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Face Recognition Turnstile Introduction

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-12-08

A face recognition turnstile is a type of pedestrian gate with an integrated face recognition camera. Usually, all types of turnstiles can be integrated with a face recognition camera. Of course, face recognition cameras can also be integrated with temperature measurement. With the development of society and the progress of technology, face recognition gates will be more and more widely used. If you need any type of gate with face recognition camera, please consult us!


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What is a face recognition turnstile?

Face recognition gate principle

The function of face recognition gate

Face recognition turnstile terminal function

Traditional card swipe channel vs. face recognition channel

Why what we still need to install face recognition on the pedestrian gate?

Let's take a look at the advantages of face recognition gates.

The development trend of face recognition rotary gates;


1.What is a face recognition turnstile?

A face recognition swing turnstile is a type of pedestrian gate with an integrated face recognition camera. Usually, all types of turnstiles can be integrated with a face recognition camera. Of course, face recognition cameras can also be integrated with temperature measurement. With the development of society and the progress of technology, face recognition gates will be more and more widely used. If you need any type of gate with face recognition camera, please consult us!
In recent years, the application of face recognition gates has become more and more widespread. Many office buildings, railway stations and other places with dense flow of people are using face recognition gates. Face recognition gates can not only quickly compare incoming and outgoing people, but also effectively improve site security and passage efficiency.
The face recognition turnstile machine adds a face recognition module to the hardware gate. After collecting visitors' face information and judging the visitors' authority through certain algorithm processing, it is commonly used in public places instead of manual audit.
swing turnstile face recognition device
The face recognition turnstiles come with a 21-year warranty and lasting maintenance and repair support.
We can provide OEM and ODM services. Huifan Technology offers the best face recognition turnstiles for sale. Fingerprint scanner (optical/capacitive), biometric fingerprint tablet, face attendance access control machine, IC/ID card, iris, palm print and other biometric devices we can also provide

2. Face recognition gate principle.

Firstly, the face information of the person passing the gate is collected through the face recognition camera, and then compared with the information of the person in the system database. If the face recognition comparison is passed, the door opening signal is sent to the gate, and the pedestrian can pass through the gate. If there is no face information of the person passing the gate in the database, the person can swipe the card to pass through.
In case of illegal intrusion, the gate will automatically lock and alarm after sensing the flap. If there is a follow-up, the gate will light up red and alarm. Anti-retrograde. After face recognition, if the other employee goes against the line, the gate lever of the gate machine will automatically close and lock.
Face recognition turnstile  machine swing gate machine is elegant and efficient. Widely used in hotel lobbies, office buildings, banks and other public places.
Administrators can effectively control access. Fast and can respond quickly to high traffic occasions.
It is easy to set up multiple accesses according to the entrance width. Passage width can be 900 mm, which is convenient for handicapped people or luggage to enter. If you would like to purchase a turnstile, please see our product page.
Face recognition speed turnstile are hardware gates based on the addition of facial recognition module, by collecting visitors' facial information, after certain algorithm processing to determine the access rights, now commonly used in public places to replace manual audit. So let's understand the principle of the gate machine.
According to the different ways to control the movement, it is divided into mechanical, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Some manufacturers will refer to the semi-automatic type as electric type, and the fully automatic type as automatic type.
The mechanical type is to control the operation of the blocking body (connected to the movement) by human power, and the mechanical limit controls the stop of the movement; the semi-automatic type is to control the operation and stop of the movement by electromagnet; the fully automatic type is to control the operation and stop of the movement by motor.
By controlling the operation and stopping of the movement, it further controls the opening and closing of the blocking body.
According to the number of movement and blocking body contained in the same gate, the gate can be divided into single movement (containing 1 movement and 1 blocking body) and double movement (containing 2 movements and 2 blocking bodies, in a symmetrical form).
According to the different blocking body and blocking way, it can be divided into three roller gates, pendulum gates, wing gates, panning gates, turn gates, one-way gates, etc.

3. The function of face recognition gate

  1. Face recognition temperature  high turnstile , with fast traffic flow, are usually used in locations with high traffic flow in both directions.
  2. The base is made of 304 stainless steel with a smooth texture, creating a seamless and elegant access point to work with indoor environments
  3. This face recognition tripod turnstile gate with international standard RS485 and relay is widely compatible with all software available in the industry and almost all access control systems such as RFID systems, barcode systems, face recognition systems and fingerprint systems.
  4. In case of emergency, cut off the power supply, Slim turnstile will automatically open and allow free passage, meeting the fire safety requirements. However, it must be equipped with batteries. As for the exit, the battery is sensitive and can be replaced by a capacitor
  5. Face recognition gates swing gates are suitable for luxury and high-end entrance solutions.
  6. The whole system runs smoothly, with low noise and fast speed.
  7. Alarm function, if there is illegal intrusion and reverse intrusion, the gate alarm, the door lock.
  8. There are 5 pairs of infrared sensors in total, the middle sensor is to prevent pinching pedestrians.
  9. Anti-trailing function, one person can pass through at a time. If someone follows the person in front, the gate will alarm.
  10. LED indicators. Red cross and green arrow. There are also LED indicators on the front pillar. LED lights can be added to the rotating arm of the gate
  11. Two-way access reduces the need for more doors. Accommodates wheelchairs and shopping carts for more efficient access.
  12. Automatic reset function. If a person does pass within a preset time (default time is 5 seconds), the system will cancel the user's access and automatically close.
  13. Anti-collision, anti-pinch, gate with its own brushless If someone hits the arm during operation, the gate will automatically reset. This function effectively prevents pedestrians, especially children from colliding, pinching and bumping.
  14. Stainless steel box, novel and beautiful appearance, strong and durable.
  15. With a standardized installation interface (convenient integration of magnetic cards, barcode cards, ID cards, IC cards, RFID and other reading and writing devices).
  16. Programmable gate control, with a variety of working modes to choose from, can set one-way or two-way control (can be set by the user).
  17. With a unified, standard external electrical interface, can be freely hooked up with a variety of read-write equipment, easy system integration.
  18. With a clear indication of the passage function, prompting the passage status (passable "", prohibit passage "×");.
  19. With channel operation state prompt light.
HFSecurity Speed Turnstile CHINA SOLUTION
The face system advocated by the state is mainly applied to railway stations, airports and subway ticketing audits. Effectively ensure that passengers with valid tickets can pass smoothly and improve efficiency to save financial expenses. In addition, the application areas are more extensive, such as high-grade office buildings, cinemas, exhibition centers, libraries, stadiums, tourist attractions, etc., which not only realize the efficient controllability of the channel, but also meet the beauty and practicality of the interior and exterior decoration design.
  1. Security check management: railway stations, high-speed railway stations, subway stations, long-distance bus stations, etc.
  2. Real-name management: government agencies, financial institutions, social security agencies, classified agencies, etc.
  3. Access management: buildings, office buildings, scenic spots, exhibition halls, museums, communities, villas, etc.
Huifan Technology provides seamless real-time biometric face recognition system. It operates in two modes, database or ID comparison. Both modes use high resolution dynamic binocular cameras to capture faces at revolving door entrances, create biometric profiles from the captured images, and then immediately compare them to an ID database or a database of known undesirable persons. If no match is found, the person is fast-tracked through the revolving door, however, if a match is found, entry to the premises is denied and security is notified.
Huifan Technology access control systems use different modes of operation, 1:1 or 1:N, providing one-stop technology and operating at all entry points. The best Huifan Technology smart pass biometric face recognition system can be integrated with existing revolving doors or built into tripod or full profile bi-directional swing head revolving doors. The revolving door is made of stainless steel to guarantee an almost unlimited body life with almost zero maintenance. Revolving doors operate in both directions (in and out); have automatic arm release in emergencies; are remotely controlled; have LED indicators for entry and exit directions; RFID readers, NFC readers and barcode readers.

4. Face recognition turnstile terminal function

Contactless access control turnstiles for construction site security 
Recognizing the need for construction sites to increase the level of functionality of their site security systems, Huifan Technology has introduced a series of construction revolving gates, which include enhanced thermal imaging facial recognition machine customization technology and software levels known. The construction revolving doors are designed in-house, utilizing the team's expertise and incorporating the latest technology to provide the best security solution for construction sites
  • Detection
Thermal imaging facial access reader at entry point, for fast temperature measurement mode
Multiple authentication fangshi available: card with temperature, face with temperature, card with face with temperature
Mask optional: If the face is recognized without a mask, the device will prompt a voice alert, but authentication or attendance is valid
Mandatory mask: If the recognized face does not have a mouthpiece, the device will prompt a voice alert and authentication or attendance will fail
Facial access reader for exit
Face recognition time <0.2S/user; face recognition accuracy ≥99%
  • Identification
Display temperature measurement results in the authentication interface
Punishment voice prompt when abnormal temperature is detected
Door state configurable when abnormal temperature is detected
tripod turnstile gate china solution
  • Data transmission
Transfer online and offline temperature information to the client software via TCP/IP communication and save the data on the client software
Provide fully customizable solutions that have met your construction site security needs
50,000 face capacity, 50,000 card capacity and 100,000 event capacity

5. Traditional card swipe channel vs. face recognition channel

1) Formalities: most traditional gates require registration for access cards, which is cumbersome; intelligent face recognition full height turnstile gate are exempt from the process.
2) speed of passage: traditional gates need to take the card and brush the card to pass; intelligent face recognition gates only need to brush the face to pass quickly.
(3) security level: traditional gate machine card is easy to be impersonated; intelligent face recognition, to ensure the use of people, can not be disguised.
(4) cost comparison: traditional gate machine card cost is higher; intelligent face recognition gate machine can be registered online for free.
(5) visitor control: traditional gates require manual registration of ID cards; face intelligent gates on the authorized face scan can enter and exit.

6. Why what we still need to install face recognition on the pedestrian gate?

In fact, the place where the pedestrian gate needs to be installed must have certain security features. Face recognition plays a big role in this time.
Let's take a community as an example. Communities are full of people and it's hard to notice the occasional few people mixing together. Community theft is also common. When faced with this situation, we can't stop those people, but we can prevent the incident from happening. Facial recognition systems have great security capabilities.
Everyone is used to strangers entering the community, but there is no good way to record these people, facial recognition system can help you to record them. Under the monitoring of facial recognition system, strangers entering the community need to provide ID card for real name verification, and facial recognition will capture the image of the face. Once the person does it wrong, the image will be put into the blacklist system. The facial recognition system will automatically alert and display the person's details the next time the person is verified again.
Tracking incidents can also happen from time to time and the facial recognition system will help you to reduce your losses. As the tracker continues to track, the facial recognition system is able to identify the person, even if he is wearing a hat, glasses, mask and a host of other protective gear that will cover him tightly in the absence of light. Facial recognition systems are especially important in this less-than-peaceful society.
Facial recognition supports many forms of character verification. Whether from the perspective of deliberate prejudice, various strange expressions, or people with different skin tones, the face can be recognized, which not only ensures personal safety, but also contributes to the development of the security industry.
Now we can see the application of face recognition gates in some high-end intelligent communities, which is almost unimaginable to many of us. The face recognition systems that we used to see in movies and TV will come closer and closer to our lives. All types of revolving gates can be integrated with face recognition from Huifan Technology. If you need a turnstile, check here.
And many market experts also boldly predict that most gates will be equipped with face recognition systems in the future, so why are so many people optimistic about face gates?

7. Let's take a look at the advantages of face recognition gates.

  • 1.  security
Face recognition turnstile speed gate mache system will dynamically analyze the face in the video to determine whether it is a real person's face. The face recognition gate machine will use high-definition cameras to effectively identify high-definition photos, PS, 3D models, face changes and other false fraudulent means to ensure that the traffic is his own. This almost cut off the possibility of outsiders entering and leaving, so the face recognition gate machine occupies a great advantage in security is undoubtedly.
  • 2. Convenient and fast
Most of the gates on the market at present are card or two-dimensional code gates, can be on-site brush face recognition gates, verify the face diagnosis and kidnapping through, no need to carry cards and other items for verification. At the same time, face recognition gates can be used to carry luggage or wheelchairs, more flexible and versatile.
  • 3、Long life span
The service life of face recognition gates is generally higher than most gates. This is because brushless DC motors are used between face recognition gates, and encoders replace the driving function of motors. In this way, the face recognition gate machine can guarantee the fast and accurate rotation of the gate pendulum, solve the mechanical fatigue problem of the movement, the loss is smaller, and the natural life is extended.
Face recognition gate is a high-end intelligent channel management system that integrates face recognition technology and pedestrian channel equipment. Biometric recognition technology that judges the input face image based on face characteristics and compares it with the face information stored in the database. The technology is widely used in facial payment for commercial shopping and transportation travel. This kind of face recognition gate is being widely promoted and applied in modern medical industry, such as corporate office attendance face swipe, and universities for student identity audit.

8. The development trend of face recognition rotary gates

With the effective performance of artificial intelligence technology in the work of epidemic prevention and epidemic fighting, non-contact application scenarios have become a new growth engine for AI landing. Thanks to this, AI face recognition gates with the characteristics of "no physical contact, efficient and convenient, unattended" have gained rapid growth in the past year. Research shows that the shipment scale of face recognition gates reached 410,000 units in 2020, up 50.2% year-on-year. In general, the epidemic generated "contactless" scene demand and rapid response to the launch of the mask face recognition-related technology solutions are the two key factors behind the sudden increase in shipments.
China Factory Speed Turnstile Device
Contactless scenarios fuel the fire for AI landing
At the initial stage of face recognition technology development, face recognition gates were mainly used in real-name scenarios, such as smart construction sites, and rail transportation fields like airports, bus stations and train stations. Subsequently, under the trend of intelligent innovation of equipment, face recognition terminal equipment gradually entered more segments such as campuses, office buildings, communities and hotels.
From the application field, face recognition has achieved a breakthrough from point to point, but from the viewpoint of its main demand - face gate machine shipments in the past two years, the growth rate is not obvious. According to the research, the shipment of face recognition gates in 2019 is 273,000 units, which is only 14% higher than the 238,000 units in 2018. In contrast, the shipments in 2020 have increased significantly. This is mainly due to the demand for "contactless" scenarios generated by the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic. The non-contact face recognition + infrared temperature measurement solution has won wider recognition for its application on the ground.
According to the research, 33% of the people think that the face recognition temperature measurement solution realizes non-contact temperature measurement and also reduces the risk of cross-infection; 23% of the people think that the temperature measurement is efficient and improves the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control; 21% of the people think that after the system is connected with the backstage big data platform, the function of traceable trajectory is very good; and some people think that the face recognition temperature measurement of masks is convenient and safe, and can also reduce manual input.
With the demand of "contactless" scenes and driven by the innovation of intelligent trends, face recognition applications have ushered in a boom in landing.
Rapid iterative upgrade, mask face recognition to build the cornerstone of landing
 As the core of contactless application, the development of face recognition technology is also the key to the popularization of contactless application on the ground. If the technology is not yet ready, the application effect will be greatly reduced, while the application of landing promotion will also stagnate. In fact, for the epidemic occurred after the emergence of the "mask face" norm, domestic technology companies in February, March 2020 quickly launched the mask face recognition technology, and soon put into application.
Among them was Huifan Technology's face recognition facial algorithm. Huifan developed the algorithm users can use for free, face algorithm empowerment, help related enterprises to land offline, online a variety of "non-contact applications" in addition, Huifan technology facial recognition open platform in March 2020 to mask wear detection algorithm "," wear mask face recognition algorithm Face recognition algorithm when wearing a mask" and other related technologies into the face recognition rotary gate, fully support the "anti-epidemic" application research and development landing.
swing turnstile china solution
It is important to know that face recognition under large area mask has always been a recognized problem. One of the most important reasons is that wearing a mask will cover most of the face, which makes the face algorithm based on facial features for identity determination can not accurately detect the location of the face, locate the key points of the five senses, and the recognition effect is greatly reduced. Wearing a mask also affects face detection, tracking, and other algorithm modules, and the shortage of relevant training data is also a major challenge.
HFSecurity vision open platform can overcome these problems in a short period of time, can not be separated from its many years of original technology accumulation and strong
Huifan Intelligent face recognition gate solution
With the development and maturity of artificial intelligence technology, the development of gates has entered a new era of intelligence. Face recognition gate machine has become the most popular gate machine, it can maximize the accuracy of the verification results, effectively ensure the security of visitors, internal staff passage and improve efficiency, enhance the security level and standardize management, and can greatly reduce the workload of management personnel, and visitor data can be automatically recorded, can further manual verification or tracking, attendance needs can also be achieved automatically generated Attendance data report.
Face recognition mobile turnstile is mainly the combination of pedestrian passage gate and face recognition technology, the production and application of a new gate product.
With the rapid development of the social economy, the comfort and security of the living environment has become the first choice for people to live. And access control systems play an important role in a safe living environment is getting more and more attention. The current domestic access control system to card-type devices, fingerprint devices or password settings. These identification methods require personnel to operate in close proximity, when the user's hands are occupied is extremely inconvenient, but also brings the card or password lost, forgotten, copied and stolen by the hidden danger and high cost of the problem. How to make the access control system to truly achieve security, intelligence, convenience, become the most anticipated thing for all citizens, and at this time the introduction of face recognition access control system, a real solution to the security management loopholes, but also to the management area to form an effective high security protection.
Face recognition is a biometric identification technology based on the information of human face features for identification, and its good characteristic of not being easily copied provides the necessary premise for identity identification. The face recognition access control system is the combination of face recognition technology and access control system, through the recognition of the face as the key to open the access control. It not only eliminates the trouble of forgetting the key or card, but also because the face recognition access control system does not require any media to open the door, and save a lot of costs, such as personnel changes do not need to replace the door lock, key, IC card, etc., only need to re-register the face can be.


Face recognition access control system is relying on advanced face recognition technology, combined with mature ID card and fingerprint recognition technology, an innovative and practical biometric access control system for security. The system adopts split design, the collection of face, fingerprint and ID card information and biometric information recognition and access control are separated inside and outside, which is highly practical, safe and reliable. The system adopts network information encryption transmission, supports remote control and management, and can be widely used in banks, military, public prosecution and law enforcement, intelligent buildings and other key areas of access control security control.


System composition System composition principle
System function overview
◆ Ergonomic appearance design;
◆ Full touch screen, easy to operate, simple and fashionable interface;
Infrared optical system, strong adaptability to the environment, night can still be identified;
◆ Standard TCP/IP communication mode, support cross network segment and cross gateway connection;
◆ Combination of facial, fingerprint and RFID recognition, which completely solves the limitation of single biometric application;
◆ Offline operation is possible. The system can still be used without network, and the gate opening information and attendance data are stored automatically; even if the power is off, the data will not be lost;
◆ Powerful attendance function. It includes all the functions of time and attendance products in the market;
◆ Detailed to report function. Punching in and out data and attendance data can be customized to generate reports, making management more convenient;
◆ You can use U disk to copy all the clocking information and attendance data in the environment where it is not convenient to lay network cable;
◆ Large storage capacity. Facial recognition capacity: 500 faces; fingerprint capacity: 2000; record capacity: 100,000.
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