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How enterprises can improve efficiency through attendance software

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-03-14

Time and attendance  systems are essential business device that accurately record employee working hours
Self report or manual timesheets  can be unreliable and time consuming
Modern time and attendance system  remve these issuses
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Employee use an app, card, fob or biometric machine to colck in and out of their shifts and manage can view the data that is recorded to monitor punctuality and absenteeism.
This means business can ensure all salaries appropriately match the hours each employee works and avoid and administrative issues saving time and money
Modern time and attendance systems do far more  than just track start and finishing times 
There is an old saying that time is money and time is life. This saying is not without reason. If a company does not choose a suitable time and attendance software for its own company, it may lose its intellectual property rights in addition to real money loss.
So what kind of time and attendance software is suitable for your company?
What is the time and attendance software system?
First of all, we need to understand what attendance software is to use one thing. Attendance software is a kind of time and attendance equipment + software. Traditional time and attendance equipment can only take attendance, but cannot calculate employees' commuting time and payroll through software.
Huifan facial/fingerprint time and attendance software can not only take attendance of employees, but also equipped with good software to automatically calculate employees' commuting time and payroll according to the set working time.
Should my business use clocking software?
Clock software is a great alternative to other time tracking solutions because it simplifies the process and makes it easy for both employees and managers to use. Using technology can help save time, money and effort compared to manual time tracking because it automatically tracks, calculates and records each employee's hours worked.
 If your employees are having trouble filling out and submitting timesheets each week, then using a punch clock in the workplace may be a better solution. Clock systems for small businesses automatically fill out employee timesheets and track the hours worked for each shift and payment cycle without the need for employees to submit these sheets themselves.
Since the software automatically begins tracking employee hours when they arrive at work and ends when they leave, employees don't have to spend time filling out timesheets and submitting them to management for review. The software fills out timesheets with the appropriate data and sends them directly to online managers and management user profiles.
Essential Features of Digital Clock
Just like shopping around for the best time tracking application, it is important to look at the various features available for each product before deciding on one for your small business. Therefore, when purchasing a punch clock for your small business, consider only those products that have all of these features.
GPS functionality: A decent clock will provide businesses with the ability to use GPS to mark multiple system locations. By implementing GPS functionality, managers can use multiple systems in different locations because the software can determine the source of schedules and data for complete transparency and accuracy.
Third-party application integration: Businesses tend to use multiple applications and software to help them with internal processes and procedures. For this reason, finding a clock application that can integrate with third-party applications can make it easier for organizations to meet all of their needs.
Reporting tools and capabilities: Clocking software should provide users with reports to gain greater business insight. Such reporting capabilities can help organizations track metrics and predict their future scheduling and job cost requirements.
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Track time spent on tasks
Time and attendance is more than just tracking when people come in and out. With Huifan's time and attendance software, you can also track the time spent on tasks. Not only will this help improve forecasting and budgeting for the future because you will know exactly how long it takes to complete a task, but it will also help you understand which tasks are taking longer than they should. At this point, you can take action to improve the situation and get productivity back on track.
Tracking time spent on tasks is a useful way to get a baseline of productivity that you can then work with your employees to improve.
Embrace Biometrics
Biometric time and attendance uses fingerprints to dramatically improve recording accuracy and eliminate buddy punching. This means you can forgo paper timesheets and inefficient timekeeping processes, saving valuable time that can be better spent on other tasks. Utilizing biometrics will not only increase productivity, but also by stopping certain incidents of employee fraud (such as claiming overtime is not " t actually owed) because you will have an accurate record of all employees.
Think about it, with biometrics, it would be impossible for anyone to clock in another person as they would with any other process. Each employee would have to be physically present to clock in using details that cannot be replicated. This data can also be used with your payroll system, so you can ensure that everyone is paid correctly for the time they work.
Control absenteeism
The right system can help you identify behavioral anomalies and trends, such as late starts, early finishes, long breaks, and late finishes. You can then use this information to better enable managers and supervisors to have the right conversations with the employees involved about why these behaviors are occurring. It could be that their childcare failed that week, so the problem could have a simple solution, such as allowing that particular employee to work flexibly. It can also identify deeper issues, such as difficulties with stress and workload management. Or, it could just be someone taking their chances.
By acting on these anomalies and trends, you can let your employees know that you are taking care of them and paying attention to their behavior. Often, just knowing that something is being actively monitored can reduce the number of people trying to take advantage of the system. This can improve absenteeism, which in turn can increase the productivity of people working when they need to.
Improve absence management
Vacations, unplanned (and scheduled) absences can all impact workday productivity. Not only that, but administrators dealing with these issues can be long and time-consuming - taking attention away from critical tasks. But with an effective system, some of the consequences can be mitigated.
Huifan Technologies develops and manufactures facial recognition time and attendance software that allows you to automate absence requests, making it easy to schedule and manage your team. Real-time reporting can highlight potential staffing issues so managers can take action to address them.
By automating absence requests, it reduces the management burden because employees can manage their own absences and handle exception flags without lengthy discussions with their managers. Managers can also limit the number of people who can request time off on any given day to minimize the impact on staffing and, therefore, on productivity.
Track remote workers
As the saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind". This is never the state you want to apply to your remote workers. With T&A software, it's easy to clock in and out wherever your employees are working, so it's easy to see any negative trends in absenteeism, not to mention helping payroll ensure employees are being paid correctly for time worked. These clocks can even include GPS tracking, so you can determine if employees are where they are supposed to be. It can also help managers ensure that remote workers are assigned to the correct area - increasing productivity because employees don't have to find sites or complete tasks outside of their local area.
Save money and time
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Automating these processes can save hours of administrative time, which means that poor people who are working on spreadsheets and various documents are better able to focus on other tasks that need their attention. It means more work can be done in a week - all because of the simplified management load.
 An added benefit is that automation eliminates the possibility of some human error. With manual input and tracking, it's easy for errors to occur. Not ideal, especially on the payroll side. But using time and attendance software means that accurate time and attendance data can be synchronized so you can be confident that people are being paid correctly for the hours they work. This means your payroll team spends less time fixing errors and more time doing what they do best.