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Fingerprint recognition has been on fire for more than 5,000 years. Is it still good today?

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-11-27

In recent years, from the daily use of mobile phone to unlock fingerprints, fingerprint-free payment, fingerprint fingerprints from work to work, to use fingerprint recognition to establish security access control or case detection, the application of fingerprint recognition technology in people's lives has become more and more common. It is also increasingly important in the field of biometrics.
However, with the rapid rise of more recognition technologies such as face recognition and iris recognition, the “reign of lakes and lakes” of fingerprint recognition has also faced severe challenges. With the emergence and application of new technologies, fingerprint recognition faces a huge risk of being replaced. Whether fingerprint recognition can continue to be strong under the strong impact in the future is affecting the hearts of countless practitioners.
Fingerprint recognition has been on fire for more than 5,000 years
Speaking of fingerprint recognition, it is mainly a way to identify and determine human identity by virtue of the lifetime invariance, uniqueness and convenience of fingerprints. Many people may think that fingerprint recognition is a new technology and method that has only appeared in recent years, but in fact, the recognition and use of fingerprints in our country began as early as thousands of years ago.
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According to relevant data records, in the late Warring States period 2500 years ago, the ancients had already used fingerprints to solve cases. At that time, although they did not have advanced high-tech equipment for fingerprint recognition, since the pre-Qin era people realized the uniqueness of fingerprints, so they could effectively recognize different fingerprints only by discerning the texture with the naked eye.
In the Song Dynasty, people realized that the application of fingerprints was not only unique, but also convenient, and very practical for managing ordinary people without education. Therefore, the Song Dynasty began to collect people's fingerprints on a large-scale and planned basis to form a library of identification materials. During this period, the research on fingerprint recognition technology reached a fairly mature stage.
Recently, the discovery of "Yangshao fingerprint" has once again advanced the history of fingerprint recognition and application in China to the Yangshao cultural period more than 5000 years ago, which means that fingerprint recognition has been in full swing for more than 5,000 years! Nowadays, the continuous development of technology has improved our technology and level of fingerprint recognition, which has made fingerprint recognition one of the most common and popular recognition methods in the field of biometrics.
Now experiencing the same technology replacement crisis
However, although fingerprint recognition has many advantages such as a long history, mature technology, low cost, and convenient use, in today's biometrics market, fingerprint recognition is no longer the "only pet".
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Because, on the one hand, with the continuous advancement of the artificial intelligence boom, and the rapid growth of demand in financial, security, criminal investigation and other fields, a single identification method has been unable to meet the requirements of market development; on the other hand, fingerprint identification has also More and more defects and deficiencies have been exposed, such as that fingerprints may be worn and lightened, and fingerprints are easily stolen and imitated.
Based on this, in recent years, new recognition methods such as face recognition and iris recognition have started to rise rapidly, and have gradually grown into one bright star after another in the field of biometrics. Among them, the development of face recognition technology is the most fierce, and there is a strong trend to replace fingerprint recognition.
Compared with fingerprint recognition, which must be in contact with the device to be effective, face recognition eliminates the need to contact the device, which is more convenient, practical, and more universal. Thanks to these comparative advantages, since last year, Samsung, which was once keen on fingerprint recognition, has also embarked on the application of face recognition, and fingerprint recognition has gradually become the object to be abandoned.
Then, after encountering the competition and impact of similar technologies, fingerprint recognition can still be derived from it.
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Save it? Is the future development that fingerprint recognition is still tenacious, or will it be replaced?
Because fingerprint recognition still has its unique advantages compared to other recognition methods, such as faster recognition speed, lower application cost, and a better balance between security, convenience and cost performance. In addition, fingerprint recognition does not completely overlap with other recognition methods in the application field, and it can also play different values in the areas where it focuses.
In general, fingerprint recognition will not be replaced by other recognition technologies in the short term. Various technologies are more inclined to compete with each other and complement each other. The possibility of symbiosis and co-existence is greater than the zero-sum relationship. And in the long run, there is not much chance of complete replacement.