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Face recognition access control solution introduction

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-02

With the continuous progress and development of the social economy, the requirements of enterprises for the working environment are also increasing. In order to manage the requirements for the passage of many people, and at the same time meet the demand for having a safe, efficient and comfortable working environment, many enterprises have established personnel management systems based on the access control card. Although the one-card system can solve the demand for personnel classification and authorization management, this traditional way of swipe card verification brings inconvenience to people's passage, and the act of fraudulent use of other people's documents to pass also lays a hidden danger to the overall security.


With the development of mobile Internet technology, new technologies are emerging, such as WeChat, QR code, ladder control dispatching ladder, face recognition technology, cloud computing, etc. gradually come into our life, further affecting the access of building personnel.

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Face recognition visitor system is mainly through the customer demand, integrated with a variety of functions as one of the intelligent visitor machine as an operating tool, using, can realize the registration management, identity verification, permission configuration, prohibited area alarm, visitor personnel positioning, personnel track tracking and playback, video linkage, vehicle identification, data statistical analysis and other functions. It can realize one-stop visitor self-help management and effectively improve visitor management efficiency.



Demand Analysis

Current situation of demand for face recognition visitor system


01. Manual registration of visitors takes too long, and the handwriting is scrawled and not easy to check.

02. When the number of visitors is large, they need to queue up and register one by one, and the visiting experience is very poor.

03. Handwritten registration is incompatible with the image of high-end buildings, and the management mode is backward.


At present, the management mode of modern enterprise buildings is gradually moving towards informationization, and the way of enterprise management is also gradually transforming, and the focus of building management lies in the management of the entry and exit of building personnel. Building management hopes to provide a high technology building with a strong sense of technology, high efficiency, safety, convenience and good user experience to the owner-tenant. Therefore, the building is deepening the design of pedestrian gate and visitor system, including face recognition, access control, two-dimensional code visitor and intelligent ladder system. From the perspective of user experience, the owner hopes to use AI artificial intelligence technology of face recognition and visitor management platform based on WeChat public number to create a more technological sense of intelligent building.


Intelligent management

The development of Internet information technology, enterprise management has entered the information age, and the need for survival and development of enterprises, the development of information management, and the extension of artificial intelligence thought and technology in enterprises have jointly created the emergence of intelligent management of enterprises, and intelligent management is the inevitable direction of enterprise management development.


Intelligent building management is a big concept, including personnel management, business management, site management, operation management and so on. The enterprise intelligent solution we designed is to manage business and venue from the perspective of people. In the future, as the functions are improved and deepened, it will make the enterprise management truly intelligent and bring greater value at the same time.

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Data operation

The foundation and core of data management system construction are no longer the team and system of traditional management mode, and of course the strategic significance of big data business management system technology does not lie in the mastery of huge data information, but the cultivation and development of the ability to specialize in processing, analysis and discovery of these data. The key to the industrialization of data business management system lies in the ability to "train" the data and realize the process of adding value to the data through "training".


1.3 General Objectives

This building intelligent personnel passage management solution is based on our self-developed building entrance and exit information management system, which integrates face++'s face recognition and image recognition algorithm technology and establishes a set of End-To-

End enterprise intelligent personnel through the management program, for the enterprise to establish the overall management of intelligent office ecological environment.


System Overall Design


The building personnel passage management solution is designed to solve the problem of real-time effective supervision and control of enterprise personnel management and maximize the efficiency and level of daily management of building enterprises.


The system adopts modular design, under the overall personnel passage management platform, users can choose different modules for free combination according to their needs, and the personnel data is opened in the platform for unified management.


Overall architecture


Face recognition gate access control sub-system

For the management needs of access control personnel rights, all personnel in and out of the channel control area are required to face recognition gate authentication before passage, the system can effectively prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the controlled area at will, to solve the traditional card swipe way in a card multiple swipe, the person card is not the same drawback.


System composition

The system is mainly composed of front-end face recognition access control equipment, intermediate transmission network and management platform.


Face recognition access control equipment contains different hardware equipment forms according to the use scenarios and ways, such as face recognition gates used in the halls of enterprise buildings, non-cooperative face recognition access control at the front desk of enterprises, etc.


System function


The system centralizes and unifies the management of personnel information, including the facial photos of personnel necessary for face recognition, as well as information such as the name, department and position of personnel related to the enterprise. The system can manage the authorized activity area for each person by level, area and time.

The system is mainly composed of front-end face recognition access control equipment, intermediate transmission network and management platform.

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HFSECURITY Technology's latest face recognition visitor system is combined with scene positioning system and integrated into monitoring system as well as personnel management system. The visitor management system can track visitors' trajectory in real time according to their information, and develop visiting routes and restricted access areas. In short, face recognition visitor system is based on high precision positioning technology, so that visitors can be intelligently managed, the maximum control of visitor trajectory, strengthen the intelligent information management of outsiders, can also effectively improve the visitor schedule, reduce manpower output, experience the beauty of technology; also can use the system to investigate hidden dangers and danger warning, to prevent security accidents as well as afterwards Shuo source Tracking.


Face recognition visitor system is different from the traditional visitor machine,, the use of linked system integration of multi-dimensional data self-research face recognition intelligent visitor management system, to help the major demand scenarios to build a more comprehensive, more complete security control system. Such as intelligent office buildings, government agencies, letter units, public prosecutors and law enforcement systems, industrial parks, etc., not only to achieve efficient visitor management, but also to fully protect the security of government and enterprise units.


System architecture: comprehensive management platform, face access system, entrance/exit gates, visitor terminals.

1、Integrated management platform.

Comprehensive management platform is the back-end management "brain", the system administrator uses the platform service to converge the face map, face picture features, structured data and other information uploaded by each intelligent terminal device for unified record and management.


2、Face visitor system

Appointment registration: Visitors can log into the public number of the enterprise according to the QR code shared by the visitor, enter the appointment system of the face visitor, enter (name, cell phone number, license plate number, company to which the visitor belongs, visitor's name, company and other information), and get the visitor's face through the visitor's registration device. After the face backstage verification is passed, a visitor message will be sent to the visitor, and after the visitor checks the visitor's photo and related information, after confirming the passage, the visitor can pass the face gate and face access control within the specified time period. When the visitor registers again, all the entered information will be automatically retained, the next time only need to submit directly, without re-entering personal information once again.


3、Visitor terminal registration.

Visitors through the front terminal, complete the registration of face information, after the audit, you can pass the face gate within the specified time.


4、Face recognition gate 

 Control the entrance and exit of the face recognition gates, carrying face equipment.

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