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How much do you know about the five application areas of access control and attendance?

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-02-25

Through technological innovation and market upgrade, traditional magnetic stripe card technology and proximity card technology have been unable to meet market demand. IP-based access control technology has matured, smart phones have gradually become universal, mature applications of biometrics and NFC technology, and smart access control Start a new era.
From the application level, the demand for access control in various fields is huge. At present, smart access control products are widely used in enterprises, schools, hospitals, governments, banks, prisons, commercial areas, residential communities and other fields. The five application areas of access control and attendance are briefly explained below.
Application of Access Control in Office of Intelligent Building Office
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Installing access control on the company's door can effectively prevent foreign salesmen from entering the company to disrupt the office order, and it can also effectively prevent foreign idlers from entering the company, ensuring the safety of the company and its employees. Can display and improve the management level of the company and improve the corporate image. Can effectively track whether employees leave the post. The attendance management software can be used to perform attendance, without the need to buy a clock, the attendance results are more objective and fair, and the statistics are fast and accurate, which can greatly reduce the work intensity and workload of the personnel department. It can effectively solve the problem that some employees have to change the door key after leaving the company because of fear. It is convenient and flexible to arrange anyone's authority and opening time for each door, just carry a card, no need to wear a lot of heavy keys, and the security is more reassuring than keys.
Installing an access control system on the door of the company's leadership office can ensure that the information and documents of the leadership office will not be leaked by other people. It can give leaders a safer and quieter private environment.
Installing an access control system on the development technology department can ensure that core technical information is not easily stolen by outsiders. Prevent employees from other departments from going to the development department to affect the development work.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Installing an access control system in the financial department can ensure the security of property and the security of the company's financial information. Installing an access control system on the gate of the production workshop can effectively prevent idle people from entering the production workshop and avoid potential safety hazards.
Application in intelligent community access control
Generally, access control systems are installed on the gates, fence gates, electric doors, iron doors, fire doors, and security doors of the unit. Can effectively prevent idlers from entering the community, effectively closed management of the community. Can change the community security relies on memory to judge whether it is an inaccurate and rigorous management method of outsiders. If it is the owner of the community, the new security plus blocking will cause the owner to resent it. If outsiders are well-dressed, the security guard may think that he is the owner without questioning, which will also bring security risks. The security science access control system can improve the grade of the property, which is more conducive to the developer's promotion of real estate. Owners will also benefit from scientific and effective access management. Networked access control is conducive to security to monitor the access of all gates at any time. If there are accidents and cases, you can check the access records afterwards to provide evidence. Can be combined with building intercom system and video intercom system. It can be implemented with the management of consumer parking lots in the community.
Application of yamen in government offices
Can effectively regulate office order, can prevent unlawful personnel from impacting government offices, and protect the personal safety of leaders.
Application of yamen access control in medical hospital system
Can prevent outsiders from entering the infection area and precision instrument room. Can prevent someone from bringing bacteria into the sterile room such as the operating room because of emotional excitement. It can prevent illegal groups from impacting the hospital's management department, so as to avoid emotional damage to public property and medical workers and hospital leaders.
Application of yamen access control in telecommunication base stations and substations of power supply bureaus
Telecom base stations and substations of power supply bureaus have such characteristics: There are many base stations and large system capacity is required. The distribution range is very wide, even hundreds of square kilometers, with its own network for networking, and some places are unattended, requiring the central dispatch room to maneuver the field staff at any time.
The implementation plan is: using a network-type access control controller for remote management through a local area network or the Internet.
Access control in intelligent elevator control
Also known as access control elevators, card elevators, IC card elevators, only authorized users can perform: call, floor-by-floor; related intelligent communities have increasingly used related equipment, and specially designed control circuits for elevator control, forming a proprietary Elevator access control system.
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