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Face recognition can be used in which occasions?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-08-12

Intelligent security technology with the development of science and technology and progress in the second decade of the twenty-first century has stepped into a whole new field. In recent years, due to the need for counter-terrorism and national security, social security, intelligent technology in the security industry has also received increasing attention, and identification is the core issue of security. In this context, face recognition technology with the advantages of non-contact, non-intrusive, friendly, intuitive, fast, easy, scalable, etc. Top among various biometric technologies

In this article, we will analyze the application methods of face recognition in various industries from ten major fields.


1. Financial field Use facial recognition system

The most widely used in the financial field is face recognition. The current financial field has strict regulatory requirements, financial related products need real name authentication and have high security requirements, live identification, bank card ocr identification, ID card ocr identification, person ID comparison, etc. have become an indispensable link in major mobile banks, financial apps, insurance apps, etc.
The advantageous application of face recognition in the financial industry, the emergence of face payment technology is on the one hand. As early as March 17, 2017, at the opening ceremony of the Hanover Electronics Fair in Germany, Jack Ma bought a 20 euro commemorative stamp of the 1948 Hanover Electronics Fair on his website in the presence of Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and then he paid the bill with his face, personally demonstrating Alipay's face recognition technology "Smile to Pay ", face recognition technology "Smile to Pay", the prelude to face payment from now on.
Face recognition system
On the other hand, it is face recognition for payment security escort. In recent years, due to the lack of a unified information sharing platform, i.e., modern means of supervision, the phenomenon of ID card forgery is repeated, resulting in social security, bank cards are stolen and swiped, many people suffer huge economic losses. In order to prevent the "plugging" of pension fraudulent claims, many places have adopted automatic identification for preliminary screening, the pilot work has achieved significant results, and has planned to carry out nationwide equipment upgrade work.
Face recognition technology can also be used in the bank's high-end VIP customer identification, when customers enter the bank, the front-end capture machine capture customer pictures uploaded to the server, the server through the face recognition technology will be compared with the photo and VIP customers, identify VIP customers and timely notify the bank reception staff to prepare.

2. face recognition attendance system use in Security field.

At present a large number of enterprises, residential, community, school and other security management is becoming more and more popular, face access control system has become a very popular way of security.
face recognition attendance system use in Security field
Unlike ordinary industries, construction sites have a lot of needs and restrictions on the application technology of identity recognition. First of all, the construction site workers are many, complex personnel, can not guarantee the safe custody of equipment and materials on the construction site; Secondly, the construction site tower crane and special work must be dedicated full-time, if non-professional operation, easy to cause accidents; In addition, because the construction site employees need to repeat a lot of heavy physical labor by hand, so fingerprint wear and tear is very strong, hands are easy to dirty, and the card is easy to lose and theft. Therefore, the application of face recognition technology can not only implement orderly management of construction site workers, but also effectively prevent and curb theft and other security problems.

3. Biometric face recognition technology Passage field.

With the development of the economy, the mobility of people is growing, the traffic is more and more developed, the challenge about security in the field of transportation is also growing. Stations, airports, subways, etc. have also become the main places of activity of various types of criminals. Using face recognition technology, the front-end capture machine uploads the captured face picture to the fugitive, ex-convicts to real-time comparison alarm, and timely notification of site security personnel, so that criminals have nothing to hide.
Many cities' railway stations have already installed face recognition passage equipment to carry out human card comparison over inspection, and some cities' subway stations can also carry out subway entry and exit passage by means of face recognition.
face recognition time attendance use in security fileld

4. Pan entertainment field.

Now the market is hot beauty camera, network live broadcast, short video, facebook friends, etc. are built on the basis of face recognition to face beauty and special effects processing.

5,public security, judicial field.

Public security system in the pursuit of fugitives will also use the face recognition system to locate fugitives, prison system will also be serving prisoners through the face recognition system for alarm and security.
Palm Face Recognition in buildding

6. Self-service equipment. face recognition software

Such as banks' ATMs, unmanned supermarkets, etc.

7. Attendance and meeting services.

Such as work attendance, conference attendance face wall, etc. At present, the giants in the face recognition market mainly have shopping malls, but also many small companies invested by the giant companies in the field.

8. Customs, border inspection field

With the increasing amount of foreign trade, customs and border control have also become important places for criminals to operate. Criminals and watermen use customs and border control to enter and exit the country freely and engage in smuggling and other illegal activities to seriously endanger the security of the country and the people.
The use of face recognition technology for real-time comparison of people entering and leaving the customs, if criminals and water customers are found, the system automatically alerts the police to notify the arrest, which can effectively protect the security of customs and border control.
face recognition solution

9.  Intelligent office field Facial Recognition Solution 

With intelligent buildings becoming a hot topic in the industry, intelligent offices are also heating up. The rapid development of Internet technology, intelligent office system networking has become an inevitable trend. Intelligent office uses face recognition cloud platform software, mobile terminals for face devices, face recognition visitor management system, face recognition access control attendance system, office control system, face recognition employee identification system and other identification systems to realize intelligent office and intelligent management, professionally create a more scientific space and humanized environment, thus improving office efficiency and office quality, improving office conditions, reducing Labor intensity, to achieve scientific management and decision-making, thus narrowing the work time and providing the efficiency of work
Let's imagine the following scenarios.
  • In the morning, your phone's alarm clock goes off, you open your phone. The phone camera captures and recognizes your avatar, the phone recognizes that it is you and immediately unlocks
  • You play with your phone for a bit, get up and go get breakfast
  • At the breakfast store, after buying breakfast, you pay, you don't even need to take your phone, you just swipe your face and pay
  • When you arrive at the office, you open your computer and receive an email that you are late.
  • Because there is a face recognition attendance apparatus at the company gate, when you enter, it captures your face
  • When it comes to leisure time, you watch the movie and find that a certain star has made a horror movie
  • You open it and find that it is really the star, exactly the same
  • In fact, that is not the star himself, just a stunt double, all the action is done by the stunt double
  • Then through the collection of the star's face 3D data, post-face synthesis, face replacement, fill light, etc., the double completely made the same as the star
  • At this point, the horror blockbuster is complete
  • You hesitate, or not to see, not interesting
  • Finally, the phone lights up, giving you a step you like the explosive blockbuster. Because the phone software detects your face and finds that you don't like the movie you just saw, it immediately pushes you a blockbuster.
Face recognition technology is no longer limited to simple applications in attendance, access control industry, more will be used for passive security into active security. In this "face" era, face recognition technology will be more and more attention, and the application will be more and more extensive.
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