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Face recognition is so hot, have you not used it yet?

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-10-15

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Facial Recohnition Information


Face recognition technology is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information for identification in recent years. Compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition has many advantages such as friendliness, simplicity, accuracy, economy and scalability. It can be widely used in security verification, monitoring, entrance and exit control, etc. Currently, face recognition technology has been Application to access control attendance, visitor management, patrol, conference sign-in, identity verification, etc.
In view of the loopholes and problems in the real-name system, we provide professional solutions. The system can quickly and accurately read the ID card information, and compare the ID card to the face of the scene to determine whether it is the same person. The system will read The combination of ID card information technology and face recognition technology solves the drawbacks of traditional technology that needs to be tested by the tester, greatly improving the customer experience.
china dual camera face recognition supplier
Face recognition involves a security issue, that is, photo fraud or video fraud. With the advancement of technology, everyone is beginning to worry about the security of face recognition, and human face detection has entered people's field of vision. Live detection can prevent illegal fraud. At present, mainly in the algorithm, combined with the camera module, the camera module for living body detection currently uses a binocular camera, combined with a binocular camera, can achieve more functions for the face device:
●Double-head wide dynamic camera, live detection to prevent face photo/video fraud
●Supports face recognition in complex light environments, backlighting, backlighting, all black and other environments
●Individual human face recognition algorithm, real-time efficient face information
●Support 1:N face recognition
● Support real-time snapshot of face, capture photo real-time storage upload background
● 1 million face users
●Face recognition speed ≤1 second
●Humanized voice prompt function, broadcast comparison test results
●Product supports wired Ethernet and wireless WIFI protocol
●Support external ID card reader
●The product supports the output switch signal, which can be seamlessly connected with the gate and magnetic lock.
● 5/7 inch high-definition LED display with resolution of 1280*800
china face recognition access control factory
Huifan Technology's intelligent face recognition gates have a wide range of application scenarios and are currently used in enterprises, construction sites, schools, communities, scenic spots, hotels and other applications. After a period of face recognition project promotion, it was found that many projects require intelligent face recognition gates to work offline. Only 1-2 intelligent face recognition gates are used to open the door. The demand is in the intelligent face recognition gate. The front end of the head can realize the input of face data, the exit of attendance and access control records.
In order to meet this part of the demand market, Huifan intelligent face recognition gate supports stand-alone offline work, achieving stand-alone face recognition access control and attendance function.
The support function of Huifan intelligent face recognition gate is as follows:
1)Huifan intelligent face recognition gate supports face authentication
2)Huifan intelligent face recognition gate supports voice broadcast function: when the person is identified, the name is broadcast
3)Huifan intelligent face recognition gate support personnel management: support for face database, add and delete operations
4) Huifan intelligent face recognition gate supports attendance function: view and delete attendance records.
5) Huifan intelligent face recognition gate library capacity is 10,000
6) Huifan intelligent face recognition gate can support 5 meters long distance identification and certification
7) Huifan intelligent face recognition gate can transmit data from different places, cloud attendance
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