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100% No-Contact Facial Recognition & Temperature Scanning

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-08-20

     In the past few months, the world and our working lives have undergone rapid changes. Looking
     at the entire state, country and the world, almost all have adopted a safer way of working from
     home. Because this policy is implemented, our facial recognition and temperature scanning        
technology has  become accustomed.                                                                                   
  As the environment continues to change, our business capabilities also change. The biggest     
         change lies in how to ensure and judge the health of customers and employees. It can be found on
     TV or social media that if it appears in a public area, according to the requirements of the CDC,  
   we must conduct temperature checks on people entering and leaving and make records.           
Facial recognition and temperature scanning
        The RA08T of Huifan Technology is a facial recognition access control device, only 8 inches in size.
      The device uses metal materials to ensure the durability and economic applicability of the facial
     recognition device. This facial recognition temperature scanning device can measure and record
      people's photos and body temperature. RA08T temperature recognition access control equipment
          can improve thesafety ability very well, and it can be used together with the access control system.
            When the user's temperature is under normal temperature conditions and has registered information,
     it can pass. Otherwise, passage is prohibited. Huifan RA08T temperature recognition and control
       access control system can recognize masks. The system can recognize a single person or multiple
          people. Even if you are in a dynamic feature state, the facial recognition device can also recognize 
it. The accuracy is very high and the error range is small.                                                       
facial recognition dual camera
 RA08T outdoor biometric facial recognition temperature detect device can recognize masks.
     If you wear a mask, you can recognize it normally. You only need to check the mask recognition 
in the software, and RA08T adopts the very mature AI facial algorithm on the market, even 
if you wear eyes, hats, or you change Makeup, our equipment can still accurately identify.   
Facial recognition equipment, fast and accurate
  The facial recognition system adopted by RA08T prepares quickly. It takes less than 1S to
           recognize the face, and it only takes 3 seconds to measure the temperature. The temperature
           difference is within ±0.3℃. Don't think about deceiving the system with photos or videos, and
                the faces of users in live broadcasts. RA08T has an AI facial algorithm that can quickly determine 
        whether it is a real person, and reject photos and videos. Because of this algorithm, we can 
     effectively ensure that the company's security system is not violated and user information
is protected.                                                                                                              
Mature technology
          The temperature facial recognition function is the technology that Huifan Technology
             has been committed to and perfect. By 2020, this technology has been very mature. We have
                  also been adding temperature facial recognition functions to biometric recreation and solutions, 
 making biometric solutions The program can serve customers more effectively.            
           Huifan Technology's products are very streamlined, and installation and use are very simple
There is a very clear video explanation to our RA08T facial recognition device.         
        You can follow our youtube channel Huifan Technology. We will regularly upload
                 some videos of our company’s latest products, installation instructions, and customer feedback 
                case videos, which will be very good To help you use RA08T, and we can also provide you with 
 information about the latest biometric solutions on the market.                                
facial recognition wall mounted version
Ready anytime
     Huifan Technology will always maintain an enterprising attitude and serve every customer well.
     But we can also handle any crisis, and we make all plans. If you want to know more about RA08T 
facial recognition device, please contact us                                                 
About the key elements of the RA08T facial recognition device:

100% contactless

Facial recognition is fast and accurate

±0.3℃ temperature recognition temperature difference

NFC, QR Code function

8-inch touch screen

Use with access control system

Support mask recognition

Reject photo, video recognition

Mature software, download reports

Reasonable price




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