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Face access control products industry solutions and industry trends

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-08-26

Face access control products industry solutions and industry trends

Face access control is not an isolated product, but involves the networking of products and application scenarios. Combined with different application scenarios can be combined with a variety of face access control products for integrated applications to achieve complete application capabilities for subdivision scenarios. The following subdivision solutions only describe the composition and networking involved in the product solution.
Face Access Control Products HFSecurity
Subdivision solutions will be combined with the need to face access control products to form a variety of product forms such as face cameras, face comparison screens, face gates, face smart cabinets.
The fact that there are people may be used where face access control systems or people in one device, especially in the airport case, railway station progress, border guard stations, hotel lobby authentication in one has been widely used. Human ID unity is strictly speaking a face access control system.

Biometric Facial Recognition Access Control Solution

1. Intelligent building

There is no doubt that the intelligent building industry will be one of the largest industries in addition to the application of human ID. In the intelligent building industry, including the district (residential), building (office), factory (production), hotel (accommodation), a variety of venues (activities), and these places are where most citizens work and study, the most number of times in and out, and therefore the greatest demand for face access control.
Intelligent buildings and face recognition-related not only include face access control products, but also face cameras, face gates, elevator face control systems, face smart cabinets (express cabinets), face visitor systems, face time and attendance systems, and face conference sign-in systems.
HFSecurity Biometric solution

2. Smart Sense Community

Wisdom sense community, also known as wisdom sense security zone, is the next big security blue ocean market after the safe city, snow bright project. The common wisdom sense community to solve the last mile of personnel and vehicle management problems. And face access control system is the best personnel management program, so wisdom sense community priority construction face access control system, of course, into the door privileges may be determined by the card, and not necessarily with the face for identification, face recognition only as a means of image recording.  If the wisdom sense community is large enough, the application of face recognition and intelligent building is similar, the only difference is that the wisdom sense community access control may or may not have face recognition function, even if the access control machine with face recognition, it does not necessarily use the face to do the judgment of access rights. Other face cameras, face gates, face visitor management, elevator face stair control, etc. will also be used.
HFSecurity Biometric Face Recognition Access Control Device RA08T

3. Smart Campus

The main service object of smart campus is students, and it cannot be managed like residents and office workers. The main entrances and exits of the campus are mainly used for face recognition identity, the house management system of campus dormitories (such as the management of night-time sleeplessness), classroom sign-in, real-name authentication of examinations, etc.
In the construction of smart campus, the systems or products that may be included are: face recognition camera, face gate, face visitor system, face access control, face class sign, face attendance system, face consumption system, face book lending system, etc.

4. Intelligent Retail

For the retail industry, online to offline penetration and offline to offline penetration are equally popular. For offline brick-and-mortar businesses, it is equally important to attract customers, analyze customer behavior, provide differentiated services to customers, and increase the foot traffic and transaction volume of a single point if it is maximized. And there are great technical advantages and technical maturity in using face recognition technology for foot traffic statistics, VIP identification, anti-theft, anti-theft, heat map analysis, and user behavior analysis.
For the retail industry, applications and systems related to face recognition include: face passenger flow picture camera, face advertising screen, VIP membership management system to, face membership cashier, face intelligent cabinet (storage cabinet) and other applications. Of course, it can also be used for store staff attendance and sign-in services.

Face recognition access control products future development trend

The best way to predict the trend is not to predict. In 2009, the development trend of access control systems was predicted, the only trend not predicted is the face recognition access control system (although there is mention of biometrics), but face recognition is not only happening, and become a fact.
1. Sensorless access (no gates, no access control).
That is, whether it is a person or a vehicle does not need to cooperate at all, the natural passage can pass any gate or access control, even without swiping the card, without scanning the QR code, is the typical application of sensorless passage. For example, there are now many senior office buildings have been abolished in the case of gates, some subway stations gates are always open without permission before automatically closing for interception.
2. Face + elevator.
Theoretically speaking, the elevator is the best access control system, we can imagine that in a high-rise building, you arrive at each floor to reach through the elevator, many of the current high-grade elevators can achieve floor control and automatic ladder dispatch. We can imagine a scenario, whether you are an owner or a visitor, when you walk in the elevator door, the elevator can automatically determine the floor you want to arrive, whether you are an owner or a visitor, if the elevator automatically dispatches the ladder more to arrive at the floor is not the floor you want before you need to manually intervene to arrive at the floor, but even if the manual intervention, the system can also determine whether you have reached the floor in question through face recognition authority, maximizing the security of the building and the efficiency of the sensorless passage.
Face + parking lot entrance/exit management.
HFSecurity Biometric solution
We can imagine a scenario, when you drive an unlicensed car into a parking lot with license plate recognition, you will find that you still can't achieve automatic entry (senseless passage), the existing solutions mainly include taking a card, cell phone sweeping two-dimensional code, and in the future there will definitely be a way to let unlicensed cars achieve automatic release through face recognition, you just need to roll down the window (or even not), the system through face recognition to determine the identity of the vehicle. That is to say, the future of the parking lot does not necessarily rely on the license plate to determine the access rights, it is likely to be able to achieve access rights management and automatic payment through face recognition alone.
3. Face + access control.
The next 2-3 years will definitely appear face recognition senseless access control system, the traditional gate disappears, the gate is always open, you can naturally pass any area (if you have permission), but when you have permission, the device will automatically close the passage area, this time the gate is closed, the gate will also automatically close. For forced passage of people and cars system will automatically identify the blacklist, the next access control or gate will not let you pass, of course, the system also has an efficient anti-tailgating system, once the tailgating occurs, the system will prohibit pedestrians and cars for a period of time (or permanently), it will be a powerful way to prevent unauthorized access, manual intervention is also possible. The seemingly insecure system will likewise improve the security of the system.
biometric face recognition access control
4. Full-featured gates.
A gate machine simultaneously supports swipe access card, ID card, metro card, flash card, QR code, Apple Pay (or other Pay), fingerprint, finger vein, iris, palm print, face recognition, in short, which one you like to use to support which one. Such a trend has already emerged, and it is believed that the first application will be the market of subway, after which it will gradually spread to various places that need access.

5. Imaging ability of all-weather.

With the general improvement of camera imaging capabilities, face access control will no longer distinguish between the outdoor version or indoor version, the camera will be unified with all-weather imaging capabilities for a variety of complex light conditions.

6. Face comparison performance of greater improvement.

Current face access control due to the performance of the main control board still needs to be divided into consumer-grade, enterprise-grade, industry-grade access control, the future as the performance of the host will be improved, enterprise-grade or even industry-grade host will be the basic configuration, the hardware performance will be significantly improved.

7. Enrichment of face management software.


The future of face access control software will be enriched, modular and diversified.

Access control software will not only be just access control pass, attendance clock, and will be integrated into the employee's mood analysis, notification messages, activity assessment and many other situations.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Time Attendance software

8. Big data of face comparison data.

Face access control equipment will no longer be isolated just access control data, but will be integrated with a variety of information systems such as employee behavior assessment, task division, IT information correlation, etc., to achieve the big data of data.

9. Unified fusion of face library ID.

Future face access control will no longer need to register ID separately, but with the help of WeChat, cell phone number and other public ID, to achieve a unified integration of one person and one file identity authorization management.
HFSecurity Biometric solution
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