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Face recognition, the rising sun in the security industry

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-11-13

Bill Gates once predicted: biometric technology will become an important innovation in the IT industry in the next few years. Biometric identification technology is currently the most convenient and safe identification technology. It identifies the person itself and does not require other identifiers outside the body. Face recognition is considered to be one of the most difficult research topics in the field of biometrics and even in the field of artificial intelligence. Face recognition technology is just like the rising sun in China, and industry leaders are gradually providing and perfecting a package of product solutions. , And strive to advocate and popularize a brand-new work and life habits and methods, so that face recognition has a bright future in the security monitoring application market.
One  The definition of face recognition:
Face recognition is to judge the input face image or video stream based on the facial features of the person, and first judge whether it has a face. If there are human faces, the position and size of each face and the position information of each main facial organ are further given. And based on this information, further extract the identity features contained in each face, and compare it with known faces, so as to identify the identity of each face. The research on face recognition technology began in the late 1960s. Since the late 1990s, some commercial face recognition systems have gradually entered the market. However, these technologies and systems have a certain distance from practicality, and their performance and accuracy need to be improved.
Two. The content of face recognition:
1. Face detection: that is, detecting the existence of a face from various scenes and determining its position.
2. Normalization of the face: Correct the changes in the scale, illumination and rotation of the face.
3. Face characterization: adopt a certain way to indicate the detection of human faces and known faces in the database.
4. Face recognition: compare the face to be recognized with the known face in the database to get relevant information.
Three, the classification of face recognition:
Face recognition technologies are divided into two categories: military and police facial recognition technologies focusing on anti-terrorism security, investigation and evidence collection, and criminal investigation, and commercial facial recognition technologies focusing on company management and commercial confidentiality. In the recognition process, the computer uses relevant software to perform face image collection, face positioning, face recognition preprocessing, identity confirmation, and identity search on the images in the video to identify people in the image. And this technology mainly uses computer image processing technology and the principle of biostatistics, using computer image processing technology to extract feature points from the video, using the principles of biostatistics to analyze and establish a mathematical model, that is, a facial feature template. Use the established face feature template and the face of the subject to perform feature analysis, and give a similar value based on the analysis result. This value can be used to determine whether it is the same person. This technology has now been widely used in many fields such as security check, criminal investigation, anti-terrorism, and company confidentiality management. Compared with traditional magnetic card recognition technology, face recognition technology does not need to carry any certification card, and it cannot be replaced. Compared with biological recognition such as voice, fingerprint and iris, face recognition technology also has greater advantages in recognition accuracy, simplicity and convenience, non-contact, active recognition and other functions. All these advantages are the face of our country. The application and development of recognition technology laid the foundation.
HFSecurity RA08T-M Application of face recognition technlogy
Fourth, the application of face recognition technology:
1. Civilian field
In order to ensure sanitation and company property safety, some high-end domestic office places specially adopt a face recognition technology, which can actually prevent problems before they happen, and truly achieve the effect of saying "no" to strangers. This technology treats the human face as an ID card, which can more efficiently and accurately confirm the identity of the visitor. Compared with other technologies, this face recognition technology has more advantages.
In recent years, the trend of child trafficking has intensified, in order to protect the safety of children in cities. Some kindergartens and elementary schools have installed facial recognition systems to protect children's safety. These systems use face recognition plus IC/ID card (non-contact smart card) dual authentication: each child is registered when enrolling in school: information, face profile, IC/ID card number, pick-up person, pick-up person face profile. Each time you enter the kindergarten, you swipe your card to report, and you swipe your card when you are off school and perform facial authentication of the parents. If the authentication fails, the administrator will be notified and the administrator will be notified if the authentication is successful. Regardless of whether the recognition is successful or not, the system will record the image of the recognized person. For each pick-up, there are detailed time and photos of the pick-up and drop-off personnel for inquiry. In addition, the system provides an extended function of SMS notification. Parents can see the photos taken during facial recognition authentication on their mobile phones to monitor the pick-up process! From one of the important sources, the possibility of children being abducted was eliminated.
HFSecurity RA08T Dynamic Face Recognition Technology Face++
Face recognition technology can be applied to access control. In this world, almost every place with a door has a lock. Of course, in many areas with high security requirements, such as financial institutions, customs, office buildings, prisons, villas, garden communities, sports venues, and even construction sites of important facilities, a large number of personnel need to be accessed based on identity authentication. management. The face recognition access control system provides safer and more convenient access control authority management for these places.
Face recognition technology can be applied to attendance management. Most companies need to perform attendance management. Compared with other attendance methods, face recognition attendance has many advantages, for example: Compared with fingerprint recognition attendance, recognition speed is faster and accuracy Higher, non-contact recognition is more hygienic; compared to check-in attendance, it is more convenient without the need to bring a card, and at the same time, it can eliminate the phenomenon of “check-in on behalf of” in the check-in attendance. Face recognition attendance, with its incomparable advantages, will surely provide enterprises, institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. with more convenient and efficient attendance management.
2. Police use
In November 2004, the main perpetrators of 13 supermarket poisoning cases were planted on the face recognition system. From November 12 to 15, 2004, seven supermarkets in Beijing received an anonymous call from a man. On the day of the incident, the police simulated the main characteristics and behavior trajectory of the suspect based on the clues. On November 16, 2004, when Yin Gang appeared in Hutong Hutong in Xicheng District, he was discovered by an electronic eye. After confirming the suspect through a facial recognition system, he was held by an investigator from the Special Police Division of the Criminal Investigation Corps.
In August 2008, face recognition technology was used for the security of the Beijing Olympic Games. At the opening ceremony, tens of thousands of spectators entered the stadium through the rapid identity verification gate of more than 100 facial recognition systems at the National Stadium Bird’s Nest. Until the end of the opening ceremony, the scene was in order. The face recognition system not only accurately and steadily locks and analyzes facial features to find suspicious persons, but also has a fast analysis speed, which avoids the congestion of security check channels in large meetings in the past.
With the rapid development of information technology, biometrics is one of the main new technologies in the 21st century, among which face recognition technology has greater advantages in recognition accuracy, simplicity and convenience, non-contact, active recognition and other functions , The market prospect is bright, and it will be applied and promoted in many fields such as access control and attendance, finance, public security, and justice.
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