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Feedback of Dynamic Facial Access Control RA07

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-08-27

The RA07 is HFSecurity’s new dynamic facial access control device. launched in March, 2019. Recently, have got a lot good feedback from our clients all over the world. Please check the picture below.

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RA07 dynamic facial control device has below advantages:

1.Live detection.

2.Stranger detection.

3.10,000 facial capacity.

4.Adjustable detecting distance .

5.Remote upgrade.

6.Support LAN and Cloud.

7.Three modes of identification:Face,card or face & card.


Why you choose ra07 dynamic facial control device?

Becaues ra07 have got a lot good feedback from our clients all over the world, let's take a look.

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

This one customer said "Our initial assessment of the ARO7 Facial recognition device is very favourable.
We have loaded a database of 1000 faces, and so far of our sample of 30 people it has made no mistak
I am busy trying to arrange with a mining customer to test this on site with a larger sample.
I am very happy with the performance.

I think this could replace our fingerprint scanning in the near future."

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Another customer said" Really we are very interested to purchase this RAO7 and offer it with our local solutions, I thinkthat the RAO7 is a great product, but we need tools in spanish. Such as mentioned in myprevious emails we cannot offer to our customers any app in English or Chinese, we areobligated to write our own app in Spanish, I know this is a long work but we have not choice (atleast if you give us a copy of the code your Windows Software and here in Chile we translate it to Spanish). if you have a better idea it is welcome."

Fingerprint Identification Device ManufacturerFingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

How can ra07 dynamic facial control device be used?

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Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer