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Fingerprint Scanner for Issuing Vehicle License Plate

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Rencently,Nepal is doing one project for Issuing vehicle license plate. They want to use the fingerprint scanner to register and identify the live fingerprint of the users who need the vihicle license plate.
We Huifan Tech have recommended our fingerprint scanner HF6000 to them because it is capacitive fingerprint scanner for live fingerprint and supports Windows, Android and Linux.
The process is very easy, put the demo on the computer,connect the fingerprint scanner with the computer,enroll and verify the fingerprint for users. It can not only  enroll and verify the fingerpirnt but also save  them in the database. 
The proposal is still on the approval. Once it is confirmed,samples are needed for testing and then for mass production.