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HFSecurity Type C Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-11-11

All fingerprint scanners on the market today use the traditional Micro-USB interface. However, HFSecurity has developed the latest Type C interface for fingerprint scanners, in addition to the traditional Micro USB interface.
What are the advantages of using Type C interface for fingerprint scanner compared to traditional Micro USB?
Transfer speed: Type-c interface with USB3.1, data transfer speed up to 10Gbps.
ease of use: Type-c interface can be inserted on both sides, greatly improving the ease of use of the USB interface.
HFSecurity Type C fingerprint scanner
Nowadays, Android phones basically use Type C interface, if the fingerprint scanner still uses the traditional Micro USB, it needs a USB adapter, which is still not good to buy once the USB adapter is used in a hurry. If the interface of the fingerprint scanner is designed to be the same as that of the cell phone, it will be very convenient to use. We only need a data cable with us, and at the same time can meet the cell phone connection, computer connection.