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Happy Birthday to Four of You

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-09-20

Yesterday was a good day because we had four colleagues birthday. We came to the conference room together, took out the Birthday Cake that had been prepared, we sing the birthday song, everyone's face filled with happiness. Then wait for our four birthday wish. They have a common desire is that we will be getting better and better in Huifan, we have common progress, just as family and friends.

Four of them tells their own story about every seven years, from elementary school, junior high school, university and work , innocent and interesting. But in them I saw a common feature, they are very positive and optimistic.

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Huifan  is a vibrant team, our industry is biometric technology, we have to follow the pace of the times.

In the end our CEO, Mr Wang, talked about his own experience. At the beginning he has nothing, but why he can have today, because in his heart, he has a clear goal, and has been insisting. So we have today's Huifan and the culture of the Huifan. Help others, make oneself. Passionate confident, optimistic smile. Always remember to work three elements: plan, goals, time.