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Face manual review double account verification mode

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

It is reported that the recent success of Zheshang Bank will face biometric + backstage manual review, a combination of two-factor authentication mode to direct the bank introduced a new mobile client user registration link. The move effectively enhance the security of direct banking customers at the end of the account when moving. This mode test period, after thousands of people tested, proven stability, after effective, is now fully open to customers. This will not only meet users online accounts, transact business convenience, and significantly improve the effectiveness of the authentication verification for the safety of customer funds to provide a more effective protection. Zhejiang Bank official said that most customers now are stored inside the phone with a lot of personal identity, financial account information, should the mobile phone is lost, it is easy to be fraudulent criminals, direct sales account opening.
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Zhejiang Bank is for our customers to eliminate the potential risks of such consideration, and in its mobile direct banking clients to enable the recognition + manual review dual account verification mode, the user can easily customize my card I was living for me. As criminals can use photos of others at the mobile phone, the pseudo-brush face, Zheshang Bank official said that such attempts by others at the mobile phone photograph, pseudo-brush face is unlikely to be successful, because the system will verify, brush face who, whether, for the living. Open Zheshang Bank Mobile Banking Direct App, the account verification link, the system will require customers to complete the self-timer and blink, mouth, shaking his head and other movements, but also requires the user to read the word system randomly generated, these data will be networked with the citizenship verification user identity information provided by the system, together with a bank staff backstage audit basis.
In another development, China Zheshang Bank also signed on remote financial products, risk assessment in face recognition technology to carry out a large number of internal staff testing, has also been successfully verified; facial biometric + backstage manual review; a combination of two-factor authentication technology and business models. Relevant responsible person said, until regulatory policies allow, Zheshang Bank will be open to customers of financial products for the first time remote signing, risk assessment, to provide customers with a more secure and convenient online banking wealth management business process experience.