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Google launches new Vision and Voice AI Kits

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-06-01

Google has launched a Vision AI Kit and upgraded its Voice Kit with Raspberry Pi Zero, and both DIY maker tools are now available at Target, TechNewsGadget reports.
The Voice Kit was originally launched last year, and has a suggested price of $49.99. It can translate user speech into text, answer basic questions and respond to simple requests, and could help users learn about voice recognition, according to TechNewsGadget. The Vision Kit retails for $89.99, includes a Raspberry Pi ZWH and a Raspberry Pi Camera and comes with face detection, object recognition, and face tracking capabilities.
 The devices can be programmed by the user with a neural network model and give feedback to audio or visual input. Google Senior Hardware Engineer James Mclurkin says in a video posted to YouTube that the Vision Kit does not require an internet connection, and can recognize a thousand common objects.
Google recently announced it has developed an audio-visual AI speech separation model to mimic the “cocktail party effect,” effectively concentrating on one speaker within an audible group.