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Guide to fingerprint scanner access control

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-01

Fingerprint scanner access control system
Fingerprint scanner access control system replaces the traditional key with a finger, when using it, you only need to put your finger flat on the collection window of the fingerprint scanner to complete the task of unlocking, the operation is very easy to avoid other access control systems (traditional mechanical locks, password locks, identification cards, etc.) have the possibility of forgery, theft, forgetting, destruction, etc.
The hardware of the fingerprint access control system is mainly composed of microprocessor, fingerprint identification module, LCD display module, keyboard, real-time clock / calendar chip, electric control lock and power supply. The microprocessor acts as the upper computer of the system and controls the whole system. The fingerprint recognition module mainly completes the functions of collecting, comparing, storing and deleting fingerprint features. The LCD display module is used to display information such as door opening records, real-time clock and operation tips, and together with the keyboard, it forms the human-machine interface.
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According to the system function, the software is mainly composed of fingerprint processing module, LCD display module, real-time clock module and keyboard scanning module. Fingerprint processing module is mainly responsible for the command and return code information processing between the microprocessor and fingerprint identification module; LCD module according to the timing of the LCD module, write the driver to achieve the purpose of displaying Chinese characters, characters; real-time clock module according to the timing of the clock chip, write the communication program. Realization of the clock chip read and write operations; keyboard scanning module is based on the design principle of the keyboard to write the keyboard program to identify whether there is a key action and press the key key number. The key scanning module is to write the keyboard program to identify the key action and key number according to the keyboard design principle.
According to the operation process, the software mainly consists of four parts: fingerprint door opening program, fingerprint management program, password management program and system setup program. Among them, only the administrator has the right to manage fingerprints, passwords and system settings. Fingerprint management program by the fingerprint template program, delete fingerprint template program, empty fingerprint template program and browse the door record program; password management program by the password to modify the program and password to open the door program consists of two parts; system settings program by the time set the date set program consists of two parts.
Access control can be divided into induction ID/IC card access control, biometric access control [such as: fingerprint identification access control, face (face) identification access control, palm print (palm) identification access control and iris identification access control, etc.], magnetic card identification access control and password identification access control according to the identification method
Access control according to the data processing party for independent access control (no access control data storage and intelligent control management functions) and networked access control (with access control data storage function, equipped with management software, intelligent control management), networked access control host is divided into access control integrated machine and access control split controller.
How does the fingerprint access control system work?
Among the biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition has always been a stable and mature technology. Fingerprint access control systems record and store fingerprint identification records, match the data already entered into the system to identify and authorize a specific user. When the data is successfully matched, it can be used in combination with the access control system access control, which can automatically identify the user's information security and provide a strong security guarantee for enterprise security. Why is the fingerprint access control system loved by so many people to use?
It is because the fingerprint scanner has a unique logo that cannot be easily copied and the technology is now becoming more and more sophisticated. Live fingerprint identification, so make fingerprint access control systems become more and more secure.
What are the benefits of fingerprint access control systems for building access control?
How to determine the benefits of fingerprint access control system for your access control system; for businesses, the easiest to use, data security, easy management is the best choice. And mature fingerprint access control system is scalable, in the original foundation of the function, companies can extend their needs according to their own needs to the technology they need.
Higher security than passwords and PIN codes
Compared to the uncertainty of assigning a password or PIN code to a business, fingerprint access control systems are generally more advanced than passwords and PIN codes in terms of security, and although fingerprint access control systems are not completely guaranteed to be 100% accurate, fingerprint access control systems do continue to improve. For the traditional password or PIN easy to exist crack, forget, lost, etc., resulting in some malicious damage, fingerprint access control system will not appear this situation.
Improve company revenue costs
The use of fingerprint access control system, reducing a large number of vigorous expenditure and unnecessary hidden consumption. Do not need a large number of personnel to take attendance, access control systems can automatically aggregate attendance, according to the established rules to calculate the hours worked, wages. Avoid the human emotion factor
Efficient Attendance
Fingerprint access control system can freely set attendance rules according to demand, 4 kinds of attendance check in / break out / break in / check out
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How to judge whether the fingerprint access control system is suitable for your business
Enterprises considering whether to use fingerprint access control can be based on the following keywords to consider whether the following need to use fingerprint access control system
1. Whether your business needs a high security access control system
2. Whether the company's operating costs can consider the use of fingerprint access control systems
3. For fingerprint access control system is there to deal with the installation, maintenance, management, after-sales preparation?
Is there a matching time and attendance software compatible with the fingerprint access control system?
If you have a definite answer to the above questions, you can contact us
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