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Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System Guide

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-14

Intelligent face recognition automatic attendance machine is a popular attendance device in enterprises in recent years, which can not only realize the function of punching and signing in, but also has some other auxiliary functions. For example: automatic attendance statistics, automatic statistics on the number of late and early departures, the ability to set the time of commuting, etc... The appearance of these functions makes the management of enterprises more simple. So what are the advantages of intelligent time and attendance machine? Let's take a look together!
the advantages of intelligent time and attendance machine.
  1. Simple and convenient operation.
  2. Saving manpower and material resources.
  3. Reduce the loss and impact caused by the movement of personnel.
  4. Can keep track of employee attendance.
  5. Preventing work errors and mistakes caused by human factors.
  6. Improving work efficiency and work quality.
  7. Adopting the method of face key area positioning, its accuracy is high and security is good.
  8. Can choose binocular camera, or 3D dynamic camera.
  9. The recognition performance is not affected by the ambient light and has good reliability.
  10. User name list can be uploaded via U disk, and access control attendance records as well as photos can be downloaded.
  11. Can set device status and upload and download information via TCP/IP network; network communication data encryption.
  12. Naturalness, the identification method is the same as the biometric features used by humans for individual identification.
  13. Completely non-contact, avoiding bacterial transmission, more healthy and hygienic.
  14. Voice prompts, real person voice prompts whether the face image is successfully verified or not.


It can be used independently without connecting to a computer to complete personnel registration, face attendance, storage records and other functions.
With the development and maturity of artificial intelligence technology, face recognition access control machine has been widely installed and applied in shopping malls, schools, institutions, colleges and universities, factories, factories and mines, research institutes and many other places, when people enter and leave the workplace, they need to brush their faces to authenticate their identity, and authorized personnel and employees are allowed to pass freely. Face recognition access control equipment automatically records personnel passage records. The system automatically generates attendance information according to personnel access records and attendance rules.
The main functions of the system are as follows.
face recognition automatic attendance system
Face recognition access control device management: including basic information such as access control manufacturer, access control model, access control name, installation location, import/export category, communication mode, IP and port. The system supports access to devices of mainstream face access control manufacturers such as Hikon, Dahua, Yuvision, Kuangwei, etc. The system supports docking face recognition access control devices by using platform API or SDK. Realize personnel information distribution, face information distribution and access record acquisition.
Personnel information and face information distribution: the system supports personnel information management, including personnel name, face photo information, department, telephone, ID card information, time of passage management. The system supports the personnel information sent down to the face recognition access control equipment, personnel and face information sent down successfully, personnel allowed to pass face recognition access control equipment, personnel through, the equipment will be sent to the system personnel passage information, including access time, personnel name, passage capture information. When personnel leave, leave the post, the system to delete the personnel, face recognition access control equipment access rights are automatically withdrawn.
Shift management and attendance record generation: The system supports multiple shift management, and the shift information includes shift name, shift arrival time and shift departure time. The system obtains personnel entry and exit records through the device SDK or device management platform API, and the personnel entry and exit records include time, personnel name, attendance access control name, and pass capture photo, and the system analyzes the personnel entry and exit record information to generate personnel attendance record information, and the attendance record includes personnel arrival time, personnel departure time, attendance status, whether overtime and other information. Attendance status includes: normal, late, early, absentee and other information.
Attendance result pushing: Attendance result supports cell phone SMS, WeChat and nail to push to personnel's cell phone in many ways, personnel can check attendance record information, including date, arrival time, departure time, attendance status, for abnormal attendance record, personnel can fill in the reason of abnormality, and after confirmation by supervisor, attendance record can be changed to normal.
Leave, business trip and abnormal attendance processing: when personnel go out, they need to fill in leave information and business trip information, and the attendance record information during leave and business trip will be changed to normal automatically after approval. Employees who have abnormal attendance records due to other reasons, such as late arrival, early departure, absenteeism. They need to fill in the feedback of the reasons for abnormal attendance, and the abnormal attendance information will be changed to normal after the approval of the leader.
Statistical report: Based on the attendance record information, the system automatically generates attendance report information, including personal attendance detail record information, personal attendance weekly report, personal attendance monthly report, departmental attendance summary report, including the number of people in the department, the number of normal attendance, the number of leave, the number of business trips, the number of abnormal attendance and other information.
How to choose a good product?
First of all, we have to see whether its price is within our affordability, secondly, we have to consider how its performance, and then we have to see how its after-sales service, and finally, after-sales service.
What is the working principle of face recognition time and attendance machine?
For many users who want to understand face recognition time and attendance machine, the working principle of this kind of face recognition time and attendance machine which looks very high is undoubtedly need to be clear. Face recognition technology is not new, currently in many fields has been applied, face recognition time and attendance machine is an example, this biometric recognition technology based on the future development of intelligent locks is one of the important direction.
Face recognition time and attendance machine working principle introduction
Face recognition attendance machine is a new type of access control management attendance system that integrates regional feature analysis algorithm, computer image processing technology and biometrics principle, and the work process is not complicated.
1、Take face information by camera, store it as original control parameter, extract portrait feature points, analyze and establish mathematical model by biometrics, and establish portrait feature template.
2、Detecting the attendance personnel facing the camera, the face recognition attendance machine will extract the face information and match and compare with the template stored in the computer, and the feature points can be judged as the same person when they reach a certain proportion.
3、Attendance will be completed if the result is successful, and attendance record will not be completed if the result fails.