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Hardcore science face recognition knowledge

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-04-07

With the advent of artificial intelligence, big data and 5G era, face recognition technology has gradually penetrated into various fields of production and life. Bring great convenience to people's lives.
What is a face recognition system
Face recognition is a kind of biometrics recognition technology based on human facial feature information. A series of related technologies that use cameras or cameras to collect images or video streams containing human faces, and automatically detect and track human faces in the images, and then recognize the detected faces, are also commonly called face recognition and facial recognition.
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Forhead  Temperature Measurement Facial Recognition Device 
Face recognition is mainly used for identification. Due to the rapid popularization of video surveillance, many video surveillance applications urgently need a rapid identification technology in a long-distance, non-cooperative state of users, in order to quickly confirm the identity of personnel at a long distance and realize intelligent early warning. Face recognition technology
It is the best choice. The fast face detection technology can be used to find faces in real-time from the surveillance video and perform real-time comparison with the face database to achieve fast identity recognition.
Face recognition system advantages
Non-contact: The process of face verification does not need to be in contact with the device or terminal, which is completely different from fingerprints and punch-in methods. The experience is strong, the device should not be touched frequently, with high stability and low failure rate. Naturalness: The first perception of the characteristics of human recognition objects is to pass back to the brain through the senses of the eyes. Face recognition technology is the process of using the computer to deeply learn the human sensory back to the brain. And experience is more natural, and does not require the characteristics of other objects, and there will be no problems such as loss and replication.
Fast recognition speed and high accuracy: Due to the development of computer technology, face recognition speed can be increased to 0.3 seconds per person under the fixed sample library, and the behavior of changing the face at different angles, wearing glasses and makeup can also be adjusted Face recognition algorithm to correct the comparison data.
Faces have become an important data source in the era of big data: through face recognition and comparison in a large number of regions, using big data analysis, mining and other technologies, you can fully grasp the behavior trajectories of specific objects or the range of activities of specific groups of people. Manual intervention is completely handled by cloud computing and big data systems.
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Face recognition technology security
From the point of view of the payment industry, as a new thing, "face-swapping" verification and "face-swapping" payment not only bring convenience to people's lives, but also enhance security. As a simple example, the password can be changed, but the face and fingerprints cannot be changed, so it is relatively safer.
At present, more than 40 cities have opened "face-washing government affairs" to check provident funds, pay traffic tickets, declare a tax, receive ID cards, electronic social security cards and other electronic documents. People no longer need to use a pile of materials to prove that I am me . It turned out that I had to be present, but now I just brush my face and blink.
Face recognition technology application
Access control system: The application of face recognition access control, changing the previous access mode, effectively preventing strangers from entering and leaving the community at will, reducing the frequency of community security accidents as much as possible, improving the residents' life experience, promoting the technology of community services, and creating new properties Management mode to achieve intelligent management.
Office system: As smart buildings become a hot topic in the industry, smart offices are also heating up. With the rapid development of Internet technology, the networking of intelligent office attendance system has become an inevitable trend. Intelligent office uses face recognition cloud platform software, face device mobile terminal, face recognition visitor management system, face recognition access control attendance system, office control attendance system, face recognition employee recognition attendance system and other recognition systems to achieve intelligence Office and intelligent management, professionally create a more scientific space and humanized environment, thereby improving office efficiency and office quality, improving office conditions, reducing labor intensity, and realizing scientific management and decision-making, thereby reducing working hours, Provides work efficiency.
Surveillance system: Face recognition video surveillance has profoundly transformed the entire security industry in the form of intelligent hardware, big data mining and the Internet of Things. From the original "high-definition, clear and visible" of the high-definition surveillance system to the "find fast and accurate" based on 5G technology big data. In a smart city, the rapid growth of video image data and the constantly emerging user demand indicate that the demand for video big data is becoming stronger and stronger. Video big data will build smarter systems for users and provide more valuable services.
Payment system: Compared with QR code payment, face-to-face payment is more convenient, eliminating the need for consumers to take out the mobile phone scan code when paying, and only need to face the camera to brush their face when paying. Many merchants said that “face-paying” not only improves employee efficiency, but also saves queue time
With the development of real-name authentication and security technology, face-to-face technology also makes real-name authentication easier. Alipay's face recognition technology has reached financial-level accuracy and security. Combined with multi-factor verification such as eye patterns, the accuracy rate can reach 99.99%.
Public security system: Continuously collect video through the front end of the video surveillance, compare the "concerned" personnel with the face recognition technology as the core in the back end, and notify the on-site police officers to carry out target arrest through the alarm method. For some personnel-intensive areas, such as key entrances and exits and passageways of stations, subway stations, airports, and communities, the personnel bayonet is arranged, and the back-end blacklists the key personnel concerned and the prevention and control personnel through real-time video logistics. Matching control blacklist to realize face matching recognition.
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Huifan Technology is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to the construction, service and operation of smart communities. It provides customers with the best Internet solutions through independent innovation and comprehensive integration services. Face recognition technology is also applied to smart access control in the community It brings great convenience to the residents of the community, facilitates property management, and improves the quality of life of the owners. At present, it has reached cooperation with many property companies to actively promote the construction of smart communities.