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Fingerprint Scanner usage problems and corresponding solutions

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-09-03

Fingerprint Scanner  problem solution

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一、Difficult fingerprint  scanner collection

       Phenomenon description: It is difficult for a teller's fingerprint scanner or some fingerprints scanner to collect the template successfully.

Analysis of the cause: Difficult to collect is mainly because the image texture collected is too poor, the image area is too small,The image is too dark or too shallow. These reasons can cause the fingerprint reader to not generate enough energy based on these images.The number of feature points collected


There are several specific reasons for the difficulty in collecting fingerprints scanner


1. The teller's fingers are too wet or too dry, causing the captured image to be too dark or too shallow, fingerprint scanner imageIf it is too deep, the textures of the fingerprints scanner may coincide with each other, and the fingerprints scanner may generate features based on such images.Points will be reduced a lot; if the fingerprint scanner  image is too shallow, it may be mistaken for the place where the texture is originally.Not a texture, the feature points generated by such an image will be greatly reduced; according to these feature points,And there is a very random fingerprint scanner, it is difficult to pass the comparison when the template is pressed three times


2. The teller is not working properly when collecting the template. For example, when the teller collects the template,Pressing the finger upright will cause the captured image area to be too small to generate enoughFeature points, causing the collection to fail


3. When the template is collected, it is unreasonable to make the finger press too heavy or too light. If the finger is pressed too heavy,Correspondingly, the captured image will be deepened; if the finger is pressed light enough, the corresponding captured image will change.Shallow, it is very likely that only a small part of the fingerprint scanner is collected, that is, the area of ​​the captured image is too small, resulting in failureby


4. the teller's fingerprint scanner or some fingerprint scanner texture is not clear, or there are more cracks, or severely offThe skin causes no sufficient feature points to be generated according to the acquired image, resulting in the inability to pass the acquisition.



For the first case: for a teller who is too dry, it is recommended that the fingers be properly pressed during collection.Or use a hand-washing cream before the collection to make the skin at the finger position moist.Collect again, taking care not to be too moist. For tellers who are too wet, it is recommended to dry your fingers before collecting


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A reasonable point of lightness when collecting.For the second case: It is recommended that the teller adjust his habits and follow the rules.For the third case: the weight of the finger is very much related to the depth of the generated image.
When the teller is using it, he pays a little attention to the point of his own.It's easy to pass, to judge whether you should press it lighter or lighter.For the fourth case: For such a teller, try to find a finger with a relatively good fingerprint scanner.collection. If you still don't pass, you should take care of your fingers.


Note: When the teller collects the fingerprint scanner , the finger should be placed flat on the fingerprint scanner device, so that the finger should be larger.The contact sensor of the area, the lightness of the finger pressing is important and reasonable, depending on the condition of the individual finger, generallyIf the finger is dry, it is recommended to press the appropriate focus. If the finger is wet, it is recommended to press it appropriately. collectionTemplates should try to make the quality of the template high, because the quality of the template is too poor, which leads to fingerprints.The main reason for the serial number


二、Fingerprint scanner  is difficult to log in (ie, the pass rate is low)

Phenomenon description:


When a teller logs in or authorizes, it is difficult to collect several fingers.Successful recording or authorization, that is, several fingers need to be pressed many times to enter.Analysis of the cause: The root cause of the problem is the characteristics and template records collected during login and authorization.The similarity of recorded feature points is low.

There are a few possible lower pass rates for logins:


1. The teller is not operating properly. The position that may be pressed is different from the position when the template is collected.The weight is unreasonable, and the contact area with the sensor is too low when the fingerprint is pressed.

2. Due to the change of seasons, the degree of dryness and wetness of human fingers will change accordingly, such as winter.When the fingers are generally dry, the fingers are generally moist in summer. The teller should be based onChange your own finger to properly adjust the operation when logging in or authorizing.

3. The quality of the fingerprint template collected is poor, that is, the feature points of the acquisition template are small.Very likely to result in low pass-through or authorization rate

4, the peeling and cracking of the teller's fingers, etc., resulting in fewer feature points collected, may leadDifficult to log in.

5, electromagnetic interferenceSolution:In general, if the pass rate of the teller is high after the template is collected, but suddenly the day is open.The pass rate of the initial change is low, which is probably caused by cases 2 and 4. If the template is successfully collected, the teller

The pass rate is low, this is likely to beThe result of 1,3 is more likely to be 3.

If collectingThe template is very difficult and it is difficult to log in after successful acquisition. It is more likely to be the cause.3, 5.

fbi cerificated fingerpirnt scanner manufacturer

For case one: Reasonable and correct operation is critical. When you log in or authorize, you should try your best toThe position of the fingers is the same when the template is set. The weight of the press should also be reasonable.


For case 2: the solution is the same as when collecting the fingerprint template, the finger is too dry or too wetThe treatment is the same.


For case three: the best way is to re-collect the template and try to make the template quality high.This will be better when you log in.


For situation 4: The best way is to take good care of your fingers, if you log in, you really compareFor difficulties, consider re-acquiring the template so that the template is as close as possible to the state at login.


For Case 5: Because Case 5 is more difficult to identify, it is generally not considered for this reason.If you find that there is a strong interference, you can roll up the fingerprint device or wrap it up.Tin foil, if not recommended to adjust the

terminal position.Suggestion: It is recommended to use the fingerprint device as much as possible, and use the most convenient one.Fingers; five fingers are collected for backup, there are three normal use, generallySatisfying the requirements, there is no need to require a high pass rate for each finger.


There are two illegal tellersIt is normal, it may be that the position of the finger is not very right, you can adjust it. three, Fingerprint string numberPhenomenon description: When a teller logs in to the system, after the fingerprint is pressed, the system gives the cabinet of the cabinetMember number.Analysis of the cause: The root cause is the template feature collected by the teller when collecting the fingerprint template.The quality of the dots is poor, and the number of feature points is small, which makes it difficult to pass the registration.In the case of recording, it is possible that the image collected when logging in by fingerprint is very poor.The deviation of the feature points is very large, and the quality of a template of another teller at the site is alsoIf it is poor, it may be recognized by the system as the fingerprint of the teller, so you will get the cabinet of other people.Member number. The root cause of this problem is the fingerprint template.Solution: Re-collect fingerprints. Try to make the template better, so you can avoid serial numbers. four, The fingerprint reader does not drive up and causes the terminal to crash.

Phenomenon description:


When logging in or authorizing, the fingerprint driver does not drive up, causing the system to be stuck.

5 inch fingerprint tablet with capacitive sensor

It doesn't move there, it is a crash.Analysis of the cause: First, the command to drive the fingerprint reader may not be transmitted due to network reasons.Come, the problem is mainly concentrated on the terminal of Guoguang 6812B model; second, because the teller is not correctIndeed, the operation may also cause the command to drive the fingerprint reader to not be transmitted, for example, when the fingerprint device is pressed.

After the key, the other keys are quickly pressed, which may affect the sending and receiving of the fingerprint command.Solution: At present, our manufacturers have shortened the driver fingerprint command in this regard, so as to facilitateBetter transmission commands for the network. In addition, when the teller is operating, he also needs to pay attention to start on the keyboard.After the fingerprint device's key, please do not press another button, wait for the fingerprint sensor to be pressed, and the system responds.


Do other things. Fives, Static electricity


Phenomenon description: When you press the finger to collect, there will be an electric shock.


1. When you have electrical appliances (television, computer), you should wash your hands immediately and let the skin on the surfaceThe charge is released in the water. In the winter, try to use high moisturizing cosmetics. Commonly used humidifiers.

2, some people like to raise ornamental fish and daffodils indoors is also a good way to adjust the indoor humiditylaw. In addition,

3, recommend a cost-effective humidification method: put a basin of water under the heating, with an old haira towel (or a cloth that absorbs water), with one head in the water and one on the heater, so that you canAbout three liters of water evaporate in the house. If every heating does this, the whole room will feel wet.people. You may wish to try it.

4, try to wear less chemical fiber clothing, for people who often have static electricity, it is best to wear cotton clothing.

5, in order to avoid electrostatic strikes, small metal devices (such as keys), cotton rags, etc. can be touched firstDoors, door handles, faucets, chair backs, bed rails, etc. eliminate static electricity and touch them by hand.

6, bathing, changing clothes frequently, can effectively eliminate static electricity on the surface of the human body.6.


There is no grounding wire at the outlet or the use of the socket is not standard, causing the landing difficulty or serial number phenomenon.1.Because the power supply at the outlet or the power supply at the ups is not grounded, the fingerprint image of the device is affected.

The interference is large, and the fingerprint scanner cannot be verified.


Recommendation: The power supply of the mains and ups output terminals and terminals must be connected to the ground wire to eliminate power interference.At the same time, it can protect the personal safety of the tellers.


2. There is a network connection to the network, but because the two-phase socket is used, the power supply at the terminal is lacking.Less ground.Recommendation: Replace the two-phase socket.

3. There is crack or peeling of the fingerprint of the teller. It is recommended to register with a finger with better fingerprint.Fingerprint, and pay attention to apply hand cream, protect and protect your hands. After a period of finger maintenance,Re-collect the fingerprint.

4. The teller should pay attention to the method of correctly collecting the verification fingerprint, placing the finger parallel to the sensor,The surface of the sensor is completely covered, and the fingers should be free of sweat, flat and light


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