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Guide to the advantages and disadvantages of fingerprinting scanner devices

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-12-10

Biometric Fingerprint scanner device recognition has become an indispensable part of everyday life; cell phones, tablets and laptops are now using fingerprint recognition.. At work, more and more organizations are also using this type of biometric scanner to track attendance and manage employees as well as the security benefits it offers, replacing passwords, ID cards and access codes. 
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What is biometric fingerprint scanner equipment 
How fingerprint recognition works
Biometric fingerprint scanner device based access control concept
What is biometric fingerprint recognition login
  • Benefits of access control through biometrics
  • Benefits of Fingerprint Recognition Controlled Access
Benefits of Fingerprint scanner device Recognition
  • Security
  • Ease of use
  • Non-transferable
  • Accountability
  • Fast authentication
  • Complete security system
  • Facilitate employees and increase efficiency
  • Securely control access
  • Scalability
  • Deliver the best return on investment
  • Complete data accuracy
  • Powerful identification tools
  • Eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords
  • Easy to use
Fingerprint scanner  recognition disadvantages
  • System failure
  • Cost
  • Physical characteristics cannot be changed
  • Software glitches
  • False positives
  • Not available to all
  • Expensive
  • Access blocked
Biometrics - reliable or not

What is a biometric fingerprint scanner device?

Fingerprint recognition has become an indispensable part of everyday life; cell phones, tablets and laptops are now using fingerprint recognition.. At work, more and more organizations are also using this type of biometric scanner to track attendance and manage employees as well as the security benefits it offers, replacing passwords, ID cards and access codes. 
What should we know about usb  fingerprint scanner recognition, which is now an increasingly popular form of identification? This article will take an in-depth look at what fingerprint technology is and the pros and cons of using fingerprints as an identification method.
Fast, non-invasive and easy to use, it is easy to see why it has become the most developed and widely used biometric security solution on the market. If you're still not sure if the investment is worth it for your company, here are some pros and cons that may be helpful as you weigh the available options. 
Changes in data protection laws, corporate policies, and the increased risk cybercriminals pose to information systems have led to the rapid development and implementation of biometric fingerprint scanning technology.
Over the past two decades, technology has evolved and today there are multiple biometric authentication systems available.
Fingerprint scanners have combined biometrics with a large number of applications in discrete industries around the world. Industries dealing with devices or servers that require specific security, scalability and huge storage capacity require secure access control mechanisms for machines and workstations.
Fingerprint impressions are deeply ingrained in everyone, which is why controlling access to high-end machines, servers, workstations or mainframes through personal biometric fingerprint authentication is considered the most reliable method. Identification through biometric fingerprint sensors will ensure that important data or sensitive equipment is kept away from unauthorized people.
In a progressively digital world, digital identification holds a special place in protecting systems, databases, servers, mainframe operations and machines in various departments. Old-school PINs and passwords struggle across different business, enterprise and device manufacturing industries, facing a fair share of vulnerability to falling into the hands of hackers.

How fingerprint recognition works 

The software works by extracting meaningful features called detail points from the fingerprint. The scanner will find attributes such as orientation, ridge direction changes, arches, loops and threads in the print. Some scanners can even detect pores on the skin. Software logging can record and store the details of fingerprint scanner  identification and verify the user's identity based on the details.
Before we get into the pros and cons, let's first understand what fingerprint recognition technology means. Fingerprint recognition technology is an identification system that uses information about biometric features that allows us to prove who we are in the simplest and fastest situation.. Our fingerprints are unique to us; no two people on the planet have the same small indent on their fingertips. Not even identical twins! This means that when it comes to identifying ourselves, fingerprints are one of the easiest and most reliable ways to prove who a person is. Fingerprint recognition technology works as follows.
A person enters their fingerprint into the system as a means of identification (usually by pressing it against the flat surface on which the fingerprint is scanned).
The system stores the android fingerprint information.
When a person wants to access the system, they press their fingertip against the touchpad.
The system then scans their fingerprint and matches it to the fingerprint database.
Once matched, the system is accessible.The system will match the information, and if there is no successful match, the user will not have access to the system.
Here is a simple example for you, now you have a smartphone with fingerprint recognition technology, the fingerprint recognition of the smartphone is in the form of a small round sensor at the bottom of the screen. When you set up your phone, you are prompted to enter your fingerprint information and then each time you want to unlock your phone, you need to point your fingertip at the sensor in order for the phone's security system to recognize you.
So, now that we know what a fingerprint recognition system is, let's look at the pros and cons of using this technology.
The advantages of biometric technology, specifically fingerprint scanners, include
Improved security.
Higher accuracy.
Faster access.
Greater convenience.
Increased affordability.
Guaranteed flexibility.

Biometric fingerprint scanning device based access control concept

Over the past few years, many countries/regions have witnessed an unexpected surge in security breaches across various verticals. To adjust to this frustrating situation of security breaches, fingerprint scanners have been struggling to remove unreliable passwords and PINs that can be smoothly hacked in seconds.
In a technology-driven world, heavy and light industries are building sophisticated machines equipped with high-end equipment every day. Whether it's the construction industry, agriculture, healthcare, oil and refining; engine equipment, industrial process control, turbine generator sets and all other manufacturing and service industries secure access control is critical.
In response to the growing security concerns, biometric based equipment access control has become a respite to allow only sanctioned operators access to the equipment or machine. The use of fingerprint scanners is important for equipment process control, as state-of-the-art biometrics can prevent unauthorized use of sensitive machines or equipment.
android biometric device

What is biometric fingerprint recognition login?

On the other hand, unauthorized intrusions are often found in operating systems, applications, servers, mainframes, desktops and various workstations because mainstream computing devices do not have built-in fingerprint hardware. To enhance the security of logical assets/operating systems, servers and mainframes, the concept of HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanner Login (Biometric Login) is about to be rolled out in various areas.
HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanner Login is a novel concept in which users will be required to authenticate their identity through a portable biometric fingerprint device. The biometric device will be plug-and-play and can be easily connected to a PC or any logical hardware.
Biometric Login is undeniably the most guaranteed way to stop hackers, fraudsters and unofficial users from violating the right to access server-based back-end systems, mainframe operations, operating systems and critical files/documents stored securely on computer systems.
Biometric Login is undeniably the most guaranteed way to stop hackers, fraudsters and unofficial users from violating the right to access server-based back-end systems, mainframe operations, operating systems and critical files/documents stored securely on computer systems.

Benefits of access control through biometrics

Reduce the threat of corporate data theft by authenticating people accessing servers or systems with the help of biometric fingerprint scanners.
Biometric authentication system provides convenience and security as it does not allow unauthorized people to access sensitive information stored in PCs.
Fingerprint scanner devices support sophisticated and reliable authentication, allowing only legitimate operators to access the device or machine.
Protects mainframes, servers and systems from unauthorized access.

advantages of fingerprint recognition



In terms of security, this is a huge improvement over passwords and ID cards. Fingerprints are very difficult to forge, and they don't change very much over a person's lifetime, so they last much longer than pictures and passwords.


Easy to use 


For the user, they are simple to use. No more struggling to remember your last password or being locked out by leaving a photo ID at home. Your fingerprint is always with you.  


Fingerprints are non-transferable, eliminating the possibility of sharing passwords or "clocking in" on behalf of another colleague. This allows for more accurate workforce tracking and provides additional security to prevent theft of sensitive materials.  


Fingerprints can be used for targeted accountability in the workplace, for accountability to the individual, and for job clarity.. Biometric evidence of your presence at the time of a situation or incident is difficult to refute and can be used as evidence if needed.  


Fingerprint recognition is now a cost-effective security solution from a technology management point of view. Small fingerprint scanner devices are easy to use and highly accurate.

Fast authentication   

Traditionally, companies used to opt for the "pen and paper" method, where employees signed in by signing an "attendance sheet". The manual process would be very time consuming; however, biometric systems eliminate the need for physical attendance. Employees can simply log in using a retina or fingerprint scanner to record their attendance.

Improve security systems 

Some people have a hard time remembering passwords, PINs, and security codes. Biometric systems eliminate the need to remember passwords. It offers different modalities such as retinal recognition, fingerprint or facial scanner. In addition, the system can be used to protect sensitive data, as fingerprints cannot be forged, while passwords and PINs can be stolen.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Facilitate employees and increase efficiency

Using a biometric fingerprint system is one of the most convenient ways to provide the most authentic attendance data in an organization's tracking. Convenient tools collect all the information for you.

Complete control of access 

Physical authentication gives HR officers and organizations control over who has access to office buildings, vaults, sensitive data and lockers. Biometric systems allow them to restrict access to unauthorized personnel. All you do is allow access to only those who matter. 


Biometric systems are one system for every organizational transaction. The technology can be used in multiple aspects of an organization, whether it's a new department or a special project. It is the most scalable security solution available to businesses large and small today.
Banks are adopting biometric mobile technology that allows their customers to use digital fingerprint authentication signature systems


Biometric systems offer users the flexibility of using physical characteristics without having to remember passwords or PINs. Most smartphones now have fingerprint scanners that allow users to quickly access files on the phone. Likewise, applications such as WhatsApp offer fingerprint recognition, which can help users protect their data from accidental theft.

Delivering the best return on investment     

Biometric authentication systems offer an unparalleled ROI compared to other security solutions. It is a single device that tracks every login and employee access in a large enterprise. The device is a much better resource than doing the same job at a high salary.

Complete Data Accuracy     

The data provided by the company biometrics is 100% authentic and reliable. Biometric systems allow access only to authorized personnel and block access to intruders. By limiting external access, data security is ensured once the physical features are logged into the system.

Powerful identification tools

As mentioned above, fingerprint scanning technology is a very accurate way to identify someone, purely because each of us has a completely unique fingerprint. This makes it very difficult for anyone to falsify another person's identity. Compared to passwords or PINs, for example, which are easy to forge if someone manages to figure them out, it's easy to see why the widespread use of fingerprint identification technology is an exciting development that can make us more secure, especially in our digital lives.

No need to remember multiple passwords

Cybercrime is a very dangerous thing in the digital age. To ensure true online security, it is recommended that you have a vague, unique password for each account you log into. However, the reality is that most online users don't follow basic password best practices for online security, purely because of the extra hassle that comes with remembering many different passwords. This leaves many of us vulnerable to cyber attacks that can have devastating effects. In contrast, fingerprint technology eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple passwords because you only need to scan your fingerprint when you want to access your online accounts.
fbi fingerprint scanner

Ease of use

For most people, the process of accessing a system by placing a fingertip on a fingerprint scanner is both quick and easy. With the exception of people without fingers or hands, fingerprint technology is a useful tool for many people, including people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities who have difficulty managing passwords.

The three main disadvantages of fingerprint recognition 


System Failures 

Fingerprinters, like other electronic devices, are subject to external environmental factors, such as power outages, rain, etc.


It is true that fingerprint recognition systems are more cost effective than ever before, but for smaller organizations, implementation and maintenance costs are still a barrier to implementation. As equipment becomes more cost effective and affordable, this drawback is diminishing. 
Although the system is reliable and convenient, the cost can vary from configuration to configuration


As we mentioned above, although fingerprints remain relatively stable throughout a person's life, there are some exceptions. For example, elderly people with a long history of manual labor may not be recognized if their fingerprints are worn, or people who have lost their fingers due to an accident.

Physical Disability     

Authentication systems recognize only the characteristics entered and cannot identify users if they have the slightest change in their physical characteristics. The following are a few reasons why characteristics may change.
  • Burned or damaged fingers

  • Retinal transplant

  • Tattooed hands

  • If the user wears lenses (usually not) and vice versa
In this case, the authentication method needs to be changed to grant access to authorized users, which can be inconvenient.  
Physical characteristics cannot be changed     
Like any other system, biometric systems are not perfect. The system is slowly becoming better and better.. The user cannot rely on the security of the data.
If data is stolen, they can't try to "change" their identity, just as they can change their password during a security breach.
Scanner Issues   
HFSecurity Android Fingerprint Scanner Device
Some biometric systems can face scanning issues, even with minor changes, especially if a company uses retinal scanning. Iris scanning is still not 100% reliable because the system can fail if the user has long eyelashes, a different eye color or corneal reflection.

Software Failures    

The biometric fingerprint scanner is not completely reliable either, it is an automated program system itself, without lithium batteries the device relies on electrical facilities to operate, if the power goes out, the user cannot use it
In addition, if the software has errors or fails for any reason, it will restrict user access until the software is restored.

False Positives     

Hacking is a monumental form of cyber theft, which means that hackers can easily manipulate stolen biometric data to create false positives. False positives are fingerprints made of silicone that are used to access an organization's sensitive data, making biometric security vulnerable.
Not available to everyone
While the technology works for most people, it does not include people who do not have fingers or whose fingerprints have been removed due to injury, or who cannot use their fingers. Accessibility is the key to widespread adoption of any technology. If people are unable to use fingerprint recognition technology, this could cause problems if fingerprint scanners are used as the primary form of identification.
Large technology companies, which may have larger budgets, are offering fingerprint recognition technology as an important part of their security systems. Think Apple, Dell, Samsung, etc. However, the cost of implementing a fingerprint recognition system is high, which can automatically preclude organizations with smaller budgets from accessing it. Over time, the cost barrier may decrease as the technology becomes more widely available. But for now, the technology is available to a few, not many.
System failures may prevent access
Like facial recognition technology, fingerprint recognition relies on a digital system to store and match fingerprint information to grant access. If this system malfunctions, the user may be locked out. While this is not a common problem, it can lead to major upheaval in places where power outages or natural disasters occur frequently. Therefore, it may be necessary to have a backup authentication system in the event of a system failure (e.g., manual password entry).
Key Takeaways
Especially for early adopters of technology, fingerprinting is an exciting digital innovation that can improve security and convenience. However, it is currently not the perfect solution for authentication due to issues related to accessibility. Therefore, backup systems should always be maintained.
Biometrics is an automated authentication technology that is available in most workplaces today. Biometric systems come in many forms, the most commonly used being fingerprint scanners, face recognition and retina scanners.
The history of biometrics dates back to the 2nd century BC when the Chinese Emperor Ts'In used to verify seals by matching fingerprints. Since then, the system has only seen huge improvements and helped business owners. That's because the system is reliable and enhances business security.
Biometrics - Reliable or not?
Biometric systems lead the way in corporate security because they are a breakthrough that continues to improve as the latest technology continues to refine. It certainly offers advantages that outweigh the disadvantages; however, it is still a far from perfect system.
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