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How Does Facial Recognition Work With Electronic Security Systems

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-12-29

Facial recognition technology uses algorithms based on facial features, personal characteristics and even human behavior to identify individuals through real-time or recorded images. A security guard in Hong Kong combines facial recognition technology with electronic security systems (for example, our traditional or smart access control systems and alarm systems). This method can enhance the security control of our field locks and provide various departments Value-added features beyond security.

Site security access control

HFSecurity Hong Kong integrates advanced facial recognition with CCTV surveillance system to provide a non-invasive but efficient and reliable way to monitor access points. Through the use of facial algorithms, the target can be quickly identified and the warning sent to the observer. Access rights can also be granted to authorized targets accordingly. Protect your corporate buildings through our 5 effective steps and learn more about protecting your business premises.
RA08T HFSecurity Face Recognition with4G function

Best face recognition software use Anti-wandering in nursing homes

HFSecurity Hong Kong uses facial recognition technology to develop its pioneering Smart Guard anti-drift solution. HFSecurity is the first service provider in Chongqing that uses the Smart Guard solution in conjunction with elderly care institutions. This solution will effectively solve the unattended situation of the elderly and monitor video data. When the anti-drift system detects the face of a resident near the exit monitored by the facility’s closed-circuit television system, it sends an alert to the caregiver. The system is a cost-effective means of export monitoring, which not only reduces the burden on caregivers, but also provides peace of mind for families of the elderly. In the long run, it also eliminates the use of traditional wearable devices, thereby helping elderly care centers reduce recurring operating and management costs.

Retailer's customer and VIP identification

Face recognition program security systems that integrate facial recognition technology and analysis capabilities can help provide other forms of non-intrusive strategic surveillance or identify customers and VIPs. This solution has great potential in enhancing customer service for service-oriented organizations. For example, when a VIP is identified through facial recognition, customer service personnel can immediately access their service history and provide more targeted and personalized services.
RA08T Face Recognition with HDMI Function

Robots online face recognition for event and building control

Robotic solutions utilize robots to perform human tasks in commercial and residential environments. Guardguard Hong Kong integrates facial recognition technology into its robot monitoring solution. Examples of robots using facial recognition technology include Guardforce's Patrol Robot and Concierge Robot. Patrol robots conduct 24/7 security patrols and allow mobile monitoring of indoor and outdoor locations. They can send real-time images or alerts to the control center, especially when a suspect is found.Intelligent robots can use facial recognition to monitor and identify buildings, businesses, residential buildings and other construction sites, and control the safety of personnel in and out in real time, and this facial recognition technology can also be used to record and save employees' attendance to and from get off work
RA08T Face recognition device
Through the above text, we can see and conclude that the integration of facial recognition into the security system will occupy half of the country in the future market development. This also tells us that the development of technology is constantly changing, and the quality of people's lives is constantly improving.
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