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The Development Prospect of Face Recognition Technology

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

When we are looking someone,we can recognize him or her without many more facial details normally,the wispy of face has been neglected.In fact,human’s face has many features that can not be changed,such as the proportion of outside and inside eyes, nose length and width,etc.The decision by the ratio between the facial skeleton, composed of countless"critical point", will not change because of fat or thin, facial expressions and ages.Therefore,through calculate by statistics of these point,to establish the data model,make the human face change to the “language”that computer can read.As a result,computer changes the face into digital,then calculate one by one,eventually extracted a group capable of expressing the whole face characteristic data,that calls face recognition.
  According to relevant data,the global demand for biometric products early in 2010 has reached billions of dollars,in recent years, the average annual growth rate has reached about 25% of biometric devices. According to the international biometric group’s (IBG) report, "Biometrics Market and Industry Report 2009-2014" shows, in a variety of biometric identification technologies, face recognition currently accounts for only 11.4%, has a huge development prospect.
  After the first show of "brush face" by Jack Ma in Germany, the government and capital began to promote recognition industry, and more support of capital and technology policy means that the acceleration of update speed. At the same time,intelligent security,back-end monitor automatically retrieve and other preliminary application space that limited by recognition effect will also be opened,face recognition industry will meet a large-scale commercialization.
  Whether it is in the security industry, or in other areas, the core technology innovation to achieve face recognition is the strategic choice of China biological identification industry. In the face recognition authentication system security technology, "Comments the Standard Notice" also specifically pointed out the need to promote China's development of face recognition technology with independent intellectual property rights. Only with the independent innovation capability of face recognition core technologies,could to not only occupy the leading position in the country, but also to join in the fierce international competition. China's population is huge, economic growth is rapid, the demand for reliable face recognition technology is more urgent. Self-developed core technology implanted recognition industry successfully, will help China to promote the remote face recognition certification safety standards and Chinese technology to go out. Once the Chinese-made face recognition can be widely promoted, it’s development potential and prospects will be very bright!