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Facial Recognition Clock Guide

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-09-02

What is the facial recognition clock?

The facial recognition clock is a hardware clock that tracks employee time. Our employees can stand in front of the face clock so that our faces are facing the scanner. The facial recognition clock works by scanning the employee's face and measuring the correlation between the facial features to identify who the user is
Once the employee is authenticated, the clock records their shift time. The time stamp is then sent to the time and attendance software where the time worked is tracked on a digital time card, as well as the PTO accrual.

How facial recognition time tracking systems work

Facial recognition time tracking uses biometric authentication based on facial features. Facial recognition technology varies.The system uses a specific algorithm that references a 2D image, or a specific algorithm that looks at the distance between multiple feature points using 3D facial recognition.
The first step in implementing facial biometrics is to have all employees registered in a facial database for future identification and biometric authentication. From then on, when an employee punches in or seeks access to a specific area, the employee's face will be scanned and the biometric software will identify and verify the employee based on facial recognition and employee information.

Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System Solution

Facial recognition clock terminals are a modern solution for tracking employee attendance, and at HFSecurity you can find a comprehensive selection of the most unique facial recognizers on the marketFrom the initial recognition of up to 200 employees in a specific industry to a regular product, our product development capabilities, factory manufacturing capabilities have been able to meet the multi-functional facial recognition capabilities of more than 6,000 employees.
Employees are able to clock in and out of work better with face recognition software.Attendance software is simple to work with, all the employee has to do is stand in front of the machine, put their face on the scan, and then the machine scans your face, the whole process is done in less than 1S. Accurately identifying each employee, face readers are a great way to solve time theft and partner punching problems as well as help you manage attendance data. You can find the biometric solution that best fits your company or business by browsing our website based on some of the details shown in this article
Face detection time and attendance systems are a game changer when it comes to managing your employees' time and attendance records. This advanced biometric technology makes it easier for employees to compare their faces in 3-D based on what the machine scans to produce results. The facial recognition data is transmitted to your back office via the machines' TCP/IP. WIFI network protocol, and an Excel attendance report is generated in the back office, making your attendance tracking and payroll verification easy and efficient.
These innovative facial recognition clocks offer several advantages over manual clock punching. As with other biometric systems, facial readers identify each employee individually to provide accurate results. Facial clock attendance is based on the employee's face, eliminating the security risk of accidents caused by partners punching in for them.. Compatible with our software, facial recognition devices also streamline your administrative processes and eliminate any failures caused by human error.
Face reading software has other benefits as well. Because these clocks can scan employees' faces in less than a second, they create a fast, smooth clock-in and clock-out system that reduces shift changes and long rush hour lines and bottlenecks. Facial recognition systems are a measure for companies to streamline workflow and improve efficiency, and for employees to reduce the panic of forgetting to bring ID cards and access cards.
A major advantage of facial readers over other types of biometric clocks, such as fingerprint readers or traditional clocks, is that they are very hygienic to use. Many industries require clean, sterile work environments; for example, commercial kitchens and medical centers need to be spotlessly clean. Because of their ability to scan employees' faces, these terminals offer a no-touch option to help prevent the spread of germs and create a hassle-free clocking process for employees who must wear gloves during the workday.
Face Recognition Time Clock System Products Series

Why use a facial recognition clock system?

From traditional paper and pencil records to facial recognition for employee tracking, biometrics is constantly evolving.
One of the main reasons to upgrade is to help prevent what is known as "buddy punching" or "time theft". Partner punching occurs when an employee punches in for a late colleague. While time theft may not seem like a big problem, especially if you only have a few employees, it's important to note that if left unchecked, time theft can quickly begin to eat away at your company's finances. In fact, according to the American Payroll Association (APA), the average employee spends anywhere from 50 minutes to 4.5 hours a week being late, leaving early, and taking extended breaks and lunches. If you have multiple employees, this can easily cost thousands of dollars in wages over the course of a year.
One of the best ways to reduce time theft is to use the new iPad app with facial recognition to track employee time. With facial recognition, you can virtually eliminate the possibility of time theft, help keep everyone honest and on the same page, and make sure you're not paying for time that isn't being worked.
Facial recognition has been around for a long time, but its integration with time and attendance software is an emerging direction for future time and attendance. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the benefits of using facial recognition software in your company right now.

Benefits of facial recognition time tracking


Automated time tracking systems.

Automation simplifies time tracking by eliminating the need for a dedicated person to monitor the system 24/7. Mistakes are human, and automated systems eliminate human error. Attendance systems that use facial recognition technology can accurately report attendance, absences and overtime with a recognition process that is both fast and accurate.

Labor cost savings.

Facial recognition software tracks time and attendance accurately, without human error. It tracks the exact number of hours employees work, which helps save your company money. With a facial recognition time tracking system, you never have to worry about time fraud or "buddy punching".

Tighter security.

Not only can facial biometric time tracking track employees, but visitors can also be added to the system to track them throughout the workplace. Anyone who is not in the system can be denied access. In the event of an incident, facial recognition software can provide evidence for an investigation with scanned images of one or more people entering the area.

Save time and reduce contagion.

When contagious diseases such as colds and viruses spread throughout the workforce, it increases the incidence of employee absenteeism and significantly reduces productivity. With facial recognition, employees can enter and exit the plant in less time. No need to touch the system's surface to clock in or clock out. This saves time and minimizes the spread of illness through physical contact.
Best Face Recognition Clock System Software

Easy to integrate.

Biometric facial attendance technology can be very easily integrated with your time and attendance system

Eliminate time theft

Simply put, facial recognition technology can completely eliminate buddy punching. Time cards and passwords can be passed so employees can punch in to help their co-workers when they're not there; but with facial recognition, if your employees aren't there to scan their faces, then they won't be clocked in. It's that simple. With no one to take their place, you'll be able to put an end to buddy punching once and for all.
In addition to preventing buddy punching, you can also put an end to other forms of time theft, such as employees faking work hours or inflating overtime hours. Since your employees need to be present to get to and from work, there is no fudging of numbers or exaggerating the amount of time they are present.

Save time


On top of saving money, which is a definite benefit, using facial recognition software can greatly increase employee motivation to come to work.Because they won't feel the powerlessness that comes from losing their access cards or forgetting them to punch in. Passwords or codes can easily be forgotten, leading to wasted time and frustration. But with facial recognition software, your employees can easily punch in and out using only their faces, with no codes or passwords required.

Improve Reliability and Accuracy

Implementing facial recognition software also helps improve accuracy. No one can argue that your employees were or were not present when there is a photo as evidence. While numbers can change, biometrics can't! Automated systems can also help eliminate a lot of human error, which means you are employee time; including their hours worked, overtime and absences are accurately reported, eliminating the guesswork from the equation!

Handle Temporary Employees or Remote Workers with Ease

Finally, if your company employs temporary workers, such as seasonal employees or contract workers, then you have direct visibility into the frustrations you may encounter when tracking and accurately managing their time; the same is true if you have employees working in the field. With so many different people coming and going, tracking everyone's hours, let alone verifying them, can be nearly impossible. However, with facial recognition software, you will be able to confirm that your employees are present when they claim to be, which is an easy way to ensure accuracy.
The workplace is constantly changing, and keeping up with changes means trying to stay ahead of potential problems that may arise. By implementing employee time and attendance tracking software that includes facial recognition software, you will be on the cutting edge and will be able to improve accuracy, eliminate the chance of human error, and help prevent time theft while making the process of clocking in your team much easier. What's not to love?
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