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Is the attendance machine with only fingerprint scanner obsolete?

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-10-22

I have to say that fingerprints are one of the miracles of nature. In modern life, fingerprints can be used to identify a person's identity. This is because there are no two identical fingerprints in the world, even if they are identical twins, there will be some differences. More importantly, in principle, a person's fingerprints remain unchanged for life.



There are many instruments on the market that identify a person's identity by identifying fingerprints, and fingerprint attendance machines are one of them. There are multiple ways to obtain a person's fingerprint image. The commonly used methods are optical scanning and capacitive scanning. These two methods work in completely different ways, but both get the same image.


Optical scanner and capacitive scanner

The optical scanner uses three-dimensional imaging. When your finger touches the scanning window, an indentation will be formed. If the image scanned by the scanner is successfully compared with the previously recorded image, the verification is passed.


Capacitive fingerprint scanners use the human body's thermal induction and the life characteristics of the skin to detect whether the lines are correct. Unlike optical scanners, in addition to comparing lines, capacitive scanners can also detect whether it is human skin before that. The special texture of human skin is difficult to imitate. It will only pass successfully if both tests pass. Therefore, this charged capacitive fingerprint scanner is difficult to crack.


One of the best selling Android attendance and access control devices


HF-A5 is a capacitive scanning attendance machine that supports TrueSafe fingerprint recognition. In addition,a free SDK is also provided for further opening and the third part of the access control door lock function.As we all know, fingerprint scanners also have a fatal flaw: the fingerprints of certain people or groups of people are difficult to image because they have few fingerprint features.But HF-A5 can solve this problem because it has a camera and has a face recognition function.


HF-A5 is one of the best-selling Android time attendance and access control devices in HFSecurity, which is widely used in companies, governments, banks, education, etc.

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