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HFSecurity Attained FBI Certification for HF7000 Wireless Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-07-11

HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanner for time attendance
As one of the world's leading biometric core technology solutions providers, Huifan Technology independently designed and developed wireless bluetooth fingerprint scanner, which has been certified by the FBI(federal bureau of investigation).This is the world's first fingerprint scanner integrated with wireless bluetooth NFC approved by the United States FBI, which means that Huifan Technology is making continuous progress in the field of biometrics, and also marks that China's biometrics is going to the world.
HF7000 bluetooth wireless fingerprint scanner has participated in the project bidding and government project for many times.Such as:
  1. President Election of Angola
HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanner for time attendance
  2. Nigeria Tax Registration
HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanner for time attendance
  3.Kericho Tea Land
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
  4. Pakistan Meezan Bank 
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
  6.Hospital children's vaccine injection fingerprint management
HFSecurity Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner
Perfect Specifications:
Sensor: FAP10, FBI Certificated
Fingerprint Collection  :Reject fake fingers,live finger detection,LFD
Image Size:256*288 pixels (optional 256*360) 
Fingerprint Standard:ISO19794-2/-4, ANSI378/381 
OS: Support Android, Linux, IOS, Windows
Interface: USB, Bluetooth
NFC: Support
In past years, Huifan Technology has continuously provided biometrics core technology supports for global biometrics market and exported biometrics intelligent devices with stable quality. Has been well recognized by various projects in Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Britain and other countries.