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High-end atmosphere on the grade of the fingerprint door lock

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Now more and more countries, the family takes security very seriously, with the development of the times, the safety factor is increasing. The following figure shows the customer after installation of fingerprint door lock case.
The lock widespread customer favorite, made of stainless steel, the atmosphere, there is a slide waterproof, good for installation outdoors, installation in wooden doors, steel doors are online attendance system easy to electronic keypad door lock install, easy to operate. High and low temperatures, -60 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Response time

< 1s

Allowed shift

< 2mm(shift after press)

Scanning time

< 1s

Relative humidity

20%~85% (no dew)


< 0.001%

Operating temperature



< 0.01%


1.5*5 Alkaline

Fingerprint direction

all direction permitted


64 prints (the first 4 prints are for the administrators)

Storage temperature


User management

manager/ guest

Fingerprint resolution


Fingerprint scanning window size


The fully charged battery to support the number

of times for the use of the lock

> 6000

Suitable for buildings including

households, apartment blocks, offices, labs,

government offices, media center, factories, warehouses,

banks, luxury shops and hotels.


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