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Friendship and fraternity

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Work five days a week,sit in front of the computer,most of the office staff will easy to have some uncomfortable in the neck and the shoulder.
So take more excise after work will be helpful ,but what should we do during the working time ?
After a short rest during the lunch time ,Huifan office will have dance part before start to work ,diffrent music every day ,following the Rhythm and we start dance ,stretching the body,and will feels better and the brain will be more clearlly ,sometimes we will Massage the shoulder ,all the colleague stand in one line ,help each time to massage shoulder .Will feel better after finished .
Huifan is a Young and energetic team ,heath body can improve our efficiency .
If you also meet the office syndrome,feels not uneasy during the work ,stand up and have deep breath ,drink some water ,and see the Scenery out of the window for a moment ,massage the should and your body will be feel great .