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HFSecurity EU Health Code Green Pass Vaccination Solution

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-08-11

On July 1, 2021, the EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation came into force, with the first EU digital health codes being used in EU member states, and more and more countries declaring the use of local health passes and making it mandatory to show the health code when entering certain public places.

HFSecurity EU Health Code Green Pass Vaccination Solution

EU Digital COVID Certificate
French tourists from non-EU countries who want to enter some social venues in France must provide a health QR code 
The French government says that French visitors outside the EU who have received the nationally recognized and approved COVID-19 vaccine are also allowed to enter some public places such as bars, restaurants and cafes in France through the National Health Pass.
The pass, which went into effect on Monday, is also required for major events such as sporting events and music festivals, as well as for long-distance trains and flights in the country.
A security officer checks the health of a passenger by scanning a health code at a train station in Lyon, Paris, Monday, Aug. 9, 2021. 
Starting today, France also requires people to provide a health pass when entering public places, as do various entry and exit gatesCulture, entertainment venues, cinemas, concert halls, stadiums and theme parks that can accommodate more than 50 people have started using the health code cerificatied(from AP Photo/Adrienne Surprenant)
In an interview with a regional media outlet in early April, the French president said, "The health pass will never be a right of passage that discriminates against the French. It will not be compulsory to enter everyday places'. But just two months later, under the pressure of a surge of infections caused by the COVID-19 Delta variant, the president made a change
Since July 21, a "Green Pass Sanitaire" has been required to enter movie theaters, museums, and other leisure venues with more than 50 people. From the beginning of August, you must show your health pass to have coffee or lunch at the Misery - even on the outdoor terrace, or to shop at the mall.
Denmark leads the way in May
With its health pass for both indoor and outdoor everyday places, France's rule will be one of the strictest in Europe - but similar health certificates are already a reality for millions of Europeans.
Previously, the majority of European countries only required health certificates for major events with more than 100 people, but with the development of COVID-19, the government has now decided to change this policy and require health certificates even for everyday activities.
Face Temperature Device EU Health Code Scanner
The first country in Europe to introduce health cards was Denmark
 To go to a restaurant, movie theater or barbershop, customers must show a health pass that proves they tested negative less than 72 hours ago, were vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid-19. 
In the last two months, health passes have also become part of everyday life in Austria, with rules similar to those of Denmark's Coronapas.
There are special circumstances, in other EU countries the health card does not apply to the whole country. In some countries, such as Germany, the use of health code restrictions depends on the incidence of COVID-19 in the region
his regulatory policy also applies to Portugal, a country where the use of health passes is required in places with very high COVID-19 incidence and where weekend inspections are mandatory
But there is also the opposite, the health authorities in Luxembourg are more flexible, their government does not force them to test the COVID Health code green pass.
Greece is moving toward a stricter system. From July 16 to the end of August, people will only be able to enter institutions if they can prove they have been vaccinated.
As an electronic certificate that stores and records vaccination and COVID-19 testing status, the Health Pass helps those who have been vaccinated to access their personal health credentials by scanning over a QR code, detecting the QR code to check for vaccines, greatly reducing direct infections from human contact, and also ensuring that visitors entering public areas are vaccinated or do not carry COVID -19 , reducing the risk of virus transmission. It can also drive the development of the local economy.
Huifan Technology has taken into account the Chinese health code identification scheme and integrated the policies and regulations of the EU and UK. The Health Pass solution is applicable to EU member countries. 
What is the Health Pass solution?
The Health Pass solution can be divided into handheld scanning solution, desktop scanning solution, access control health pass device and other diversified solutions according to the use scenario, which can meet various places. Also optional printing function, electronic certificate, paper certificate can be one-stop solution. Conventional face recognition, mask detection, body temperature screening, and high temperature warning broadcast functions are all available.
How does the Health Pass work?
Step 1: Display your digital health QR code certificate on the scanning window before the scanner of the health scanner device
Step 2: The electronic certificate scanner will read the information in your QR code and decode it
Step 2: The information read will be automatically matched to the vaccination information in your country's vaccine database.
Step 3: Your verification results are displayed on the screen of the Health Pass scanning device.
Step 4: You can choose to print out your vaccination information and carry it with you at any time for easier access to various public places.
There are several types of health pass verification devices:
  • Mask temperature recognition health pass authentication terminals
Android operating system
Face++ facial algorithm
Body temperature recognition module, screening high temperature people
OCR module + QR code recognition + NFC + palmprint recognition one-stop solution
Various styles, suitable for various scenarios, pillar, desktop, wall hanging
EU Health Code Scanner
  • Health pass mobile device terminal
Android system
Easy to carry
OCR recognition
Non-contact identification
Printable certificate
EU Health Code Scanner
  • Mobile handheld health pass recognition solution
EU Health Code
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