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Author: huifan   Time: 2021-03-03

It is not easy to manage remote construction workers without time attendance software. In the construction industry, supervisors and leaders must face many challenges every day that other industries have never faced.
Construction companies must not only cope with the mobile workforce, but also must constantly adapt to new employees in new locations, and often have to make adjustments in many locations at once. They must also handle the daily responsibilities of creating work schedules to meet the needs of each project on each of these sites, and then track each employee's working hours, vacation time, and overtime.
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Construction companies must also manage employees at all levels, which groups of employees need which types of skills, training, and certifications to perform the large number of tasks that occur on site. Finally, safety and security are also an issue, because the company must ensure that the right employees (only these right employees) can visit the entire work site, and possibly even specific areas of the site.
For any construction supervisor, this is not a simple situation, especially when the traditional approach is more manual work. However, nowadays, construction companies can use time and attendance software to handle all these tasks more simply, safely, and efficiently in an unprecedented way.
Benefits of Time Attendance Software
In today's architectural world, it is no longer feasible to manually manage time and attendance data. What companies need is a fully automated solution that can help them better manage, collect and process employee time.
Construction companies no longer need to open factories at work sites with manual clock systems, which often leads to inaccurate time reporting, management errors, and increased labor costs. Instead, time and attendance software can be used to provide construction companies with a wide range of easy-to-use and mobile technology solutions to simplify the processes for employees and supervisors.
You can assign a certain salary rate and normal working hours to each employee through the system, and then apply them to specific working hours throughout the week for salary. When employees go to work or leave work, the system will automatically track and report this information, and generate accurate and correct data for the payroll.
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For employees, in fact, the tasks of shifting and leaving get off work have become very simple. Whether in the office, on the job site or on the road, employees can log in and log out of work through the HR software accessible on their mobile devices. The company even has the ability to use more advanced technologies for this purpose, such as biometrics.
Plan and forecast earnings
One of the biggest areas of demand for construction companies is the way to create the most effective schedule that optimizes production and reduces costs as much as possible. The attendance platform also makes this previously complicated task easier.
Construction supervisors can access an overview of the entire staff, broken down by job location and skill set, so that they can create the work schedule required by the job location. This reduces the headaches associated with creating schedules, which often result in projects exceeding budget or understaffed.
By integrating the requested and approved leave, supervisors can accurately predict where labor shortages may occur in the future, so as not to delay projects or cause work to fall behind. All these not only make the work site more efficient, but also make the management of the schedule more efficient.
Legal compliance rights
Wrongly tracking time and paying employees' wages correctly may cost the construction company a lot of time, money, and may even be subject to legal sanctions. By using HR time and attendance solutions, these construction companies can greatly reduce their potential liability and help completely eliminate human error.
Construction companies usually deal with labor based at least in part on unions, which requires them to comply with strict contractual arrangements. In addition, like all other companies, they must ensure that they do not violate laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Simple management errors can sometimes lead to non-compliance of the company, and these simple errors can become very expensive. The attendance system allows supervisors to easily track employees' time and ensure that they do not inadvertently violate any laws. Human resources can also overlook the entire workforce to ensure that the company always maintains compliance.
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Attendance tracking and human resource benefits
The work of the human resources department in managing complex labor (such as the construction industry) is extremely challenging. They need automated, simple and digital tools to reduce the time they spend on management tasks (such as scheduling, payroll, and compliance) so that they can focus on larger employee strategic plans.
Automated time and attendance tools play a huge role here, virtually eliminating the human error of managing these tasks and manually entering data. In addition, it can automatically collect this data and report it to a single entry point, so that HR employees can easily monitor everything that is happening from a management perspective.
Then, these data can also be automatically integrated with the payroll system, thereby eliminating another potential point of error, thereby saving more human resources time.
Finally, the software provides the human resources department with the tools needed to complete one of the most important tasks to be performed by a construction company-to fill vacancies through effective recruitment. The system enables the human resources department to easily track and fill all vacancies in the company in a timely manner, so that the site supervisor can obtain the required workers when needed.
The cloud-based HR employee time tracking software package can bring construction companies into the 21st century, and use a robust mobile technology platform to completely replace the old manual methods to operate the company. Everyone can easily use the platform no matter where they are. Ultimately, human resource technology can help any construction company save costs and refocus management on helping the company generate as much profit as possible.
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