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Factors to consider when choosing a biometric access control system

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-12-09

Due to the different technologies applied in the market, such as fingerprint, face, iris recognition, etc., there is a lot of confusion in the factors that users take into consideration when choosing a biometric access control solution, resulting in the inability to confirm which technology is truly suitable for their project. In the following article, Prasanth Aby Thomas, a&s consultant editor, discusses the following elements that need to be considered when choosing a biometric mode, taking into account the domestic situation. It is worth noting that these elements are only general criteria, because in different projects, there is no single best mode, and it is necessary to fully consider factors such as location, environment and application population in order to select the most suitable solution from them.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Access Control Device
  • Accuracy
With the maturity of technology, the accuracy of biometric solutions is improving, but it is still one of the most fundamental needs of customers. To measure the accuracy of a product there are usually indicators such as False Acceptance Rate (FRR), False Alarm Rate, Recognition Rate, False Rejection Rate (FAR), etc. Take face recognition as an example, although it has high convenience, its recognition accuracy is affected by factors such as ambient light, recognition distance, etc. When users change their faces by means of makeup and plastic surgery, it also has an impact on the accuracy of recognition.
  • User acceptance
The most important thing for all product solutions is the acceptance of users. For example, many users around the world reject fingerprint scanner sensors on the grounds that they are not hygienic enough, and the sensors require a certain amount of the user's fingers to be scanned, in which case contactless technology is developing rapidly. On the level of user acceptance, cultural factors are the biggest key, such as face recognition and fingerprint recognition, which can be seen as negative in some countries, so understanding which modes are acceptable to users is key to deploying biometric solutions.
  • Security
As with cyber security concerns, the popularity of biometric solutions has become a target for criminals attempting to compromise them. Currently many criminals around the world are becoming serious problems by entering interactive commands to access restricted areas or direct attacks, so the security of the system should be taken into account when choosing an access control solution. For example, the current AI imitation face or fingerprint, etc., in this case, the future multi-modal fusion of recognition methods, such as the integration of gait + face recognition, etc., will further enhance the security of the program.
HFSecurity biometric face recognition access control device
  • Cost
Cost is a common consideration for users, especially when choosing the best and most effective recognition hardware, where cost is often the deciding factor. But users must also be clearly aware that, based on advanced technology and hardware foundation, biometric access control will no longer be the traditional closed system, its openness may generate new benefits (such as giving access control system video surveillance, building intercom, security foreknowledge, emergency alarm and other extended application functions), and such investment will also see a return on investment in the short term.
  • Environment
The environment in which the access control solution is installed plays an important role in the accuracy of the product's identification. As mentioned above, facial recognition or iris recognition, for example, do not work properly in ground light environments, and these factors must be considered before deciding on the modality of the product, and the environment can be modified when needed, such as by adding additional lights to supplement the light.
  • Scale
Also to be considered when choosing a solution is the size of the application, both in terms of the number of devices that need to be installed, which is not only about cost but also about the experience.
  • Trends
Fingerprint recognition was the most popular form on the market due to early cost and technical limitations, but in recent years, biometrics is gaining popularity especially in the financial and prison industries, where iris recognition is popular in some high-end projects due to its relatively high accuracy. In addition to this, users worldwide are increasingly interested in multimodal fusion recognition.
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