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HFSecurity NEW FBI Fingerprint Tablet with e-passport/IRIS/Printer

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-08-28

Another strong biometric series joined HFSecurity family now, warmly welcome --- new 8 inch biometric tablet, why powerful?

1. Very flexible on configuration, e.g. RAM 2/3/4GB, SD card maximum to 256GB, Camera 13MP maximum etc..

2. Function are quite attractive, no matter project need FAP10/FAP20/FAP30/FAP45/FAP50 or FAP60, all are for option

3. Printer/passport scanner(MRZ&RFID)/IRIS scanner can be customized.

8 inch biometric tablet with FAP50

We HFSecurity are 14 years biometric manufacturer in China, OEM/ODM are welcomed, if you need fast delivery/stable function/standard process and worry free technical support. Do contact us and inquiry for more details. 


Why you choose 8 inch biometric tablet?

Because it has lots of advantages:

OS Android 9.0
CPU Processor Quadcore 64 bit 2.2 GHz
ROM 2GB (optical maximum attainable 4GB)
RAM 16GB (optical maximum attainable 32GB)
TF 32GB (optical maximum attainable 256GB)
Battery Lithium Polyment Rechargeable Battery 1000mAh
Rugged IP65, Water-proof, Dust-proof, Drop-proof
SIM Slots 2, 4G
Camera ( SONY Camera Module ) Front:5.0M, Rear8.0M (optional Rear/Front 13.0M)
Printer (optional) Built-in Thermal Printer
Audio Digital Audio Speaker
Display 8 inch, IPS 800*1280, Touch Screen
Net Weight 1.5 KG
Dimension 240 (L) * 260(W) * 54(H)mm
Cerification FBI/CE
Warranty/Support level 1 years
Fingerprint Scanner
Sensor Capacitance Fingerprint Sensor IB FAP50 Cerified (optical FAP30,FAP45,FAP60)
Image DPI 500DPI
Image Size 1600 (W) * 1000 (H) pixels
Image  Standard PIV O71006, FIPS 201, FAP50, Mobile ID Requirements
Image Form RAW. JPEG2000, BMP, PNG, WSQ
Support 2G/3G/4G (GSM/WCDMA), WIFI, Bluetooth(BT) * 802.11 B/G/N/AC
Peripheral Ports 1 USB 2.0, 1Micro USB, OTG

Additional optional features


Optional printer

Optional iris

Optional passport scanning


FAP30 8 inch Biometric Tablet with e-passport code