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Guide to Time and Attendance Systems for Small Businesses

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-16

Attendance management system refers to a management system that manages attendance records and other related situations of campus and company. It is a product that combines attendance software and attendance hardware, and is generally used by student work office and HR department to grasp and manage the attendance dynamics of students and corporate employees on campus.
Attendance management system is a management system that manages attendance records and other related situations of campus and company. It is a product combining attendance software and attendance hardware, and is generally used by student work office and HR department to grasp and manage the attendance dynamics of students on campus and employees in companies. In a narrow definition, attendance management system refers to attendance software management system alone.
attendance management system using face recognition (1)
For campus, attendance management system should combine face recognition, high-precision indoor positioning, mobile Internet, cloud computing and other technologies, which not only solve the problems of "signing on behalf of", "attendance point signing", "cell phone signing ", "multiple sign-in at the same time", but also provides automatic regular roll call, manual roll call, online leave request and cancellation, make-up sign, sign-in and sign-out functions.
In the case of targeting enterprises, with the inclusion of payroll calculation module, it can flexibly define the calculation formula of each payroll item, automatically call the employee's attendance data, personnel information, dining and other payroll-related data to calculate the employee's salary, and can provide the relevant documents required by the bank for payroll. At the same time, it provides rich statistical analysis reports, so that you can instantly grasp the situation of enterprise salary expenditure.
1 Real-time attendance inquiry: In any case, without any attendance setting, the swipe card records of each employee can be inquired in real time
(including swipe card holder, swipe card time, swipe card nature, window number) and unpunched employees, and also can query the swipe card records of some or all employees according to conditions (e.g. enter the work number, date and time), and then can query the punch card details of the employee within this time period.
2 Basic attendance processing: According to the attendance settings defined in advance, it can process various attendance data and automatically determine the late, early and absent staff and the punching details within the effective punching time. For example, you can query the late, early departure, absence and effective punching time punching details, abnormal punching data, etc. in these query functions; you can also input the corresponding number of minutes in the late and early departure query function, so as to query the personnel who are larger than this number of minutes.
3 A variety of attendance statistics: real-time statistics of staff's commuting, overtime, late, early, leave, absence and other related attendance information (the number of times and minutes of abnormal attendance of employees are recorded on it) form a comprehensive summary report, and statistical work can also be done according to conditions (date, work number, department, etc.).
4 Automatic deduction statistics: According to the attendance situation and attendance settings, it can automatically count the amount of deduction for attendance of all employees within a certain time range, which is convenient for payroll calculation.
attendance management system using face recognition (1)
5 Automatic overtime statistics: According to the staff's overtime punching time and the enterprise's arranged overtime time, the actual overtime of the staff and the arranged overtime time are automatically counted, which can flexibly adapt to the overtime statistics of various enterprises.
6 Abnormal matters processing: the staffs who delayed to clock in due to business affairs can be processed to make up the card, the staffs who took leave can be processed to take leave, the time change of a certain staff or a certain shift can be processed to adjust the working hours, and the days of leave will be calculated automatically in the statistics at the end of the month.
7 Flexible shift setting: according to the actual situation of the enterprise, the number of shifts can be set flexibly, the standard commuting time of each shift, shift rotation, shift change and other setting work.
8 Flexible punching restriction: the effective punching time of each shift can be set flexibly to stop employees from punching at will, making the management more convenient and reasonable, and the employees organized and disciplined.
9 Flexible attendance setting: the number of fields for assessment can be set arbitrarily according to the actual situation within the enterprise (such as: late, seriously late, early retirement, seriously early retirement, absence, etc.), and each field corresponds to the assessment time range and the assessment object; and different penalty amounts can be imposed on each field and each shift (managers and workers)
10 Automatic judgment of commuting card: the system automatically judges whether the employee's punch card data is a commuting card or an off-duty card according to the setting situation, without human intervention.
It is the most basic management in enterprise management. The enterprise stipulates the working days, commuting time, leave, overtime, business trip, outing and other systems of employees, and the attendance management personnel need to provide the supervisor and finance with the attendance data of employees at the end of the month, including late arrival, leave, overtime, early departure, absenteeism, etc., in order to prepare the supervisor to hit the performance of employees and the finance to make salary and other entries for employees.
Attendance management system is fully utilized in daily work, which greatly saves labor cost.
At present, there are more used fingerprint attendance machines, card punching machines, etc.
Web Attendance System
The web attendance system is based on the original attendance system of the enterprise to realize the networked off-site management of attendance, with the software installed on the server, so that attendance agencies distributed in different regions can share one set of management software, and each branch can independently manage the attendance of this ministry. web attendance system supports unlimited grading of organizational structure and analysis and optimization of scheduling; it can realize automatic scheduling and attendance optimization analysis; statistical data and optimization analysis. The web attendance system mainly focuses on analyzing the input-output ratio of labor force in the enterprise and the optimization of labor force by accurately measuring and scientifically arranging the working hours of employees. It helps enterprises to enhance individual effective working hours of employees, minimize compliance risks and improve workforce productivity, and ultimately improve enterprises' ability to manage internal workforce. The system can fully automate the management of employee attendance. It is a powerful helper for business management in today's increasingly high labor cost!
Through deep excavation of attendance management data that most enterprises already have, web attendance management system analyzes the problem of input-output ratio of labor force within the enterprise and the problem of labor force optimization, the flexible labor force arrangement, the real-time labor force activity tracking, the reasonable authorization of employees or manager-level personnel through self-service, the analysis of various labor data enables enterprises to make labor-related The analysis of various labor data enables the enterprise to make scientific decisions about the workforce, so that all the activities of employees are subordinated to the enterprise value-added chain to achieve the maximum benefit of the enterprise.
Mobile Attendance System
Mobile attendance system is a new type of attendance system built by using cell phone positioning mechanism, location-based services (LBS), cloud services and so on. It only needs to install an attendance software on the mobile phone, and it can transmit the user's location to the server side anytime and anywhere, and compare it with the attendance location and attendance time set in advance, so as to determine whether it is a valid attendance. Due to the advantage of cell phone client software, it can easily integrate the functions of patrol, leave request and enterprise address book. Since cell phone attendance is not restricted by attendance location and attendance time, it solves the problem of difficult attendance of field personnel and has very positive significance and value for standardizing management and improving work efficiency.
mobile attendance system for small business