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Do you know all the five advantages of PoE for facial recognition access control machines?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-12-23

With the continuous development of IoT technology, new technologies are emerging and the traditional network + power supply working mode has now A new term called Power over Ethernet abbreviation (poe), through the name we can see the Ethernet function and power supply function integrated in a device to provide data transmission for various devices, as well as power supply function, and in many areas to reach the development, which is widely used in the security access control industry.
With the rapid development of network information technology, PoE power supply is gradually familiar to everyone, and PoE-powered network cameras, wireless APs, access control and other devices can be found everywhere in public places. So, what are the advantages of PoE-powered solutions?
A, the advantages of PoE technology
People who know a little about PoE power supply technology know that only a network cable, PoE in the power supply to network equipment at the same time can transmit data, wiring-free, simple and space-saving, and equipment can be moved at will, with great flexibility.
2、Saving cost
In many surveillance projects, surveillance cameras need to be installed in places where it is difficult to deploy AC power, PoE makes it no longer need expensive power supplies and the time it takes to install them, saving power cables and power outlets, saving a lot of money and time.
Taking the 4 points of face recognition access control equipment as an example, we calculate the cost of non-PoE and PoE power supply methods respectively (approximate cost). Table 1 shows that: including the cost of equipment, switches, power adapters, network cables, power cords, labor costs, etc., the cost of non-PoE-powered projects is about $ 3,300, and the cost of PoE power supply method is $ 2340. PoE method can save about 30% of the cost. (Our POE function is free to use, other manufacturers in the market charge at least within $200 for POE function)
Serial number Item Non-POE way POE way
Quantity Unit Unit Price(USD) Total Amount(USD) Quantity Unit Unit Price(USD) Total Amount(USD)
1 Face Device Access Control 4 piece  450 1800 4 piece 450 (POE function for free) 1800
2 Power adapter 4 pcs 15 60 / / / 0
3 Switch 1 pcs 70 70 1 pcs 150 150
4 Network cable 200 meter 2 400 200 meter 2 400
5 PVC pipe and accessories 200 meter 1.3 260 200 meter 1.3 260
6 Power Cord 200   1.5 300 / / / 0
7 Power Socket 4 piece 20 80 / / / /
8 PVC pipe and accessories 200 meter  1.3 260 / / / /
9 Construction Fee 6 Work hours 150 900 3 work hours 150 450
10 Total $3330 $2340
Table 1 POE technology can improve the cost performance
3、Centralized power supply
Using PoE power supply, only a single UPS is needed to provide power to all relevant equipment in the event of a power failure.
4、Safe and reliable
As we all know, the strong power of 220V is very dangerous, if the power supply cable is broken, it is easy to leak. PoE switch power supply is relatively safer, it provides 48V voltage. And, PoE will only supply power to the device that needs power, only when the device that needs power is connected, the Ethernet cable will have voltage present, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line, safe and reliable.
5、Intelligent management
PoE devices can manage the power supply through the network, monitor and control the power supply remotely, and realize automatic maintenance.
With the popularity of IoT technology, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has become a practical technology for providing power and data transmission to a wide range of devices, which is widely used in various fields and has significant advantages in intelligent buildings. The latest PoE switches generally use low-carbon and environment-friendly energy-saving technologies, which are helpful to help intelligent buildings save energy.
Second, PoE in the application of intelligent buildings
The application network of weak electronic system in intelligent building system is expanding and becoming more and more complex and diversified. With more and more intelligent devices and IoT intelligent terminal facilities, the number of devices and installation locations are difficult to determine, especially the problem of local power supply is becoming more and more prominent, and PoE solutions that rely on existing facilities for signal transmission and power supply become more attractive.
PoE technology in smart buildings can be implemented to provide remote power for IEEE 802.3 compliant Ethernet devices while transmitting data, and reduce the number of cables and connector sizes (compared to AC power) to improve density and save space; PoE can easily move and flexibly wire access points in wireless LAN systems, simplifying RF survey work; PoE can also use SNMP network management facilities to monitor circuits and view operational faults and other conditions.
PoE devices powering while communicating can create synergies that enable diverse smart infrastructures (e.g., smart LED lighting). Smart lighting systems for smart buildings using PoE technology not only eliminate the need for separate power supply, but also enable intelligent control of Led lights, thereby reducing energy consumption, costs and operating expenses.
PoE's intelligent features can also improve device control and operation, and better manage the equipment and facilities in the building. In addition, the use of PoE devices conforming to IEEE standards improves the portability and interoperability of devices between different countries, thus accelerating the widespread use of PoE technology in building automation, security and other subsystems.
POE function is applicable to Huifan Technology face recognition access control function
POE-powered devices can solve the problem of needing both network cable and power supply to work at the same time.
Can help customers to reduce the line layout, power costs. Easy to use
Face Recognition Access Control POE Function
HFSecurity Face Recognition Health Code Green Pass POE Function Access Control Device
Third, PoE disadvantages gradually disappear
When the PoE standard is still stuck in the IEEE 802.3 af/at stage, the power is limited to 30W, PoE technology has a narrow scope of application and can not meet the power supply needs of 60W, 90W and other high-power devices. Therefore, "power limitation" is considered one of the disadvantages of PoE technology. With the release of the bt PoE technology standard, PoE technology application range is greatly expanded, PoE can be most intelligent IP devices power supply.
And for the problem that PoE power supply cannot exceed 100 meters, there are good solutions in the market. For example, the use of PoE network repeater can extend and extend the network transmission distance without changing the existing network system and without adding other distribution to the existing network infrastructure.
With the continuous improvement of PoE technology, PoE devices continue to enrich, PoE "power limited", "distance limited" disadvantage no longer exists, PoE will usher in a broader 
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