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Fingerprint Scanner recognition technology development prospects and four major types

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-12-19

If someone asks you, what is fingerprint scanner recognition, I believe you will easily give the answer; if someone asks you, what are the functions of fingerprint recognition, in addition to identity authentication to ensure security, can you give other answers?
HP laptops with AuthenTec EntréPad 2501A fingerprint sensor can be operated with just a swipe of your finger.
If you have been to the famous scenic spot Zhangjiajie recently, you will find that the tickets there are actually your fingerprints. When you buy a ticket, you will get an IC card. When entering the scenic area, the ticket inspector will take your index finger and press the fingerprint on a glass-like touch screen, and store it in your IC card. When you When entering the scenic area again, just press the index finger with the fingerprint printed on the touch screen and swipe the card, you can enter after checking.
china fbi certified fingerprint scanner manufacturer
fbi certified fingerprint scanner
Not to mention whether it is necessary to use fingerprint recognition technology for tickets for scenic spots. From this point alone, it is enough to see that fingerprint recognition has entered people's lives and has affected people's daily life more and more deeply.
Power of touch
As early as 7000 BC to 6000 BC, fingerprints were used by ancient China and ancient Syria for identification due to uniqueness and lifetime invariance. Although it is not new to use fingerprint recognition for identity authentication, it is only with the widespread use of computers today that fingerprint recognition can be used efficiently and conveniently.
However, if you think that fingerprint recognition can only be used as an authentication method for identity. AuthenTec vice president of production Tony Iantosca said in a telephone interview with reporters: "Now, with AuthenTec's fingerprint sensor, people can use different fingers to open different computer programs or make different phone calls. They can also replace mobile phones or computers. Sophisticated control buttons provide comprehensive navigation and Internet access, making it as easy as using a computer joystick when playing games or scrolling the screen. "
Fingerprint recognition instrument is a special instrument for identification through the biometric fingerprint of the human body. Fingerprints are unique and invariant for life, so it is very safe and convenient to use as one of the ways of identification. Fingerprint readers are widely used in identity authentication occasions such as banking, social security, public security, time and attendance, access control, computers and network security, and payment methods for Internet shopping.
china biometric fingerprint scanner for attendance
biometric fingerprint scanner for attendance
At present, the application of fingerprint identification technology is the most widely used in biometric identification technology, which condenses the general direction of future fingerprint identification applications with huge market potential. At present, it is mainly divided into four:
One is the secret system, which requires a high degree of security protection;
The second is the identification technology for large-scale crowds;
The third is the citizen application for urban public affairs;
The fourth is the authentication application that enters the virtual world of the Internet from real life
Development prospects of fingerprint recognition technology
I believe that with the improvement of fingerprint identification technology, it will also be widely used in identity cards, motor vehicles, home furnishings and other fields. In the next 5 years, there will be a market of nearly 10 billion yuan in China waiting for enterprises to develop. The huge market prospect of fingerprint identification technology will have a huge impact on the international and domestic security industry. Smaller companies will face relentless competition from large companies that have recently entered traditional industries. In the face of these giants, it is difficult to say that the existing small and medium-sized companies have too much competitiveness. The reshuffle of the industry is inevitable. Mergers and exits may become the helpless choice of most small and medium-sized companies. Eventually, companies in traditional industries or large capital may dominate the biometric identification industry in a short period of time. Of course, it is not ruled out that some companies with core competitiveness have grown into emerging large companies in a "fast fish eat slow fish" manner. The coexistence of "big fish" and "fast fish" is also an inevitable result of every emerging market. As a result of the competition, a new big industry will be formed.
In the 1990s, fingerprint identification technology rose in the country. At that time, the application was limited to the field of criminal investigation. It could increase the rate of crime detection by the public security organs and save a lot of costs. However, fingerprint recognition technology belongs to the use of "unknown subject” in criminal investigation. The "comparison” needs to be processed by the mainframe, and the cost and time are relatively large. Therefore, fingerprint identification is often used only as an aid to criminal investigation, and it is not widely used, and its market share is extremely limited.
Through the continuous promotion and application of fingerprint recognition technology in the market, fingerprint recognition companies found that the real market for fingerprint recognition technology should be the civilian market. Because the civilian fingerprint recognition technology is "know the subject", the "comparison" is faster and the accuracy is higher. With more and more electronic devices, such as PCs, ATMs, access control systems, etc., are entering our daily lives.
From the trend point of view, civilized fingerprint recognition technology will eventually replace identification codes and passwords that are defective in security and convenience to prevent unauthorized access. Since the fingerprint identification technology is more popular in civilian applications than criminal investigation applications and has a larger market capacity, it has the basis for large-scale promotion. In western countries, fingerprint recognition technology has entered a large-scale civilian stage. Los Angeles, USA, used the world's first relief fingerprint recognition system in 1990; the world's first virtual bank, SFNB (Security First Network Bank), also implemented a fingerprint security technology-based security assurance project to enhance Transaction security.
Fingerprint recognition has begun to move towards civilian use because of its technology maturity and cost reduction. Domestic biometrics will form a market worth tens of billions in the future. Among them, the security industry is one of the most important application fields, and the market space is large.
Features of fingerprint scanner
1. Eliminate false fingerprints: The fingerprint sensor uses semiconductor live fingerprint recognition technology to fundamentally eliminate the problem of artificial fingerprints.
2. Strong adaptability to various types of fingerprints: it can flexibly adapt to the finger conditions at the time, whether it is dry fingers, wet fingers, light-textured fingerprints, elderly fingers, etc., have a high recognition rate, which completely solves the problem of poor finger recognition Low rate problem
3. High recognition for dry fingers: especially suitable for dry fingers in northern winter
4. High success rate of login fingerprints: The success rate reaches 99.9% when making login fingerprints
5. Wide temperature zone: suitable for extremely cold or extremely hot areas
6. Strong antistatic ability: suitable for dry areas where static electricity is likely to occur, antistatic ability 15KV
7. long life: wear resistance up to 1 million times
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