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Face recognition is good and safe

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

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With the rapid development of facial recognition technology, this feature can now be used to open a bank account, complete online payment, even through the train station, the airport security system.
The However, the application of face recognition technology in the personal life to bring convenience at the same time, there are some obvious drawbacks, such as personal privacy may be violated at any time .
    Others only need to take pictures can find all your information.
    The new generation of Apple phones, which will be launched in the second half of this year, may have an unprecedented face recognition feature that will allow the market to look for facial recognition to enter mass
Life field. A Wall Street analyst said, iPhone8 will be equipped with laser sensors in front of the sensor and infrared sensors, used to complete the face recognition work. Then, The face recognition system may completely replace the existing fingerprint identification system.
    In recent years, the rapid development of facial recognition technology, and now can be used to open a bank account, complete online payment, even through the train station, the airport security system.
      When a potentially dangerous person enters a city, his face may immediately cause the security department to be vigilant.
      Professor of the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, said that the face recognition technology has great potential applications, its use, including security and monitoring, business transaction authentication
     The customization of regular customers, and the customer's response to marketing purposes.
    The application of face recognition technology has appeared around the world. In China, the KFC restaurant recently launched its first "smart restaurant", using facial recognition technology to determine. Customer's age and sex, combined with meal time to predict the customer's meal orientation. Alipay is also testing the "smile payment", so that customers through the face to identify the way to pay.  
     Can determine the personality traits
     In the United States, medical technology company NextGate developed a face recognition technology that can confirm the patient's identity and thus find all the relevant medical records of the patient. In color, A technology company called Faception even claimed to be able to analyze the naked eye can not detect the 15 facial details, to determine a person is a terrorist, extroversion Or a poker player, a genius or a professional poker player.
      In addition, the face recognition system can also determine the personality traits, accuracy or 80%. Apple acquired Emotient, a facial emotion recognition technology company last year, Its research and development of facial recognition technology can even analyze the user's emotional reactions, such as sad, angry, sad, happy and so on. The technology used in the first field of advertising, with To analyze the mood of the user to watch the ad; later also applied to the medical field, to understand can not be clearly expressed in spoken language patients.
     However, the most powerful application of face recognition technology is to combat crime. Technology company VigilantSolutions "face search" tool can analyze more than 350 faces
Details of the police can make the suspect's facial features and cloud database in the 15 million "nodes" to match.
     How to identify
     The working principle of the face recognition system is very simple, high-definition cameras and advanced computer software combine to measure many of the key "nodes" of faces, such as The distance between the eyes, the length and width of the nose, etc., to outline the individual facial features. These data and computer learning technology together, can produce a huge Of the image database.