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Fingerprint Access Control Solution

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-11-02

System Overview Modern enterprise management is a management era pursuing high efficiency and high speed development. The following will introduce the content of "fingerprint access control and attendance design scheme" in detail.
HFSecurity 5 inch Fingerprint Access Control Device
System Overview System Overview
Modern enterprise management is a management era pursuing high efficiency and high speed development. The application of fingerprint authentication technology in the Chinese market, from 1993 to now to more than a dozen years, and now basically synchronized with the international level, the application of fingerprint identification in the Chinese market, the application of fingerprint access control has emerged. From the level of technology, fingerprint access control belongs to the high-end products, high quality requirements, domestic manufacturers through years of practice, making the product performance perfect, occupying a very large share and position.
Huifan biometric fingerprint access control system is the use of biometric technology, computer technology, integrated access control, time and attendance access control, access control management and personnel management software consisting of access control attendance access control system. Staff do not have to keep and carry a variety of documents such as paper cards or IC cards, etc., as long as a light click on the finger can complete the identification to achieve the purpose of opening the door, attendance access control. To ensure the security of the gatekeeper, attendance access control of the fair, the statistics of the record, the accuracy of the data. The uniqueness of the fingerprint completely eradicates the impostor, false information to bring us unnecessary trouble, only qualified people gently press the finger, the end of the month management personnel to operate the computer easily print access information. Access control management, personnel attendance access control report, attendance access control management all computerized, to ensure access control attendance access control management of justice, fairness, science, accuracy.
II. Product overview
1. Fingerprint identification 
Biometric identification is one of the most advanced and reliable identification technology today, it is the use of the human body's fixed physiological characteristics as a way to confirm
It is an identification technology that uses the fixed physiological characteristics of the human body to confirm identity, and fingerprint is one of the commonly used ones. It determines whether the fingerprint comes from the same person by identifying and comparing the branch-shaped, end-shaped, island-shaped, compound-shaped, left bucket pattern, right bucket pattern, left skip pattern, right skip pattern, triangle area and center point position.
2. Fingerprint algorithm
Fingerprint algorithm is a mathematical model description of fingerprint identification and determination rules based on fingerprint feature recognition requirements and established by computer programming rules.
A5 fingerprint access control algorithm is a fast and accurate 1:N fingerprint identification algorithm, when using A5 for fingerprint identification (2000-6000 fingerprints), it can be easily completed within 1-5 seconds without pre-classification of fingerprints by name, PIN, etc. After continuous upgrading and improvement of A5 algorithm, the latest algorithm of 2004 version adds 1:1 comparison method on the basis of 1:N fingerprint recognition, which makes further improvement on improving fingerprint recognition rate and recognition speed.
Design Objectives
This program has participated in and guided the construction of many enterprise personnel attendance access control system projects for many times, and has learned rich experience and lessons from practice. According to the different practical requirements of customers, the overall system design objectives meet the following points.
 1. High reliability
Attendance access control system products should be selected to "reliability" in the first place. Fingerprint products to eliminate card punching, false alarm rate is reduced to a minimum.
Fingerprint attendance access control system products will be used for a long time, personnel management of a company occupies a very important position in a variety of complex user environment in the long-term normal operation of the test. Products with high reliability can effectively reduce the maintenance costs of the system, and easy to manage to avoid the occurrence of various dispute events.
Now on the market fingerprint attendance access control system is uneven, many products are not formal, and there are many hidden problems, fingerprint attendance access control machine recognition is not high, high rate of false rebellion, poor fingerprint recognition, card punching trouble and time, causing unhappy employees, card data loss, immature software, not up to the company attendance access control requirements, technology is not up to date, can not help enterprises solve specific problems. Once the problem occurs, the maintainability is poor. We recommend the China Control fingerprint attendance access control system, its system reliability are second to none in the country.
Performance requirements are extremely stringent equipment, requiring our entire system to be able to operate stably over time. Products that have not been tested and used on a large scale are very risky for developers, and our professional system equipment, with thousands of products used in large and medium-sized cities across the country, and constantly improving product performance, making the product more reliable and more trusted by users. The fact that some engineers blindly choose low-cost inferior fingerprint time and attendance access control system and other products, resulting in the aftermath of poor operation time and attendance access control identification, not only cause management chaos, but also interfere with the normal life of enterprises and institutions, and ultimately the entire system is paralyzed, seriously corrupting the reputation of the seller, resulting in huge economic losses.
2. Good applicability
Fingerprint time and attendance access control system products must be used to ensure that the characteristics of the product civilian, use, operation, maintenance is simple, cost-effective.
 The use of fingerprint time and attendance access control system completely replace the traditional security measures, bear the enterprise personnel attendance access control tasks, the technical performance of the system, easy to operate a high demand. First of all, the fingerprint time and attendance access control system must ensure a certain degree of technical complexity, can always identify the fingerprints of employees under various conditions, can always be in working condition to meet the attendance access control needs of different personnel, and always maintain close contact with the time and attendance access control management computer to facilitate personnel management personnel to view the attendance access control situation of employees at all times.
Bank fingerprint access control program
With the continuous development of the financial industry and the increasing competition in the financial market, the management of banks is increasingly on the standard. As a financial industry, security is a top priority, and security comes from standardized management and advanced technology to ensure. China Merchants Bank as the most important management and security institutions in the country, the security technology in access control selected advanced fingerprint access control technology and scientific access control management to protect the security of its industry operations, the following fingerprint access control example to introduce the fingerprint access control application implementation program.
Case background
At present, each branch has installed access control equipment at important entrance and exit locations. However, the use of traditional passwords or induction IC cards to manage access control, there are a number of shortcomings: (1) passwords are easy to leak; (2) induction IC cards are easy to lose, easy to be imitated or stolen; (3) the ability to prevent internal crime is not enough.
As the bank's branches have a more complete set of internal access control management regulations, while having a certain amount of access control resources (such as iron doors and mechanical door locks) and supporting monitoring and management systems, on this basis, it is possible to achieve efficient and reasonable installation and use of fingerprint access control program within the branch.
The fingerprint access control system (including the second door) is specially designed for each branch according to its access control and the management and usage requirements of the second door (i.e. the isolation door). This solution will bring China Merchants Bank access control management security enhancements and stronger monitoring efforts.
HFSecurity 5 inch android fingerprint access control system device
The actual needs of the bank's business network access control
 From the actual needs, the branches of China Merchants Bank first need to determine whether they need to install fingerprint access control systems in the following locations: 1.
  • 1. from the business hall into the savings area, set fingerprint two-door access control management, that is, the front and rear doors interlock access control management; in the front door of the outer side of the installation of fingerprint terminals, the inner side of the installation of the door button; at the same time in the back door of the outer side of the installation of the password keyboard, the inner side of the installation of fingerprint terminals. This can ensure that from the outside into the bank work area and from the bank work area out first use fingerprint verification management and record authentication data.
  • 2. Access control of the machine room, set fingerprint access control management, install fingerprint terminal on the outside of the machine room door, and install the door button on the inside of the machine room.
  • 3. from the business hall into the accounting area at the three doors, set fingerprint three door access control, that is, the first front door outside with a password keyboard single tube access control, the inner side of the door with the door button to open the first door; the second door outside and the third door inside the installation of fingerprint access terminal, respectively, to achieve interlocking two door access control management; and the second door inside the installation of the door button, the third door outside the installation of the password keyboard, so that you can ensure From the outside into the bank work area and from the bank work area out of the first use of fingerprint verification management and record authentication data.
  • 4. Cashier accounting room access control, set password access control management, accounting room door outside the installation of the password terminal, room door inside the installation of the door button.
  • 5. Enter the open office area with fingerprint access control management and record the access information authentication data.
  • 6. The card access control system is used in the large customer area, and the card authentication will be carried out before entering according to the identity of the VIP customers of CBC.
  • 7. Self-service banks generally use card access control.
Program design and features
According to the actual implementation requirements of the bank branch, the branch formal construction and design of fingerprint access control management program, requiring employees to enter and exit the counter, work area or other important sections with their fingers, not only standardize internal management, but also to do unexpected events have a basis (all fingerprint access control terminals can be connected to the branch's security monitoring room or machine room through communication lines, and can be docked with the monitoring system to form access control event processing and camera monitoring linkage). In addition, the fingerprint attendance management system software can be used for accurate and effective personnel attendance management.
System architecture
The system architecture consists of fingerprint access terminal, access controller, various locks, access management computer, RS232/485 converter, database and other equipment. The access management computer communicates with each access controller through RS485 bus, and then the access controller is connected with fingerprint access terminal, locks, door buttons, door magnets and other equipment.
The main features of the program are as follows.
  • Fingerprint is the only biological key: the finger has the uniqueness of human characteristics, which is generally unchanged for life, portable, will not be lost and cannot be copied;
  • Real anti-counterfeit fingerprint technology: the world's most advanced fingerprint collection technology of complete living dermis, eliminating the possibility of forgery;
  • Network management: Multiple fingerprint access control terminals are networked through the network, so that fingerprints can be logged on any fingerprint terminal and all fingerprint characteristics will be automatically transmitted to the access control server in the security monitoring room for any other terminal to be used for identity authentication; fingerprint registration can also be centralized in the bank office and fingerprints can be distributed to the designated access control terminal.
  • Personnel authorization management:it is very easy to delete fingerprints after the transfer of employees, supervisors just need to delete or hang up the transferred employee account on the access control monitoring server to prohibit access, then the transferred employee immediately can no longer access the designated access control;
  • Functional authority management: each department can be allowed to enter the department's work area fingerprints in the work area fingerprint access control machine for authorization, so as to ensure access control security between departments and strengthen the internal security management of the bank;
  • Access time authorization management: Each access control can be set individually or uniformly (or through the monitoring management software) for daily working hours, so as to ensure that in the time period outside the working hours, the staff not allowed to access even if the fingerprint authentication is passed, but also can not open the access control, in the role of security to reduce internal hidden dangers;
  • Attendance management: Each fingerprint terminal can realize the attendance function, which fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon of staff punching cards on behalf of the staff, ensures the fairness of the attendance system, and improves the internal management;
  • Wide area network monitoring management: Through the bank's internal wide area network, the superior central branch can monitor and query the in and out situation of any branch below in real time;
  • Alarm linkage monitoring management: by docking with the bank's internal monitoring equipment alarm trigger signal, you can monitor access control in real time, and in the event of an accident by the fingerprint access control system to trigger the monitoring video and alarm signal, to play access control monitoring alarm linkage security functions.
  • System application analysis: The core of this bank access control management system is: fingerprint access control terminal and access control controller. Fingerprint access terminal is mainly to manage and authenticate the user's fingerprint information and access controller to form the control center of the system to perform independent access control management functions on the bank's automatic doors, which fully meets the high security requirements of bank access control management.
In the fingerprint access control terminal product RA08T, the world's most advanced dermis collection technology, inductive sensing technology is used. The so-called dermis technology is that this technology only for the human dermis fingerprint detection and collection, the collected epidermis of the dirty, broken, oil, water, wrinkles, wear and tear will not affect its collection of fingerprint image data, and fundamentally eliminate the possibility of forging fingerprints for authentication. At present, this technology has been applied on a large scale worldwide, especially in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and other regions where 3G operation is open, and has been applied to all 3G cell phones to realize the real information terminal service for individuals.
HFSecurity 8 inch fingerprint access control system terminal device
Access control system composed of this fingerprint access control terminal products feature-rich, basically a combination of the current access control manufacturers in the product features, and also added some more user-friendly features:.
  • Strong compatibility: support Wegan 26-bit or 34-bit communication, but also support more access controllers;
  • Custom numbering: fingerprint access control terminals support self-selected user ID numbers, users can define the number according to their own habits;
  • Support a variety of matching: fingerprint access control terminal supports 1:1, 1:G, 1:N three fingerprint matching methods, when the number of people exceeds the use limit, you can flexibly choose the matching method;
  • Provide emergency password: fingerprint access control terminal provides emergency password for each user, not just a single fingerprint or password matching. Because in reality some people's fingerprints simply can not be registered (such as no fingerprints, etc.).
  • High offline and flexible: fingerprint access control terminal and the upper server offline can also support the completion of single user, partial user or all user registration, deletion and set the user's access conditions, making offline more foolproof
  • High flexibility of operation: The fingerprint access control terminal system has a detailed and flexible menu configuration, which makes the overall function more powerful;
  • Anti-theft alarm: Alarm types include anti-tamper alarm, disconnect alarm, illegal door opening alarm and door opening timeout alarm, etc. It also includes:
  • (1) providing fingerprint alarm. Illegal elements threaten to kidnap employees belonging to the branch to enter the branch for activities, employees can use the pre-registered finger used for alarm to authenticate the door, the system automatically identifies the alarm fingerprint and sends alarm information to the monitoring center, allowing the security department to respond in a timely manner, while activating surveillance video.
  • (2) provide dialing warning: fingerprint access control management system can be pre-deposited in the need to notify the user's phone number, in the event of emergencies and security issues, the system automatically dials the number for notification, which makes the security department more secure;
System Contingency Measures
  • System contingencies for this program include.
  • Power outage handling
  • When the power supply accidental power failure, the first to ensure the safety of people (safe to leave), or the first to ensure the safety of goods (to prevent access), the use is achieved by a reasonable choice of appropriate electric locks.
System installation can be based on the installation of different occasions to choose the appropriate electronic control lock to meet the needs. Most banks install UPS emergency AC power supply support system, so the power supply to the access control system basically do not need to do more consideration.
Accidental emergency measures
Although the fingerprint access control system terminal has a high degree of work stability and reliability, but in the actual installation and application, under the premise of ensuring safety, some emergency door opening program should be used.
  • A variety of electronically controlled locks with power failure open performance, you can use the means to cut off the power emergency ;
  • Electronically controlled locks and mechanical locks in one lock, you can use a spare key *;
  • Under the guidance of professional engineers, special equipment can be used for emergency opening;
  • Provide 24-hour hotline emergency service support, two hours in place within the city.
Access control system, that is, the entrance and exit control system, is a highly intelligent security control system. A set of modern, fully functional access control system, not only for import and export management, but also contribute to the internal orderly management.
Hotel Fingerprint Access Control Solution 
Hotels as extremely frequent places of people in and out, people stay for a short period of time, rapid change is its main feature, because of these characteristics, hotels bring convenience to people traveling at the same time, but also to people bring security risks. The implementation of its access control system from the initial key, password, contact IC card to the popular proximity card, its goal is to achieve more security, more convenient. However, true security has never been achieved. One fundamentally unsolvable problem in these systems is the inability to identify the user. Keys can be copied, passwords can be cracked, and smart cards can be stolen. The ultimate goal of access control system development can only be biometric identification.
Huifan technology for the current situation, the use of our company has independent intellectual property rights of fingerprint identification technology, combined with the latest database technology, wireless technology, alarm technology, launched the Blue Ocean Hotel fingerprint access control system, in the true sense of the management of intelligent, information, humane.
HFSecurity 8 inch EU Green Pass Health Code Fingerprint Access Control
Two system introduction
The system consists of monitoring system, alarm system and fingerprint identification authentication system, the use of Huifan has independent intellectual property rights of fingerprint identification technology, the use of the uniqueness of the human fingerprint and the lifelong invariance of the characteristics of the identity of management personnel at all levels, completely avoiding the use of keys, passwords and other traditional management methods of management loopholes; at the same time, the database technology used in this system, can The database technology used in this system can automatically record the access of personnel in a perfect way. All relevant information is recorded and stored in the computer, which can be queried and printed at any time; and the use of real-time monitoring and alarm system can be real-time monitoring of access control systems at all levels, the illegal opening of the door alarm and record.
Three functions
Help desk centralized management control. Service desk management computer can directly enter and delete the customer's fingerprint information, and can remotely control any fingerprint lock
Multiple alarm functions. Door opening timeout, door being forcibly opened, fire alarm, etc. will be automatically alarmed; real-time monitoring to provide reliable information. System through the management of the monitoring room monitoring machine can be real-time monitoring of all access control points, to understand the access situation of each access point, open the door and electric lock status, etc., for some special circumstances occur when taking emergency measures and analysis after the fact to provide accurate and reliable first-hand information.
Record query function. The system can record the fingerprint open time and pass to the service desk management computer, and can generate customer consumption billing information, more convenient management.
Monitoring room authorized manual intervention function
When certain special events occur, such as: fire, transportation, catching thieves, etc., the monitoring room can directly authorize the control of each access point switch, in order to deal with emergency events in a flexible manner, to ensure that users to buy more time, reduce losses, etc.
Intelligent community fingerprint access control identification system overview
  • Intelligent cell fingerprint access identification system security level is high, fingerprint identification technology is one of the highest level of biometric identification technology, better than IC cards, ciphers, keys and other general traditional means; convenient to use, do not need to carry any additional items, directly open the door with their own finger attendance, the use of very convenient, fast.
  • Intelligent cell fingerprint access control identification system to save costs, without any media to open the door, personnel changes do not need to replace any physical components, such as door locks, keys, IC cards, etc.. Intelligent cell fingerprint access control identification system can be set according to a variety of circumstances personnel access control privileges, including different time periods, different access points and other conditions. Intelligent cell fingerprint access control identification system can set the door state according to the situation, including the security state, dormant state, open state, etc. Intelligent cell fingerprint access control identification system can query a variety of reports, including normal events, abnormal events, personnel area change events.
  • Intelligent district fingerprint access identification system each site are through the TP / TCP network standard connection management center, has a strong data interface function, can and other intelligent building systems such as information systems, monitoring systems, visual intercom system, etc. well integrated to achieve unified management; each site has a reliable host system, can ensure that even if the management center failure, they can also work independently. Intelligent cell fingerprint access control identification system modular structure, the use of standard replaceable electronic components, it is easy to upgrade and expand the system, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • Intelligent cell fingerprint access identification system powerful and reliable central management center can monitor all the remote sites; perfect database management and various report generation. Intelligent cell fingerprint access identification system management center software are based on the latest MicrosoftWindows software development, and the use of large SQL database, with strong compatibility, friendly interface, easy to operate and other characteristics.
  • Intelligent community fingerprint access control identification system design principles
RA08T Fingerprint Scanner (6)
"People" is the main body, the system design should be closely around the actual needs of people, to practical, simple, economic, security principles, while taking care of the needs of different groups of people, to meet the user-specific use of fingerprint access control function.
Today's rapid development of science and technology, can be applied to the fingerprint identification system technology and products can be said to be endless, the system and products selected in the project should be able to make the user get real benefit, and meet the needs of the near-term use and long-term development. In a variety of ways to achieve, choose the most economical and feasible way.
System design and product selection should have a certain degree of technical sophistication when put into use, but not blindly pursue new technologies that are not yet mature or impractical new features, in order to fully protect the user's investment.
The system should be designed with high reliability to ensure the accuracy, integrity and consistency of data after interruptions caused by system failures or accidents, and have the function of rapid recovery.
  • Feasibility of implementation
The existing mature products are used as the object of design, and the current situation of the surrounding information and communication environment and the development trend of technology are also taken into consideration, and the requirements of categorization and management are taken into account, so that the designed solution is realistic and feasible.
  • Standardization and openness
Standardization and openness are inevitable trends in the development of information technology. Under possible conditions, the products used in the design are standardized and have good openness as much as possible, and follow the internationally accepted communication protocols. The application software is commercialized as much as possible to reduce the workload of secondary development and facilitate future use and maintenance.
  • Expandability
The system design takes into account the future development of technology and the needs of use, with the possibility of updating, expansion and upgrading.
  • Data security
The necessary measures are taken to ensure the security of the data in each intelligent system.
  • Easy operability
Fingerprint identification intelligent system is oriented to various management levels using the system, the system and its function configuration to be able to provide users with comfortable, safe, convenient, fast as a criterion, its operation should be easy to learn, and must not be "intelligent" and bring inconvenience to the user, or even trouble.
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