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How far away from the replacement of fingerprint recognition iris recognition technology

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Until iris recognition is widespread, it is difficult to determine whether the technology will replace fingerprint recognition. So here we can predict, iris recognition distance instead of fingerprint identification, how far to go? Or, Iris recognition is just an instant fireworks?
On the iris recognition principle, a house has been introduced from many angles. Note that the iris recognition and mobile phone manufacturers before the introduction of eye pattern recognition is not the same thing. In short, eye pattern recognition is the use of the eye part of the white blood vessels to identify texture information, Samsung Note7 equipped with iris recognition technology is the use of infrared light directly scan the iris of the human eye information. From the security point of view, iris recognition fault tolerance, the amount of information and stability on the victory eye employee attendance management system pattern recognition technology.
This kind of device recognition technology, which includes iris recognition and fingerprint recognition, is a biometric security feature. The benefit of this feature is that each person's physical characteristics are time billing software not the same, and users do not need to remember them as they remember them. And iris recognition can identify up to 266 feature points, and fingerprint recognition can only identify about 40, so the security and recognition rate, iris recognition are much higher.
Although in theory, iris recognition of a higher safety factor, but this does not mean that iris recognition can replace the status of fingerprint recognition.
At present, the logical access control fingerprint recognition technology has been key car lock popularized in the smart phone products, most people have become accustomed to this way to unlock your phone with your fingers, Moreover, fingers than other parts of the body give priority to contact with mobile phones, this unlock the way it is natural Easy to be accepted by the public. And we see that, although the identification of iris recognition speed as fast, but in the interactive operation is not convenient. Such as Samsung Note7 need to light up the screen, call up the unlock interface, and then to unlock the iris. The Wireless Home Security whole operation step is more complicated than the fingerprint identification, and the user study cost is higher. Imagine, originally in the pocket of the moment can do, who will pick up the phone in the street look at it for a long time.
However, this does not mean that iris recognition does not make sense. I believe that, as a more secure than fingerprint identification biometrics, iris recognition of the future development of space is still great. In the mobile terminal, the future is likely to coexist iris recognition and fingerprint recognition, after all, the presence of iris recognition, equivalent to an additional line of defense to the phone, as we change the device, many App even enter the correct password, still want to Perform phone verification. Iris recognition, but also have the ability to become a fingerprint verification after a validation checkpoint.

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