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HFSecurity shows you what a fingerprint scanner is?

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-07-23

HFSecurity shows you what a fingerprint scanner is?
Fingerprint Scanner
china fingerprint scanner factory
Refers to a special instrument made according to the characteristics of fingerprints.The characteristic of fingerprints is that people are different and unchanged for a lifetime.Foot fingerprint, foot palmprint, hand palmprint, lip print, the pattern of retina at the base of pupil also has the above characteristics.But neither is as accurate as fingerprints, which are prone to wear and aging.This feature of a fingerprint can be used as an "identity card" to represent a person.
Definition of Fingerprint Scanner
Fingerprint instrument is an electronic instrument that USES the characteristics of finger fingerprint "people are different, unchanged for life" for identification. The working principle of the instrument includes four functions: collecting fingerprint image, extracting fingerprint features, saving data and comparing fingerprints.One of the most basic and important functions of fingerprint reading device.Through the use of finger fingerprint uneven pattern for imaging, usually we call the convex pattern "crest", and concave pattern formation is called "valley", and the process of fingerprint collection is essentially the process of fingerprint imaging.Its principle is based on the geometric characteristics of ridge and valley, the different physical characteristics and biological characteristics, in order to get a different optical resistance or current feedback signal, according to the value of the feedback signal using different algorithms of image processing algorithms to draw into a fingerprint image, and then on the basis of the fingerprint image through the fingerprint identification algorithm software to fingerprint feature extraction and fingerprint feature codes.
The purpose of Fingerprint Scanner
In addition to distinguishing criminals, it can be used for credit CARDS to effectively prevent counterfeiting;The magnetic card can be used as a pass to enter and exit the secret place where the card is released.In hundreds of thousands of fingerprint CARDS to check out the fingerprint of a particular person, the international level is a person can read 3000 CARDS a day, the use of electronic table computer is an instant.
Type of Fingerprint Scanner
Currently, there are three types of fingerprint acquisition devices commonly used, such as optical, capacitive/inductive, and bio-RF. Among them, the optical fingerprint collector is the earliest fingerprint collector, which is the most commonly used, and there is also a collector that replaces the prism and the lens system with a grating lens. Some of the photoelectric conversion CCD devices have been replaced with CMOS imaging devices, thereby omitting the image acquisition card to directly obtain digital images.
china optical fingerpirnt scanner
Optical Fingerprint Scanner
The optical fingerprint collector takes a long time and collects fingerprint surface texture images. The finger contacts the surface of the prism, the light-emitting diode provides a light source, and the image is captured by the charge coupled device integrated circuit.
The HF4000Plus developed by Huifan is a good and stable fingerprint collector that captures fingerprint images and uploads them to a personal computer via USB interface, and supports most Windows operating systems. Widely used in government, public security, finance, telecom operators, hotels, railways, hospitals and other fields. The HF4000Plus optical fingerprint reader solves the problem that the optical fingerprint reader cannot be inspected in vivo.
The HF4000Plus bluetooth wireless fingerprint scanner has the following properties
1. Support Windows, Linux, Android, IOS.
2. Support USB and Bluetooth communication
2. Built-in reachargeable lithium battery
3. Effective collecting area can up to 17mm*16mm
3. Support live detection
Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner
china capacitive fingerprint scanner factory
The second evolution stage is a thermal semiconductor sensor. The semiconductor fingerprint sensor is divided into a capacitive type and an inductive type. The main purpose is to use capacitive, electric field (also known as inductive) and temperature and pressure to realize fingerprint image acquisition. . 
The principle: whether it is capacitive or inductive, the principle is similar. On a "plate" with thousands of semiconductor devices integrated, the finger is attached to it and the other side of the capacitor (inductance) is formed by the finger. The plane is uneven, the actual distance between the bump and the concave contact plate is different, and the capacitance/inductance value is different. The device collects the different values according to this principle and completes the fingerprint. collection.
HF7000 is the first Bluetooth fingerprint reader in the world, HFSecurity’s patent product. It aims to solve the connection problem in the use of traditional fingerprint reader and make it more convenient to use. Also supports Android, Windows, IOS, Linux. As one of our best selling fingerprint scanners, it has been widely used for elections, telecom, banking, e-ID, e-passport, etc.
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HF7000 FBI certificated bluetooth fingerprint scanner has the following properties:
1. FBI cerificated fingerprint scanner
2.Reject fake fingers and support live finger detection.
3.Support IOS, Android, Windows, Linux
4.NFC, Fingerprint identification
5.Support USB and Bluetooth communication
Identification technology
Bio-radio fingerprint identification technology, the radio frequency sensor technology emits a small amount of radio frequency signal through the sensor itself, penetrates the skin layer of the finger to control the texture of the inner layer to obtain the best fingerprint image. Therefore, the fingers of dry fingers, sweaty fingers, dry fingers, etc. can pass up to 99.5%, and the ability of anti-counterfeiting fingerprints is strong. The recognition principle of fingerprint sensors only responds to human dermis skin, fundamentally eliminating the problem of artificial fingerprints, wide Warm zone: Suitable for areas that are particularly cold or particularly hot. Because RF sensors produce high quality images, RF technology is the most reliable and powerful solution. 
In addition, high-quality images allow for the reduction of sensors without sacrificing the reliability of authentication, thereby reducing costs and allowing the application of RF sensor ideas to any field where mobility and size are unconstrained. RF sensor: It works very well. It consists of an array of RF and sensitive components. Each member is actually an equivalent small antenna that transmits waves through the human finger to the inner layer of the skin (the dermis). . 
The receiving part of the component demodulates the phase of the returned wave, and the phase difference reflects the fingerprint texture. In a sense, its principle is similar to that of radar, so it is called RF sensor. Moreover, it automatically adjusts internal electrical parameters to accommodate changes in finger dryness, finger pressure, age, and other factors. Due to its unique working principle, the fingerprint image collected corresponds to the living fingerprint of the finger inside the finger, which is not directly sensitive to the outer skin of the finger surface, and some dirt, oil stains, dust and other substances on the surface. 
Has the ability to penetrate. Its special working principle makes it possible to capture ideal images for all types of fingers under various conditions of use, thus providing significant superior performance. Dry fingers are a common problem encountered with other types of sensors, but this sensor can be a good solution to this problem.