Set up users and register for regular users:

Set the operator (the default password of the new operator is 707) and its permissions:

Set department code and department name;

Set the general code and name of the basic rule such as type of work, position, and level.



Employee data management

Employee entry and change registration:

Inquiry and statistics of employees in various departments;

Employee turnover registration; query and delete employees who have left;

Print Personnel Day Report: Print Personnel Monthly Report;



Attendance Management

Set up attendance rules;

Set shift name and schedule;

Set the type of work holiday name and holiday date;

Set personal vacation leave categories and dates;

Set employee overtime categories and dates;

Set up employee shifts;

Set up chartered attendance staff and dates;

Daily attendance statistics and summary;

Monthly attendance statistics;

Print the original attendance record.

Classification of time and attendance equipment



Attendance equipment currently on the market is divided into the following categories:

One: Fingerprint Time Attendance: This is the most commonly used method. The advantage is that the recognition effect is good and the speed is fast, but there are situations where some people cannot use it.



Two: ID card attendance: At present, many customers are using ID cards for attendance, the benefits are very fast, and they can form a card mode in the company, but there is a phenomenon of employees punching cards.




Three : Paper Card Clock Attendance: Paper card clock is currently the most original equipment in the time and attendance equipment industry. The advantage is that the statistics are convenient and no computer is needed.




Four: Face recognition time attendance: At present, this device has only begun to be popular in China in the past two years. The uniqueness of the benefits of identity recognition exists, but it is limited to the use environment. It cannot be used in areas with high outdoor light levels and in Use outdoors.





Five: Iris recognition: At present, iris recognition equipment is mainly produced by manufacturers in South Korea and the United States, and currently there are fewer domestic manufacturers producing iris. Such equipment is too costly and is rarely used where high levels of non-security are required.



Six: Finger Vein Identification: The method used to identify human veins and blood vessels can completely eliminate false fingers. It is a biometric device. At present, it is mainly produced by Japanese manufacturers, and there are individual manufacturers in China. However, the device recognition speed is slow, and it is not suitable for large-scale crowd use.




Seven: Video Attendance Machine: The perfect combination of intelligent radio frequency (using MF1 card) and camera technology. The built-in camera of the time attendance machine can take pictures of the card readers at the same time as the card is swiped.

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