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Face temperature detection and face recognition access control, join the virus epidemic prevention and control war

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-04-15

Face temperature detection and face recognition access control, join the virus epidemic prevention and control war
 How helpful is infrared temperature measurement for epidemic prevention and control? Which aspect of AI technology is mentioned here?
Shenzhen, known as "China's Innovation Capital", issued a "Jianghu Convening Order" to solicit Shenzhen-based technology companies for artificial intelligence technology solutions related to "infrared temperature measurement products". Temperature measurement accuracy.
 The reporter learned that as one of the enterprises in this call for proposals, Shenzhen Bio Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a thermal imaging temperature measurement + AI entry and exit management product, thermal imaging face recognition access control, which is a thermal imaging and The combination of AI technology (here only refers to face recognition technology) integrates face recognition, attendance, access control, abnormal body temperature, real-time data upload, alarm and other functions, which can quickly screen high-temperature crowds and prevent new coronavirus. Access management and attendance management in various entrance and exit scenarios.
 At the moment when the epidemic is still spreading, it is necessary to install infrared temperature face recognition access control in subway and high-speed rail stations, schools, communities, office buildings, construction sites and other entry and exit scenes to help all areas have to face the peak of returning passengers. It provides some prepared suggestions for the needs of entrance and exit management and time and attendance check in schools, communities, and other situations, as well as in the future of disease control and defense wars that may be launched at any time in the future.
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 In fact, the two most important points of infrared temperature measurement and face recognition access control are the two words infrared temperature measurement and face recognition, that is, the "infrared thermal imaging technology" and the production of face recognition that are necessarily used in the production of infrared measurement instruments. The "face recognition technology" of the product.
 Let me talk about infrared thermal imaging technology first. It should be known that in nature, all objects above absolute zero (minus 273 degrees Celsius) will emit electromagnetic waves, which is called "thermal infrared".
 Although it is invisible to the human eye, almost all living organisms emit this infrared light all the time. At this time, if we use a special infrared detector, we can capture this radio wave and convert the infrared thermal image visible to the human eye.
 Obviously, different parts of our body have different temperatures. For example, in winter, your hands and feet may be relatively cooler, and the temperature of your head is relatively higher than that of your limbs and waist.
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 Therefore, under the irradiation of infrared rays, due to the different radiation intensity at different positions, the contours of various parts of the human body and the temperature difference between the same parts of the human body can also be clearly displayed on the screen.
 Compared with other temperature measurement methods, the advantages of thermal infrared temperature measurement are "intuitive", "non-contact" and "24 hours of uninterrupted work."
 You can directly judge who is the "hot spot" through the different colors presented on a screen, and you can also calculate the approximate temperature difference between two identical "hot spots" in the same area.
Taking infrared temperature measurement and face recognition as a reference for reference-compared with the "frontal temperature gun" and "ear temperature gun" on the market, thermal imaging temperature measurement is like "look at you more in the crowd, and then your temperature It was recorded ", without machine contact or manual intervention.
In other words, this "non-contact" detection can greatly reduce the probability of contact infection, so it is of great significance in the medical field, especially for the analysis and diagnosis of diseases.
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In addition, because "visible light" can not completely affect the emission of infrared rays, and haze will not affect the infrared wavelength, so in theory, such instruments can not only work day and night, but also detect abnormal body temperature at a long distance.
In other words, a set of infrared temperature detection face recognition access control can quickly find people with abnormal temperature within a certain range. This is also the most important thermal imaging body temperature detection instrument that many large airports and railway stations in China have deployed in recent years. the reason.
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