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Face recognition camera by holding the front end intelligent into a trend

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-03-06

      Today, we have made a lot of money in the information age, and these data more and more affect our future, how to use lower energy consumption from the massive data to extract the most effective information become a top priority, has become All walks of life in the realization of intelligent management of pain points. August 10, Face ++ (Face ++) for the ant gold service partner conference provides a brush face check service, using the last year launched the smart camera MegEyeC1, completely out of the hardware configuration, intelligent solutions and products lighter, Thinning.
      Face recognition camera can independently complete the face recognition and feedback the results to the system, the staff can immediately print out the identity of the information stickers and attendees to the participants
      MegEyeC1 is the world's first in the front to complete the face positioning, face quality testing, face feature output and face recognition camera. The C1, which carries the super parallel computing power processor, realizes the modeling of the face feature library in real time, eliminating the need for traditional feature extraction servers, supporting face recognition, gender, age identification and even providing more large data analysis elements. In addition, C1 camera can achieve offline work, but also support WIFI sniff, to achieve dual recognition of human face and mobile Mac.
     In the past, to achieve the video intelligent analysis function, the need to integrate intelligent analysis platform platform, by the back-end platform to achieve the current market in the front of the camera only has a basic video capture function, all the video analysis to the backend or key nodes By the computer unified processing, so the computer performance and network transmission bandwidth requirements are relatively high. (Face ++) intelligent front-end product innovation, the intelligent analysis technology to the front, face detection, quality judgment and feature extraction are completed by the front intelligent analysis equipment, is a blend of algorithms, data and business in one of the light solution Program. In the application of the exhibition, it is a small part of the capacity of the C1. The intelligent analysis camera can meet the needs of enterprises, communities, flood control, retail and intelligent robots in different fields. , Authorized management, crowd analysis and other needs.
      The intelligent front-end products represented by C1 are easier to install and maintain than the traditional back-end intelligent, and the intelligent camera can process the large data and become the indispensable sensing layer of the world of things. Intelligent front-end is the development trend of the intelligent era and the new normal. In the future, with the explosive growth of video data and the performance of processing chips, the intelligent front-end products will also be revolutionized to provide users with more efficient intelligent data services.